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    Should Canada get more spots than the US in the CCL?

    No way they are all the same. Tg11's writing style was so damn... unique. The other two have the totally identical anti US mantra, but he is out there all on his own.
  2. dyslexic nam

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Given Bayern's league position this year, I doubt anyone is getting saved for anything.
  3. Which brings us full circle to the question I (and maybe others) raised initially - was there a CONCACAF-imposed registration deadline that prevented the excluded 4 clubs from participating in 2019? Because if there was, including that one small bit of information would have avoided all of the exasperation and frustration with the decision/announcement. People could still feel slighted by CONCACAF and its bureaucrats, but it would at least be an understandable outcome. And that would be far preferable to 4 CPL clubs and many Canadian footy fans feeling like they have been subjected to biased thinking on the part of the CSA.
  4. dyslexic nam

    CPL General

    Has he represented another country internationally? If not, then there may be a fine distinction at play. The core issue may not be that full CMNT eligibility is need to count as a domestic, but that CMNT ineligibility might preclude you from counting as a domestic. Thus someone like Springer could be excluded on the basis of his commitment to St.K&N, whereas Ameobi could be considered a domestic via his PR status because he could, eventually get citizenship and still theoretically rep Canada. Just tossing it out as a possibility. No idea what the actual CPL bylaws say on the matter.
  5. dyslexic nam

    CPL TV Contract

    Lets say, hypothetically, I am complete shit at Twitter. What does the linked tweet imply? All I see is someone tagging Vic R in a tweet - am I missing something?
  6. dyslexic nam

    Canadian Dual Nationals

  7. Apparently some either don't care that much because it is (presumably) temporary or think it is inexplicably hilarious.
  8. dyslexic nam

    Cyle Larin

    Assuming we are talking about first division clubs, Holland or Belgium would be great destinations for Larin to get back on the upward trajectory he was on in MLS.
  9. To be honest, I don't really understand any level of nonchalance about this. Three of the seven founding CPL teams are being given significant preferential treatment in the two non-league competitions open to CPL clubs - in one instance through preferential seeding and in the other through outright exclusion of the other clubs. To me, that seems like a big deal.
  10. dyslexic nam

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    And he has to be aware that if you are going to choose Canada, now is the best time in recent history to do that. Exciting young players coming up through the ranks and 2026 as a nice carrot. We may not be England, but it isn't like you are settling for some shitty soccer backwater anymore. I realize that we don't have the results to back it up yet, but I truly believe we are entering a new era - and that this is a selling feature for our program.
  11. dyslexic nam

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    If it is Eustaquio, I would be very happy to get him - even with the current injury. With the level of treatment and rehab these guys have access to, there is no reason why this kind of injury needs to affect his play in the long term. Short term, of course he will be out for a while and then have a recovery period. But guys of this calibre are about increasing our quality player pool and raising the baseline when it comes to overall squad quality. Injury or not, this guy is 22 and he has the potential to do that for the next decade - and that is exciting. When you think of 2022 and 2026 as our golden opportunities, this guy would be in his prime. Then again if it Tomori, we get a guy who immediately provides an upgrade in our back line and has a ceiling above any of our current centrebacks. Either of these guys would be great.
  12. dyslexic nam

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    LOL, no offence but that is about as vague as possible.
  13. dyslexic nam

