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  1. To develop, teach, and promote amateur soccer to all ages, in a safe and healthy environment.
  2. The history of contact for games between The District of Nipissing and Renfrew County Teams post Second World War, started in 1961. There was a four team U20 league that included one Deep River team and three North Bay teams. The Rapides Club from North Bay won the league and Deep River won the play-off final. As a note, there were two future Presidents of the OSA on the Rapides team. In 1962, the league increased to five teams with two teams from Deep River. Unfortunately most players on these teams moved onto senior men’s teams and with the North Bay Youth League collapsing, the league fo
  3. Valley United Soccer League is a member of Soccer Northeastern Ontario. It is a Multi Jurisdictional Club Soccer League (MJCL) for Recreationally Registered Club Teams.
  4. A youth soccer club representing the town of Renfrew, Ontario.
  5. The Club shall have the following objectives: To develop the soccer skills of all club members in all divisions while stressing teamwork, sportsmanship and an appreciation for the game of soccer. To promote the game of soccer in the community, in the region, in the province and elsewhere. To promote the continual development of coaches through internal and external programs. To promote and develop a wholesome team sport for all participants (players, coaches, other volunteers, officials and spectators), both indoor and outdoor.
  6. The Deep River and Area Minor Soccer Club (DRAMSC) is a club promoting the wonderful game of soccer for children in the age from 5 to 19 years living in Deep River, Laurentian Hills, and Head, Clara, and Maria. Our main goal is to develop the character of young people as resourceful and responsible members of their community by providing opportunities, through the game of soccer, for their mental, physical, social and leadership development.
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