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    Levi Oakey

    Breithaupt Park Athletic Club

    By Levi Oakey, in Clubs,

    We are working with the Mount Hope-Breithaupt Park neighbourhood association to bring community athletics.
    A soccer game is a great hour-long opportunity for parents and kids to meet with neighbours and enjoy the outdoors. The location for our programs is still to be determined, but we are looking for fields near playgrounds so kids can play before and after the meet-ups.
    We are also currently planning with fellow neighbourhood programs for an end of the year mini-soccer festival.


    Petawawa Minor Soccer Club

    By Saviola7, in Clubs,

    The Club shall have the following objectives:
    To develop the soccer skills of all club members in all divisions while stressing teamwork, sportsmanship and an appreciation for the game of soccer. To promote the game of soccer in the community, in the region, in the province and elsewhere. To promote the continual development of coaches through internal and external programs. To promote and develop a wholesome team sport for all participants (players, coaches, other volunteers, officials and spectators), both indoor and outdoor.

    The Deep River and Area Minor Soccer Club (DRAMSC) is a club promoting the wonderful game of soccer for children in the age from 5 to 19 years living in Deep River, Laurentian Hills, and Head, Clara, and Maria. Our main goal is to develop the character of young people as resourceful and responsible members of their community by providing opportunities, through the game of soccer, for their mental, physical, social and leadership development.

    Soccer (Football) is played by millions in almost every country throughout the world and enjoyed by even more. It is the beautiful game!
    The Saskatchewan Soccer Association (SSA) is the designated Provincial Sport Governing Body (PSGB) for the sport of soccer in Saskatchewan and is a full member of the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA). As such, SSA is entrusted by the statutes of FIFA and the constitutions of CSA and SSA with the mandate of fostering, developing and promoting soccer in Saskatchewan.
    The Saskatchewan Soccer Association is comprised of Regular and Associate Members (Member Organizations), made up of clubs, zones, community associations and individual players, coaches, managers and referees. Registered members of the Saskatchewan Soccer Association are entitled to participate in sanctioned soccer activities within the province. In addition to training and competition in local leagues and tournaments, registered players and teams are also able to host or travel outside the province and country to compete against affiliated teams from other provinces, states or countries through exhibition matches and tournaments.

    Since its creation, the Alberta Soccer Association has grown to be the province’s largest individual sports association - reaching over 90,000 members last year. 
    Vision: A centre of excellence for the game, providing opportunities for all players to reach their full potential
    Mission: To provide leadership for soccer excellence in Alberta by fostering and promoting:
    a strong infrastructure for sound governance (administration and communication), and; quality programs and services (competitions, referees, coaching, player development, and volunteers) to safeguard the sport's long-term prosperity

    BC Soccer is the provincial sport governing body responsible for the governance, promotion, and development of the game of soccer in British Columbia.  

    BC Soccer is the largest provincial sport organization (PSO) in BC; third largest soccer-specific PSO in Canada.

    It is a not-for-profit society which is membership based and has a Board of Directors elected by the membership.  It has 4 standing committees and 5 operational committee’s

    The Manitoba Soccer Association Inc. was formerly the Manitoba Football Association, founded in 1896 and was incorporated in 1963 to promote, develop and govern the game of soccer in Manitoba. Manitoba has a long soccer history going back to records of games played in the 1880's.

    The first meeting of the Canadian Soccer Association was held in Winnipeg in 1912 and the Norwood Wanderers won the first two National Championships in 1913 and 1914.

    Although soccer had been played in Manitoba and the North-West of Canada for decades, it was not until the 1890's that the game was brought under the umbrella of a provincial organization. The growth of soccer in rural Manitoba and Winnipeg hastened the need for a uniform direction in administrating and it was in 1896 that representatives of the teams, leagues and patrons of soccer established the Manitoba Football Association (MFA) as the supreme authority for the game.

