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  1. Lord Bob

    Jonathan David

    Bob Lenarduzzi's (awful, don't read it) "autobiography" includes a bit where he throws shade at the Voyageurs.
  2. Lord Bob

    Atiba Hutchinson

    Kids these days have no respect for the defensive spectrum.
  3. Lord Bob

    Russell Teibert

    Russell Teibert is Canada's best all-round player today.
  4. Boakai and Hocine start for EIF against AC Oulu. EDIT: Boakai goes 81', Hocine goes 90', Oulu and EIF tie 1-1. No known impact by either Canadian.
  5. Lord Bob

    Cyle Larin

    my man
  6. Lord Bob

    Vancouver meet up for beer? Monday Aug 13th

    Sure, me plus one will come but I warn you in advance we don't want a budgie.
  7. Lord Bob

    Emile Legault

    We could always call up Eddie Edward.
  8. Much though I enjoy the Stephanie Bukovec updates, she is now cap-tied to the Croatian national team.
  9. Lord Bob

    Russell Teibert

    Great apple by Rusty on the Hurtado goal, eh? (Finish made it, of course.) Easily the best offensive contribution by a Canadian on the night, other than Doneil Henry.
  10. Lord Bob

    Jonathan Osorio

    Can he make the jump up to the York 9 I wonder.
  11. I am enjoying this thread very much.
  12. I mean to a great extent we're going to wind up with both. It's nice to see guys like Randy sticking in the game rather than treating CanPL like a pure developmental league.
  13. It's always hard to tell what youth coaches are up to. I wasn't impressed by Priestman's teams, but I wasn't impressed by Worthington's either and he qualified. I remember deriding Andrew Olivieri's work a few years ago but people in the know tell me he's been doing amazing things. I dunno, I don't get the feeling Priestman was the indispensable woman, and neither Herdman nor the CSA treated her like she was, but she may well have been. All the best in England.
  14. Lord Bob

    Canadians abroad: August 3-9, 2018

    Scores in the eighth and fourteenth minute of a 4-3 win, then gets subbed off in the 68th minute. According to Google Translate "Two-goal shooter Hanson Boakai shows greater self-esteem for every match he plays." https://svenska.yle.fi/artikel/2018/08/04/ekenas-if-upp-i-tabelltoppen-i-fotbollsettan-slog-ac-kajaani-i-handelserik-match?utm_source=twitter-share&utm_medium=social