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  1. It's 7 official caps for Malonga: 1 cap in 2015 African Cup of Nations qualfying 2 in the 2015 African Cup of Nations 3 in 2017 African Cup of Nations qualifying 1 friendly appearance against Morocco in 2016 https://www.national-football-teams.com/player/57947/Dominique_Malonga.html
  2. How many were they allotted? Sounds like it'll be a great atmosphere
  3. We'd be getting like 5 points from beating Martinique if they were a FIFA nation, so it's pretty irrelevant. Our match against them counts for CONCACAF rankings though, which supposedly might be the system used for WCQ seeding anyway.
  4. It's most likely the Mexican guy, he also played in the Venezuela Premier Division in 2013/14, but I can't find anything else on where he's been since (his birthdate is wrong in the ESPN bio, but it's him). http://www.espnfc.com.au/player/84139/jose-jonathan-pina-gutierrez EDIT: Never mind, ESPN just fucked up; that was a Venezuelan player named José Gregorio Piña Flores and they just mistook him for José Jonathan Piña Gutiérrez. It's possible he's been playing in the mexican lower divisions, like the Liga Premier (the third tier) which would explain why you can't find anything about him online.
  5. Not many spots left to fill; here's where the clubs' rosters are at currently and how many foreign slots they have left: Cavalry: 20 players signed, 2 foreign slots left Edmonton: 20 players signed, 1 foreign slot left assuming Ameobi will have his permanent residency in time Forge: 20 players signed, 3 foreign slots left Halifax: 21 players signed, no foreign slots left Pacific: 15 players signed, 6 foreign slots left Valour: 19 players signed, 3 foreign slots left York 9: 20 players signed, 5 foreign slots left
  6. The international window will be from September 2nd to the 10th; so you'd probably expect the games to be played on the 6th and 10th, give or take a day. https://img.fifa.com/image/upload/jt0d6qoqwqwbp5sbofoc.pdf
  7. Twardek is already under contract until the end of the year; the Irish league plays a summer schedule too. Stefan Cebara would be an excellent alternative though.
  8. You're right: "Exact dates for the USA’s four home-and-away group stage matches have not been determined. Canada and Cuba will begin League A, Group A play in home and away matches against each other during the September FIFA international window." https://www.ussoccer.com/stories/2019/03/28/02/05/20190327-news-mnt-concacaf-nations-league-2019-2020-draw
  9. Zem

    CPL General

    April 2nd is the date you're looking for
  10. Based on the US instagram post, the schedule would just have each team play their home-and-away series against one other team in an international window, while the third team has the window off, e.g.: September: Cuba vs Canada; Canada vs Cuba (US doesn't play) October: Canada vs United States; United States vs Canada (Cuba doesn't play) November: United States vs Cuba; Cuba vs United States (Canada doesn't play) Instead of the way scheduling worked for the 12-team leagues in UEFA Nations League, e.g.: September: Cuba vs Canada; Cuba vs United States October: Canada vs Cuba; United States vs Canada November: United States vs Cuba; Canada vs United States
  11. Yeah, seems about right
  12. St. John's; it was confirmed by @Copes that Clanachan has been to the island and spoken face-to-face with St. John's Sports and Entertainment (the Edge/Growlers ownership group), who are very interested but will wait at least a couple years before committing to anything.
  13. Interesting how Calum Ferguson wasn't listed as a trialist among the scorers, unlike Pena and LBG.
  14. It's literally the most standard tiebreakers in football, unless you consider the World Cup "bush league". Putting head-to-heads first is very much the exception, not the rule. We should also probably work on that whole "beating the US" thing first before we start bitching about tiebreakers.
  15. Tiebreakers are as follows, which were the same ones used in the qualifying tournament: Points Goal Difference Goals Scored Away Goals Fair Play Points Drawing of lots https://www.canadasoccer.com/concacaf-nations-league-faq-p161791-preview-1 So actually, there will be no head-to-head tiebreakers at all.
  16. Zem

    CPL General

    That statement isn't true at all; Akeem Garcia made his only appearance for T&T so far in 2015 and Jan-Michael Williams made his last appearance in 2017 and has made around 25 appearances in the last 6 years. Williams and John might not get call-ups because of their age, but if Garcia and Rampersad impress this season, they're easily young enough for a call-up.
  17. Montserrat's qualification realistically comes down to the results of four matches, of which they need two to go their way to qualify: El Salvador vs Jamaica: a Jamaica win or a draw Dominican Republic vs Bermuda: a draw Canada vs French Guiana: a Canada win or a draw Barbados vs Nicaragua: a Barbados win or a draw So if we get the result we need we'll be doing our part to secure Montserrat's spot in the Gold Cup at the same time!
  18. I wouldn't be so confidant considering Bermuda just beat El Salvador in the last round. And Barbados aren't bad either; there's certainly no reason to think Nicaragua will have a free win against them away from home.
  19. He's playing with Juticalpa already, so it would presumably have to be a mid-season signing if it's him. It really doesn't seem like there's any obvious possibilities, but if Wheeldon considers Mexico to be part of "Central America" then Miguel Aguilar would be a very solid signing who fits the description quite closely.
  20. There's still a fair few notables available on top of that: GK - Angelo Cavalluzzo GK - Tomer Chencinski GK - Nathan Ingham CB - Jordan Dunstan CB - David Edgar (out of contract in June or July) CB - Tristan Grant CB - Nick Prasad FB - Zak Drake FB - Andres Fresenga MF - Louis Beland-Goyette FW - Mo Babouli (out of contract in April) FW - Stefan Cebara FW - Mark-Anthony Gonzalez FW - AJ Gray FW - Colin Jacques FW - Maksym Kowal (out of contract in April)
  21. https://canadasoccer.com/?pid=4699&t=profile& The CSA lists his birthplace as Mexico City and his profile makes no mention of the US at all, but it's definitely him. I assume Dallas' media staff just default to Frisco and American if they can't be bothered to find an academy player's specific details.
  22. Yes, the other stadium was just a backup because they didn't think they'd be able to get York Lions Stadium ready in time for the start of the season, but apparently they're ahead of schedule.
  23. IRELAND Kris Twardek played 90 minutes for Sligo in a 3-0 loss to Shamrock Rovers.
  24. It's a Canadian defender in Europe whose contract expires this summer and who would be a key player for Edmonton, so it basically has to be either Straith or Vitoria. Obviously Straith seems more realistic, but he's still only 28 and doing well in Europe, while Vitoria is 32 and stuck in another period of uncertainty with Lechia. So while Vitoria might be a bigger surprise I feel like both are real possibilities, although obviously Straith's previous stint with FCE makes him seem more likely.
  25. Ah I see; the Halifax trialists were told this week if they were going to be offered a contract or not, so I assumed he'd been cut, but that makes sense.
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