    In the early years, the MFA adopted a standardized set of rules, registration system for the various teams and leagues, and administration structure which divided the Province into numerous districts. The MFA also promoted exhibition matches in Manitoba and also helped fund tours of prominent teams in southern Ontario. The diligence of the MFA also influenced the establishment of the Dominion of Canada Football Association (DFA) in Winnipeg 1912 and for the next four decades, Manitoba had a prominent role in the administration of the game at the national level. This was manifested in the MFA's dominance in the organization and hosting of the Dominion Football Championship on many occasions throughout the 1920's and 30's. Winnipeger George Anderson, a member of the Canadian and Manitoba Sports Halls of Fame, was the Secretary of the Canadian Soccer Association and was instrumental in making Manitoba the centre of national soccer organization. Although the MFA's role in the national structure declined somewhat in the late 1950's and early 60's, its work at the provincial level was extremely proactive.

    The MFA influenced the establishment of the Manitoba Junior Football Association (MJFA) in the 1920's in order to develop youth soccer. Indeed, the system fed talented players to the senior leagues but the important work of the MJFA was halted by the Second War War. In the min - 1950's youth soccer experienced a revival which led to the MFA's involvement in the mid - 1960's and eventual creation of the youth soccer association later that decade. In addition to its interest in youth soccer, the MFA also helped organize tours of national sides from the United Kingdom as well as professional European teams from the 1920's to the 1960's.

    The administration of soccer was in a period of flux during the 1960's. The sport was primed for an explosion of activity with the impending creation of the senior leagues and increased interest in youth soccer. As the successor to the MFA, the Manitoba Soccer Association (MSA) oversaw an unprecedented period of growth in the late 1960's and 1970's. Through its numerous affiliated leagues and associations, the MSA has guided tens of thousands of Manitobans in their participation in the sport and helped facilitate the inception of professional soccer in Manitoba with the Winnipeg Fury. Most recently, the MSA's members participated in the organization of the 1999 Pan Am Games soccer competition and hosted three Canadian National Men's soccer team matches related to qualification for the 2002 World Cup.

    The year 2001 marks the 105th anniversary of the administration of soccer in Manitoba. The MSA truly has a proud heritage of governance which should be recognized and celebrated.

    The Toronto Soccer Association (TSA), in partnership with it's members, is dedicated to providing the opportunity for any person in the District of Toronto, to play organized soccer and to assist participants in reaching their potential through leadership, development, caring and good governance.

    Aside from this, the TSA also runs 3 of it's own soccer Leagues, which are comprised of almost 150 teams and close to 2500 players ranging in age from 8 to adulthood.
    Youth Development League (YDL) Toronto District Youth Soccer League (TDYSL) Women's District Soccer League (WDSL) The Toronto Soccer Association is also heavily focused on development- Coach, Player, Referee and Organizational, and is working in tandem with the Ontario Soccer Association and the other District Associations toward the full implementation of the Long Term Player Development plan (LTPD).


    North Toronto Soccer Club

    By socceronly, in Clubs,

    The North Toronto Soccer Club (NTSC) was established in 1980 and was incorporated as a not-for-profit, community-based organization in 1999. The club provides soccer programs to more than 5,200 children and youths and 200 young adults in the North Toronto community.
    Our recreational house league program is split into three sessions – spring (May-June), summer (July-September) and winter indoor (November-March), and consists of over 400 teams coached by over 700 volunteer parent coaches. Each year, our program is open to all children in the North Toronto community who are in good standing with the Club and are /will be between 4 and 18 in the current calendar year. The goal of our recreational program is to provide all participants with a rewarding, enjoyable soccer experience, regardless of their skill level.
    We also offer two programs for overage players looking to continue their involvement with the game. Our co-ed outdoor rec league runs from May to August and is open to young men and women between the ages of 19 and 30,
    The other integral part of our Club is our competitive program, which includes over 45 teams representing the NTSC in boys and girls divisions between U8 and U21. These teams are selected via a tryout process, and are meant to provide dedicated players with the opportunity to excel at the game and maximize their skills at the highest level of competition possible. Some of our competitive teams compete strictly in tournaments, though most play in competitive leagues such as the Ontario Player Development League, Ontario Youth Soccer League, Ontario Soccer League, Central Soccer League, Central Girls Soccer League, and the Toronto District Youth Soccer League (and TSA Youth Development League).
    NTSC also offers a variety of soccer camps and training sessions for players wishing to hone their skills and enhance their overall enjoyment of the game.

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