    Canadian Premier League joins CONCACAF League

    Sid's rants are like a guilty pleasure. I realize he can get a bit silly, but I still love him. EDIT: For the record, I would totally be on board with getting his interest piqued on this issue. He may be over the top, but he can raise awareness about an issue. And this does seem somewhat rant-worthy - at least to push the CSA into defending its decision. If I was better at the Twitter, I would do it, but alas I am a bit of a luddite.
  14. I respect that Jamie. But I also think the CSA has a duty to explain seemingly odd decisions that appear to show significant bias. That is the sort of thing we shouldn't have to ask about - they should provide an explanation as part of the announcement. In the two announcements I referenced, I don't recall anything like a reasonable explanation as to why 3 of 7 CPL clubs would be shown significant favour in 2 major tournaments. And as a governing body, I think that minimum level of transparency is not an unreasonable expectation.
  15. "Sir/Madam My name is XXX XXXXXXX and I have been an avid Canadian soccer supporter for well over two decades. I have cheered for the senior men’s team, the women’s team, and various youth levels of soccer. I have also played 20+ years of senior men’s soccer and have coached youth soccer. In short, I am fully invested in the success of soccer in this country. It is with this in mind that I feel the need to relay how baffled I am by two recent decisions made by the CSA. First, I was puzzled by the announced format of the Canadian Championship (the “Voyageurs Cup”) last month. It not only gives strong preference to the MLS sides (e.g. I have never heard of a national cup competition giving a team a preferential by into the semi-final round), but it also gives advantage to the Ottawa Fury – a team that has drawn the ire of many Canadian fans recently due to their stance on CPL. Lastly, the draw places some CPL teams in the competition at a later stage than other CPL teams. Given the many alternative formats that would have avoided this preferential treatment (in a competition that specifically should avoid preference), I find this unacceptable. Second, and most recently, I do not understand the logic of the announcement to limit potential qualification for the 2019 CONCACAF League to three CPL teams. Showing this kind of exclusive preference for 3 of the original 7 CPL clubs seems, on its face, to be grossly unfair. It shows a great deal of disrespect to the excluded clubs, and their fans. While I have a great deal of respect for the Valour, Forge, and FC Edmonton clubs, and the role they have played in helping to found our emerging professional league, this role should not be viewed as justification for giving them preferential treatment in qualifying for major sporting events. Yet somehow, the chronology of teams joining the league – before the first season and before a ball has been kicked – is somehow being used to justify the clearly unequal treatment of clubs in the context of two major competitions. I recognize that there may be considerations of which I am not aware. In terms of the decision re CONCACAF League for example, it is possible that some teams could have opted out of participation at this early stage – though commentary on social media by key stakeholders seems to suggest otherwise. Alternatively, this could have been a byproduct of a CONCACAF-imposed registration deadline that the excluded clubs simply could not meet. But if reasons such as this exist for the two seemingly arbitrary decisions, the CSA owes it to fans and stakeholders to explain their rationale. In the absence of any explanations regarding the need to make these decisions, supporters are left to assume that these decisions were the byproduct of biased thinking or poor planning. Soccer is gaining in popularity every day in this country. As such, CSA decisions are no longer made in vacuum. They will be, and should be, subjected to scrutiny. And in the instances I mentioned above, the puzzling decisions do not stand up to scrutiny on the basis of information presented so far, and as such should either be explained or rescinded. Sincerely..."
  16. For the record (and my post in the other related thread noted this) I recognize that the CSA might be making this decision due to external circumstances like a CONCACAF registration deadline. But in the absence of any explanation for a seemingly arbitrary (and baffling) decision I think people have the right to voice their displeasure - or request an explanation. I don't think it is losing your shit to do that in a formal way. And taken in the context of the recent V cup seeding hierarchy that seems to arbitrarily disadvantage some clubs, I don't think an email is out of place.
  17. If will be sending a similar type of email tomorrow. Any email address in particular that it should go to, or just a general CSA email?
  18. dyslexic nam

    Canadian Premier League joins CONCACAF League

    Barring any explanation from CSA why this had to occur, I am in.
  19. dyslexic nam

    League Trophy

    Fair enough - but I wouldn't mind a bit of tradition in this one CPL area. Trophies seem to be one spot where tradition seems appropriate.
  20. dyslexic nam

    League Trophy

    Or you could call it the Governor General's Cup and make it timeless. May be a bit stuffy and British for some, but it does give a nod to tradition and when the league is old and well established it would have a pretty timeless feeling. But now that I think of it, it may already be used as a name.
  21. dyslexic nam

    Canadian Premier League joins CONCACAF League

    I have to assume that there is some sort of CONCACAF rule that required some sort of registration by a set date. I have to assume this because any other explanation is pretty goddamn ridiculous. And the fact that CPL is apparently opposed to it means that it was a CSA decision/process. So, best case scenario this was unavoidable and it is just poor communication on CSA's part. Wouldn't be the first time. Worst case scenario is that CSA is making arbitrary decisions that call into question their ability to effectively support this league. Taken in the context of their announcement re the format of the V-Cup, and this doesn't look good. That would be two very basic scheduling/format issues that they have completely fucked up. That would be extremely discouraging. Again, I am hoping that this is the result of some sort of CONCACAF-imposed registration deadline. Releasing a quick statement would clarify things very easily.
  22. dyslexic nam

    League Trophy

    This is usually done for individual recognition awards (e.g. Vezna Trophy, Heisman Trophy, etc) and are named after the people who exemplified the celebrated skillset or accomplishment, bit I can't think of a championship trophy where this is done.
  23. dyslexic nam

    League Trophy

    This isn't exclusively a US thing. Our country's two most prominent pieces of silverware are named after people. The Stanley Cup is named after Lord Stanley of Preston, the 1892 Governor General of Canada. He purchased the decorative cup in London for 10 guineas (around $50 at the time). In 1909, then-Governor General Earl Grey donated a trophy to the Rugby Football Championship of Canada. Originally, only teams registered with the Canadian Rugby Union were eligible to compete for the trophy, which subsequently became known as the Grey Cup.