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  • Saskatchewan Soccer Association


    Soccer (Football) is played by millions in almost every country throughout the world and enjoyed by even more. It is the beautiful game!

    The Saskatchewan Soccer Association (SSA) is the designated Provincial Sport Governing Body (PSGB) for the sport of soccer in Saskatchewan and is a full member of the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA). As such, SSA is entrusted by the statutes of FIFA and the constitutions of CSA and SSA with the mandate of fostering, developing and promoting soccer in Saskatchewan.

    The Saskatchewan Soccer Association is comprised of Regular and Associate Members (Member Organizations), made up of clubs, zones, community associations and individual players, coaches, managers and referees. Registered members of the Saskatchewan Soccer Association are entitled to participate in sanctioned soccer activities within the province. In addition to training and competition in local leagues and tournaments, registered players and teams are also able to host or travel outside the province and country to compete against affiliated teams from other provinces, states or countries through exhibition matches and tournaments.

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