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  1. CPL General

  2. Alphonso Davies

    I've warned you bout the wrasslin references...
  3. Alphonso Davies

    Plus, tha Caps hate Canada. I read that on the internet somewhere, so...
  4. Atiba Hutchinson

    I guess my question was more about whether or not they would end up playing together day in day out. Piette is a DM for the Impact, and it is a role Hutch has played (very well) for us. And while he is amazing for his age, he will slow down as he gets older, and that suggests he may be more likely to also play that kind of DM role in MLS.
  5. Atiba Hutchinson

    I want Atiba to keep playing footy at the highest level, but if a move to the Impact ever did materialize it would be interesting to see how that kind of move would affect Piette. Atiba could get pushed further forward, but the worst case scenario (from a CMNT perspective) would be to have Piette's role reduced as a result of a move for Atiba.
  6. CPL General

    I actually hope we start seeing announcements that will herald the pending announcements of major announcements. That will mean we have made the big time.
  7. Atiba Hutchinson

    Pretty hard to do - especially considering what can happen in home and away cup competitions. Bayern have to be viewed as pretty strong favourites, but Besiktas would never have been predicted to top their group - yet they did. Toss in the way some teams can elevate their game on big occasions, and I think handicapping it is pretty hard.
  8. Alphonso Davies

    Just to chime in on the quota idea. I don't think anyone believes it will immediately lead to opportunities, and I don't think it should be structured that way. What many advocate is a gradual implementation of a well known quota requirement that could be done without threatening on-field quality. By making the implementation plan and timelines clear, it would force clubs to invest in development of domestic talent, whereas now it is so secondary that some MLS clubs can gut their development pathways without any real consequences. In the context of a US league that gets to set the rules for Canadian teams, and a situation where those teams that haven't been demonstrably producing Canadian talent, I don't think it is unreasonable.
  9. CPL General

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
  10. CPL General

    So, no one else knows when the league will start, or what teams /cities will even ultimately be in it, but you know the format and location of the games/playoffs/whatever? And to top it all off, your 2 absolute locks for cities to host the finals are either the MLS stronghold or the city that just turfed its struggling pro team. Come on man.
  11. CPL General

  12. CPL new teams speculation

    Alternative explanation - TFC is reaping the benefit of the growth of soccer's popularity in Canada, which was underway long before TFC.
  13. CPL General

    You have to admit - in the context of a Canadian team winning the MLS title for the first time, that isn't exactly a high-water mark for Canadian development.
  14. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    Endless chances with none converted. I am liking this less and less as things go on. Man I don't want to go to penalties again.
  15. Alphonso Davies

    Yeah, I know there are transfer issues because of his age, but I want him to move ASAP as well. MLS is a decent middling league, but it doesn't have much of a record of cultivating good young players into world class players. Better to get Davies into a good European structure at the first opportunity.