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  1. aloyol

    Ballou Tabla

    In term of recruiting players, JH has done an excellent job and it seems like our most important players are on board, which is great. In term of results, which is what matters the most, JH hasn't done anything yet and we'll have to wait until next summer GC before being able to judge what he can do. It's still too early to judge if his appointment is benefical to the program (Zambrano's release was probably a good thing).
  2. aloyol

    Calin Calaidjoglu

    Born in Moldova according to the Impact website.
  3. aloyol

    Milan Borjan

    Concerning Dolan, IIRC he was the youngest keeper to start a WC game in 1986. I'm wondering if he still hold that distinction? Yes, Onstad has the most caps, 1 more than Forrest. Borjan has 39, so he could be get that record if we play enough games and he stays healthy.
  4. aloyol

    Milan Borjan

    It's a tough question IMO. I think their respective club career are difficult to compare. Forrest playing mostly in England Championship and some games in the EPL while Borjan has played in Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia. Borjan has also Champions League and Europa league experience. I would give the edge to Borjan on that point. With the MNT, I think Forrest performances were more impressive but Borjan has been close (his performance in San Pedro Sula in 2016 was huge). I think it's a tie but Borjan could easily surpass Forrest in the near future.
  5. I would think they can win the tournament, just like their senior squads did play in the knockout round of the GC in the past.
  6. That's what the CONCACAF twitter is showing. Not a bad draw and it's a good thing we avoid Mexico, USA and Honduras. BTW, I thought Martinique and Guadeloupe weren't FIFA members, can they qualify for the U20WC???
  7. it's only technically because the team kill the play right away. I've never seen a team being able to stop the kneeling. Maybe there's some examples out there but I would feel it's extremely rare. On the other side, I've seen many teams being able to recover the ball from a team using the corner flag tactic.
  8. I think @jpg75 made the same point but I disagree. When a player goes to the corner flag, the ball is still in play and the other team can still recover the ball. It's clearly unspectacular but we are still playing soccer when the ball is in the corner and the player still have to use some skills to protect the ball. Knee down is killing the play right away. I see a big difference there and it's why I'm not a fan of it. Anyway, I was mainly saying that I don't like this particular part of the game but I understand why they do it.
  9. Yup, I stand corrected. Sorry. Thanks to @Kent
  10. See my response to Keegan. Taking into consideration all the matchups, only 5 teams in the whole qualifying process can have a perfect record. So, 4 wins is enough to finish top 6 (qualification to GC and League A).
  11. Except for Belize (pot B team that isn't playing a Pot A team), only 4 teams in the whole format can have a perfect record. So, 4 wins is top 5 minimum and that's enough for qualification to League A and GC.
  12. No, winning your 4 games 1-0 would be enough for any teams in the current format.
  13. How? There was 8 teams in Pot A including Canada. Since all Pot A teams are playing one game against another Pot A team, that means that at least 4 teams won't have a perfect record. So, if Canada wins against FG, that means we'll have a perfect record, so we should at least be in the top 5 (there's a possibility that Belize could go through because they won't be playing a Pot A team). I'm pretty sure it's impossible for Canada not to be top 6 with 4 wins.
  14. If we win all our games, we are going through no matter what. If we tie/lose one, then goal differential may matter. But I really think we should expect 4 wins, specially with our game against our Pot A opponent being played at home.
  15. Like I said, I understand all the ramifications and why teams are using it, I just think it shouldn't be allowed (penalty, no time running out of the clock if your QB kneeled). It's the nature of the play I find coward in the context of the sport, not the QB's who are doing it. I understand why they do it.