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  1. dyslexic nam

    Ballou Tabla

    All I know is that constantly quoting him really reduces the effectiveness of my "ignore" function.
  2. dyslexic nam

    Alphonso Davies

    I have no issue with Caps seeking to maximize the fee as long as they don't price him out of an optimal move.
  3. dyslexic nam

    Alphonso Davies

    And for those who cite transfermarket as a reputable source, they currently have AD listed at £720,000. Thus I would take their valuations with a grain of salt...
  4. dyslexic nam

    Alphonso Davies

    Yeah, that would kick the shit out of Huddersfield... Fingers crossed that the reports are accurate. This would be massive for Davies, for the Nats, and for Canadian soccer in general.
  5. dyslexic nam

    CPL General

    Yeah, as much as it would be cool to know that far in advance that additional clubs were locked down, I don't see it happening this year - at least not anytime soon.
  6. dyslexic nam

    CPL TV Contract

    I am a big fan of CBC and would love to see them partner with CPL - thus my initial effort. But if anyone wants to copy and paste some of the content for another letter/message/PM, feel free. i got a reply from one of the CBC Execs suggesting I send it to CBC Sports. I think I already may have sent it to them (went with the kitchen sink method of sending it to multiple people on multiple platforms) but they gave me the email for CBC Sports so they now definitely have it directly.
  7. dyslexic nam

    Alphonso Davies

    Yeah, I have no idea if it is total BS, and I am probably not considering some important things, but a move like that wouldn't actually be bad IMO. As much as I love the kid, I don't think he is ready to walk into the starting 11 of a top team. He would likely either play for the reserves, sit on the bench hunting for late sub minutes, or get loaned out. In contrast, if he ever was signed by a team like Huddersfield -especially for decent money - he would likely be seen as a potential starter and be playing against elite competition. And they would be fighting for their lives from day one - potentially the kind of environment where Davies would be continually challenged. Not saying he should make a move like this, but if something like that did materialize I don't think it we should all lament a poor transfer. At 17 he has years of progression ahead of him.
  8. dyslexic nam

    Theo Bair

    1. How could they poach them for free? CPL isn't going to just give away their best players. 2. Everything you posted about their "rational" plan going forward suggests they have far less involvement in Canadaian soccer success (other than their own). At a time when Davies is generating a (relatively) massive amount of excitement and interest, largely as a feel-good Canadian success story, this seems like an odd point. 3. Insofar as footy supporters have some level of interest in the national game and CPL is about to start knocking on the door for support, it seems like a time when MLS teams should be trying to strengthen their CanCon appeal - not backing out of that game entirely. Moving in the direction you suggest seems to me to be completely antithetical to that idea.
  9. dyslexic nam

    Ballou Tabla

    At the end of the day, and as much as I wish it was a patriotic decision, this is the best chance we have. Given his age, trajectory, and our national team prospects, he would have about as close to a guarantee as he could have of playing in a WC with Canada. With IC he may or may not be in the mix for their squad, and they may or may not make the WC (they are strong, but lots can happen in African qualification over 2 cycles). Shit, I forgot I was ignoring this thread.
  10. dyslexic nam

