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  1. Sorry, I thought you mean he wasn't agressive enough on the last play, which I think he was but don't really mind against FG. I don't think the pass to Piette was casual, a good back pass by Piette and it's an easy clearance for Milan, not a 50-50. Anyways, I'm glad this happened at this stage
  2. I m pretty sure Milan would go all out to clear a ball like that in a crucial WCQ. I m kind of glad he didn t do it yesterday because it s the kind of play where you see keepers getting badly injured.
  3. It s one thing to play games at the same time a NT is playing but it’s another to play a friendly against a NT. It benefits both the club and the NT and it’s a unique experience for the players. Of course, things would be different if we were talking about stronger teams but I doubt CR or Honduras would be looking at this kind of friendlies prior to playing Canada.
  4. I m not sure it s a perfect analogy but I remember some of our youth NT playing friendlies against Mexican youth clubs prior to a Concacaf qualifying tournament. Not sure why JH feels he needs to bring this issue. We re talking about Dominica, not Panama or Honduras.
  5. The only way we will be able to appreciate this so called change of culture is when we start getting results in meaningful games against tough opponents. For the moment it's just talk but that's pretty much the only thing we ve had for more than a year now with so few games.
  6. The last 2 home friendlies in the same window was in September 2010 I think. One game in Toronto against Peru and another one in MTL against Honduras. That's a while ago....
  7. I don't want to start a debate but living in Istanbul would be, for me, a no-brainer vs living in Florida.
  8. First, nice summer town with the very long beach! Second, on the Spartaks Jurmala wiki page they have another player with a canadian flag: Gabriel Charpentier. I did a quick research and couldn't find anything about him....maybe someone will have more luck than me. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FK_Spartaks_Jūrmala
  9. Videos of our MNT playing games (against decent opponents) would be way better to have that discussion but it seems not everyone agree with that....
  10. Who cares about that NZ squad? The important thing to remember is that Herdman, when coaching a men's national team, is undefeated when he plays in Spain!!!! Not many international coaches hold that distinction....
  11. Olivier Occean 2011-12 season with Greuther Furth in B2, 17 goals.
  12. If at the end of every season both, David and Davies, are battling for the Ballon d'Or like Messi vs Ronaldo, I'll take it!
  13. It was 4 penalties. https://www.thestar.com/sports/soccer/2009/12/15/top_ref_suspended_for_alleged_fixing_in_canadamacedonia_game.html
  14. I didn't remember that was him who was at the center of a great V's debate about the merit of playing in Chechnya! Glad to see him in MLS!
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