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  1. kacbru

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Certainly not. But if it is true, CSA has no business complaining about the process if they were told up front it's a non-starter (as they appear to be doing based on the CP story).
  2. kacbru

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Based on the CONCACAF statement, it seems that they were advising CSA that they would not sanction it from the beginning. CSA and Fury decided to proceed regardless. It is almost like on a first date, a girl tells you she isn't going to marry you, and you complain that she hasn't followed the proper process because you haven't asked yet and go out and buy a wedding ring anyways.
  3. kacbru

    CPL General

    Yeah, then Al Ain came back in the 2nd half and tied it, it was goal-less in extra time and they went on to win 4-3 in penalties.
  4. kacbru

    CPL League Future Format and Table Structure

    It would be one hell of a bus ride when York 9 visits the Thunder Bay Chill.
  5. kacbru

    Octavio Zambrano

    Yes, don't forget the emails too.
  6. kacbru

    Herdman new head coach

    And I've got the solution to global poverty and hunger and I also have the extended cut of Trump's pee pee tape. Unfortunately, I can't share it.
  7. kacbru

    CPL Stadium Thread

    Battlefield corner is a great spot to watch the play develop as the scout wins the ball in friendly territory, passes it off to the tank corps in the middle of the pitch, who evade the enemy in the trenches before lobbing it behind enemy lines to the sniper who kills it into the net. Apologies to fans in Calgary, but I've got my least favourite CPL team now.
  8. kacbru

    2018 Voyageurs #CanMNT Player of the Year

    1. Borjan 2. Cavallini 3. Hoilett
  9. Larin seemed to have lots of chances, which is good. Unfortunately, his finishing is looking more like CMT Larin than Orlando Larin yet again. He was able to knock his balls of the woodwork (not the ball) on one chance.
  10. kacbru

    Gold Cup 2019

    I thought the point of this discussion was the debate that we were now better than the US. The best team we've beaten since last WCQ was Jamaica, in a friendly, but we lost to them when it actually mattered in the Gold Cup. Have you forgotten that we lost to El Salvador on neutral ground last year? This year alone, the US has beaten Paraguay, Bolivia and Mexico. They play world cup teams, we play Caribbean Minnows. Are we improving? Definitely. Is the US on a decline? Sure. But to suggest we are even approaching par, show me the evidence.
  11. kacbru

    Gold Cup 2019

    And how exactly have we done against any serious A or B team lately?
  12. kacbru

    Gold Cup 2019

    I'm fairly confident we could beat the likes of Bermuda, St. Kitts, DR or Martinique if we face them in our group in the Gold Cup. I think the top-end quality on our roster is better, and so is our depth.
  13. kacbru

    Herdman new head coach

    True, if we finish top of the standings with a perfect record, we meet the barest of bare minimums in terms of expectations. But the fact that we beat a bunch of largely amateur teams tells us nothing about Herdman as a coach (positive or negative) or the quality of our new players (while it certainly looks more promising than it has in the past). It is frustrating to wait two years, as Gian-Luca says above, to have a true sense of where we are at.
  14. kacbru

    Gold Cup 2019

    Take it easy. Have a look at the teams we've beaten and the teams we've lost to over the last couple of years before making claims about us winning the Gold Cup.
  15. Agreed, really hard to argue with FIFA rankings this time. Going back to 2011, TnT is the only team we have a winning record against (a win in our last game against them in 2011). But they've been in the hex, we haven't, so subjectively you might make as strong a case that they deserve to be ahead of us, just as much as we should be above El Salvador (1W-2D-1L). I ignored Curacao, as I do, unless I'm dreaming of a Caribbean holiday.