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  1. I am absolutely shocked to read of this tonight. I remember back to when I was quite a bit younger - maybe 15 or 16 and heading to Lynx games at Varsity. A few times Jarrek would drive me down to the city to catch the games. I remember he had a black 300 ZX, which 15 year old me thought was hot shit. Part of 33 year old me still feels nostalgic toward it ; ) ......... I also remember the countless hours he put into building and fostering the soccer supporters community within Toronto, and by extension and Canada as a whole. I lost touch with him over the past years, but fleeting views into his life always showed him as a true family man, and generally a guy of top character. Just as I remember him. Bummer. RIP Jarrek. My condolences to his brother Pawel - who was also part of those early days - and to Jarrek's young family.
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