    CPL TV Contract

    Necroing a slightly older thread. Here is the message I sent to CBC today (via multiple channels): Dear CBC, My name is XXXXXXXXXXX and I have been an avid soccer/footy fan for decades. I am also a strong supporter of CBC as our national broadcaster. From televised news and sports, to CBC Radio (one and two), to a strong online web presence (website and dedicated apps), I utilize all CBC platforms and believe that the CBC provides an extremely high quality service that offer excellent value for money to all Canadians. With this in mind, I am writing to encourage you to explore the idea of broadcasting games for the emerging Canadian Premier League (soccer). The CPL will be Canada’s first coast to coast domestic soccer league of the modern era, and next year it will launched its inaugural season in major media markets spanning from BC to Atlantic Canada. This is an extremely exciting development for the Canadian soccer community. CPL will be a truly Canadian league – for Canadians, by Canadians, and showcasing and developing Canadian talent. In light of this, the possibilities of a broadcasting arrangement with the CBC are significant, and there are many factors that would support it. Specifically: • CBC is similarly national in scope. With coast to coast to coast saturation, CBC could provide fully national access to a league that is seeking to serve all Canadians. • Given this scope, and the existence of localized CBC broadcasting teams, CBC could provide strong local coverage within local markets. This league will be driven in large part by strong local interests; the ability to provide localized coverage of teams on regional channels would be a great angle to drive local interest in your programming. • Because CBC is available to all Canadians and not subscription based, access would be universal and would not represent a barrier to viewers on the basis of location or economic status. • While CBC has a long history of quality sports broadcasting (both amateur and professional), there is currently a significant lack of soccer content within your suite of sports broadcasting. CPL is the ideal league to get back into this broadcasting space, as it would be less expensive than other league rights yet uniquely Canadian. • Tied to this, there is a huge appetite for soccer content in Canada. Whether shown by the record-breaking numbers achieved during CBC’s coverage of the 2014 World Cup, the strong ratings posted for the recent World Cup in Russia (despite inconvenient broadcast times), the significant viewership that regularly supports our national women’s team, or the strong ratings consistently posted for other professional soccer leagues on the dedicated sports networks, soccer’s rise in popularity is indisputable. The audience for this product is out there. • In an era where high quality streaming options are emerging to reflect consumer shifts, your experience providing excellent streaming coverage of sports events such as the Olympics demonstrate your capacity in this area. • Finally, by “getting in on the ground floor” and supporting the league at the outset, CBC would have the opportunity to not only help grow the league, but could also secure a long term arrangement for cost-effective soccer programming with a large potential for growth in popularity. This is a league with plans and ambition. CBC’s broadcasting support at the outset could prove to be an excellent business decision as the league’s popularity grows. CBC’s mandate includes promotion of Canadian culture – which includes sport. CBC seeks to reflect and promote the cultural diversity of Canada – in a context where soccer (aka “football”) is the world’s most popular sport, and the one which has the most registered youth players in Canada. In short, soccer is now a truly Canadian game. In light of this, I strongly urge you to explore the idea of partnering with CPL at this exciting time, to provide high quality access to this league for all Canadians. It is possible that league officials have already reached out to explore the possibility of a broadcasting partnership. If not, I would encourage you to reach out to them. The website for this emerging league, including contact information for league officials, can be found here: www.canpl.ca Thank you for your consideration of this matter. Sincerely, XXXXXXXXXXXX
  11. dyslexic nam

    HFX Wanderers launch/2019 offseason thread

    Just to classlessly bump my own post - saw Ibrah tonight at my son's U13 practice where he was helping the coach. He is looking forward to CPL getting going next year. I told him I would buy his jersey. That is all.
  12. dyslexic nam

    2018 Voyageurs Cup

    Seems like that is worth a chastising email to TSN.
  13. dyslexic nam

    Alphonso Davies

    It is cool that he really does seem like it all isn't getting to him in terms of thinking he is the finished product. His on-field growth is proof that he is still putting in the effort to grow and get better, and everything he says (or that is written about him) suggests the kind of humility that will serve him well going forward. Far better than focusing on growing "his brand", he is focusing on the things that could make him a truly world class talent. I heart A.D..
  14. dyslexic nam

    Herdman new head coach

    I have to believe that Herdman is scouring the globe for eligible players. We have a great incentive to recruit them with 2026 qualification in hand, and even the most skeptical among us can't truly believe he is entirely just fluff - despite the hollow sound bites. If he was brought in to implement a master plan leading to non-embarrassment in 2026, actively recruiting eligible talent starting now is almost a given.
  15. dyslexic nam

    Andreas Vaikla

    Just as an aside (I am also a BBC Earth-watching cosmo-nerd) the multiverse theory is pretty nuts - yet strongly implied by one of the dominant theories about cosmological evolution. Pretty mind blowing stuff.