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  1. MLS is fake news and is bad for Canada. But I am a minority of very few.
  2. Far from the full-strength Charlton XI but some regulars in there. Good test for any Championship U-23 team.
  3. Hanson Boakai

  4. Live, I had the goal against down as Labs's fault for the punch. But she made an impossible save in the second half so we're even.
  5. NASL - The Championship 2017 - Soccer Bowl Postseason

    What a coincidence! I'm going to be in San Francisco for the Soccer Bowl! For the CanWNT game! That's happening during the fucking Soccer Bowl! Got a huge local soccer event (well, down the highway four feet in San Jose) and you manage to get your marquee game conflicting with it. Good job good effort, NASL.
  6. Hanson Boakai

    Maybe we need a house rule that we don't say Boakai has joined any club until one of us actually sees him on the fucking pitch.
  7. Are any out-of-towners going to be in Vancouver for this game (or in San Francisco, for that matter)?
  8. No. Voyageurs pre-game Thursday is Red Card, 560 Smithe St. (two blocks from Doolin's, just past the corner of Smithe and Seymour).
  9. Interestingly, I saw today that the American Outlaws are holding their pregame at Doolin's, our usual pre-game spot, and appear to be following our usual marching route. Given that this is Vancouver I'm sure there will be some actual away support.
  10. Accidentally signed up for the Dominic Imhof Soccer Camp.
  11. Arfield's only a more complicated case because he's better than the Canadian replacements, which I'm not convinced Leutwiler is. Personally I'd rather use neither, and it's nothing personal.
  12. Well, quite. Excuse me for not talking about a guy who did not play in my game recap?
  13. Immigration? When did Leutwiler live in Canada?
  14. I want him to come out with ability and punch with authority. What puts him ahead of Simon Thomas? I didn't see it. And he's Swiss.