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  1. guuuuys i need a stream pleaaase!!! or tell me on which channel it`s aired, so i can find an own
  2. hey anybody knows a stream for the german here?! to the peeps going there: have fun and BE LOUD
  3. On my way now.game will be on German TV, in case there is no Canadian stream... I think we're sitting above the player's entree, row 6?! Look out for the Canadian flag ??? Let's go canada!!!
  4. @Olympique_de_Marseille you should come to germs too! you`re always welcome buddy
  5. @Olympique_de_Marseille OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!! canadaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. hahaha how embarrassing lol well at least its proof i'm singung the anthem
  7. and @Olympique_de_Marseille maybe you should try to play in the lottery now, cause i really like your idea! i wish i could come to the two games, but it`s rough this year.. no idea about my new working schedule and holidays
  8. thing is: i can`t fucken get a ticket. you need to register to get one, and apparently i can`t fill in a german postal code! 3 sections already sold out and as far as i can see, there are only around 300 seats or something left? woah !!!! imagine i drive all the way from germs to stand in front of a sold out stadium! i tried to write them, that we can get a solution asap
  9. now.. you guys gotta find me a canadian girlfriend, that I can marry her and become a canadian citizen! or speak to canada and tell them what I do for your girls! lol
  10. jap, i will go!!!! @Olympique_de_Marseille remember when you made me an honorary canadian? I feel I earned it! All for my ladies in red!
  11. this is so ridiculous, I get so pissed off bc of this. now I can`t sleep... benjamin what did you do to me!?
  12. also interesting, but I only read something today about it: last year Marta made the same accusations after the Wolfsburg game. coincidence? oh marta, when do you finally understand... in germany we love a nice soccer game and people who do magic with the balll... but we hate unfair players who knock people out.. that`s why this will never get a happy end between german fans and you..
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