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  1. Atiba Hutchinson

    Jesus. Atiba was buried on page 5 of the CMNT section. Behind Kevin McKenna. Anywho, Besiktas go 3 and 0 to lead their CL group with a win over Monaco. Hutch goes the full 90 yet again. No way they don't go through to the knockout rounds.
  2. CPL General

    That is great news. FCEd would bring some serious clout to CPL. Established club, solid fan base, existing stadium - amazing news if it is true.
  3. CPL General

    If CPL is populated by guys who aren't good enough to make TFC II, it will fail. I know people think the game-day experience and supporter culture will be a primary driver of league success, but that has to be coupled with a decent level of play. Guys not good enough for TFC II simply won't cut it. That would represent an even further step down from the farm teams that the league isn't interested in.
  4. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    If thread length is also the most reliable metric for determining importance, Hoilett is a god-damn rock star of world footy.
  5. MLS to open an office in Canada

    This is my fear with the USMNT failure to qualify. Any pressure MLS was feeling to advance Canadian interests will get consumed by the American machine and its now ever-present need to be "great again". And while I doubt Trump cares much for footy, with the level of protectionism and nationalism bleeding into every action in the US right now I wouldn't be surprised if MLS aggressively moved in the same direction.
  6. CPL General

    To be fair, I said "founding member" - meaning the original teams in D1. If they want to be brought into the structure later at a lower level, that is a separate conversation. But as a founding member, their presence would undermine CPL's identity and aspirations as a D1 league.
  7. CPL General

    Yeah, I am out. You either think that CPL should adopt a hard cap to its aspirations by bringing MLS farm teams in as founding members, or you think that whatever potential stability they offer isn't worth the downside of their participation in terms of what it says about the nature of the league itself. For me, the pros and cons of those scenarios aren't even close.
  8. hah hah USA Eliminated from WC

  9. General Discussion on CMNT

    Wow. No US. Not going to pretend I am heartbroken or anything, but it always seemed like they had enough quality to make it happen - especially after pounding Panama. But losing to T&T, Honduras beating Mexico, and Panama beating CR is the perfect storm of unlikely results. Wow.
  10. General Discussion on CMNT

    I think you are ignoring the idea that the intent would be to kick start MLS development capacity. Buying existing CanCon in the short term misses the point. Establish a stepwise implementation plan for a quota, and no one has to rush out and buy Arfield and other proven Canadian players at inflated prices. It is cheaper to invest in a few really promising youth players and bring them up to MLS quality, which isn't exactly world-beater level. Maybe start with 2, increase it to 3 in a couple of years, and maybe 4 a few years after that. As long as you give clubs sufficient notice, they would have an adequate window of time to develop appropriately. Which, ultimately, is the tangible benefit such a policy would seek to encourage.
  11. General Discussion on CMNT

    At the end of the day, that is the point - not to buy up all existing CanCon from abroad, but to invest in the necessary development infrastructure to bring more skilled kids through the pipeline. So maybe no quota starting tomorrow, but a known schedule of increasing domestic player quotas that lets clubs do the right level of development work or suffer the consequences. The whole reason for the CanCon idea is to encourage/force development. If all a club is doing is overspending to buy existing quality, they are missing the point.
  12. General Discussion on CMNT

    I will flip it around a bit. Recognizing that there is some development of Canadian players occurring at TFC, is winning the league on the backs of 2 Americans and an Italian what success looks like for Canadian pro soccer? I am not sure that is the end game - and if it is not, I am not sure the status quo will get us there.
  13. General Discussion on CMNT

    Yeah, I don't know the specific approach that would yield the best results (though I like your suggestion) but having the CSA develop greater testicular fortitude when it comes to our MLS teams is moving in the right direction. It may be a USSF league but we have levers at our disposal that we aren't using. And the business model is mature enough and successful enough that we wouldn't cripple them by requiring increased Canadian content at this point.
  14. CPL General

    Cryptic third-person references aside, is there a public/online confirmation of the role you have played (or claim to have played)? I haven't followed the narrative, but I have seen you reference the idea that you have been deeply involved in conversations re CPL - or at least some iteration of something similar. But I haven't seen anything that seems like proof of those claims. Given people's capacity to exaggerate on the Internet, especially when anonymity is the norm, I think people's skepticism is understandable. Can you provide anything that would confirm your claims or that you have played a role? And I mean a real role (no offense, but anyone can draft so,etching they call a "business plan" and send it in the mail).
  15. CPL General

    I was trying to be a bit generous in my treatment of his point, but yeah, that makes it an even worse idea. I am just not sure how the idea of including (potentially disposable) MLS reserve sides in CPL could be seen as a good idea. Maybe it does from their perspective in terms of providing a better market/league for them to provide them with stability, but the idea of using Canadian footy frastrucure to further strengthen an essentially US league is exactly what we are trying yo get away from. We have aleady given them our top 3 markets - doubling down on MLS via CPL seems ill advised.