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  1. Zem

    CPL General

    I mean, it's probably justified. The "exceptional circumstance" was probably that there wasn't another league at a comparable level in Canada, but now there is. Clubs can't just play in another country's league just because they feel like it, there needs to be a clear reason relating to opportunity and/or level of play. Also, Concacaf has a board of directors which makes decsions like this, so it probably wasn't just Montagliani.
  2. Zem

    CPL General

    To clarify, this was a unilateral move by Concacaf. Canada Soccer approved Ottawa to play in the USL, but Concacaf believes that the CPL's existence nullifies the "exceptional circumstance" which previously permitted it to play in the US. On another note, I'm excited to have a club to support in the this season. I'm excited the city I grew up in will finally be part of Canadian soccer history, even if it has to get dragged kicking and screaming into it.
  3. Zem

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Because the vast majority of domestic players in the CPL will never get a shot at playing for the NT anyway, so whether they can represnt Canada or not is irrelevant. Locking out Canadians who chose to represent another country just makes the league strictly worse for no reason. Also, dual nationals who play for other nations either play in bigger leagues or have no chance of making the NT anyway, so trying to "punish" them makes no sense.
  4. Zem

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    What do you think that would accomplish, exactly?
  5. They also won the cup last year and they'll be in Europa League. It was one year with an option for a second. Finnish clubs don't pay anything more than symbolic transfer fees, so if they did it would have been literally a couple of bucks at best.
  6. Zem

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Yes, and it was York U and Woodbridge Strikers. Depends on how exactly the domestic rules are worded, but probably. He is a Canadian citizen, and the CPL's domestic rules don't need to follow FIFA's international eligibility rules (and the minimum of 5 continuous years of residency clause that prevents him from playing for us), so it's very possible.
  7. Zem

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    These are all pretty realistic and some of the rumours have been said elsewhere, although as ever it's hard to know if the person behind the account actually has any insider info or if they're just parroting things they've heard elsewhere.
  8. Zem

    2018 Voyageurs #CanMNT Player of the Year

    1. Milan Borjan 2. Alphonso Davies 3. Junior Hoilett
  9. Zem

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    True, but Pasher and Nanco are both fairly young and don't have much experience except in the USL. So, they wouldn't really jive with the "I’m going to be a leader for the young guys and be an example for others to look up to" bit.
  10. Zem

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    https://pacificfc.canpl.ca/video/players-voice-a-letter-from-pacific-fcs-first-signing Maybe Simon Thomas for Pacific? At the very least the player is from Vancouver Island and it sounds like he's been away for quite some time, so Simon definitely fits the bill. https://fcedmonton.canpl.ca/video/players-voice-letters-from-fc-edmontons-first-signings Edmonton's player sounds a lot like Randi Edwini-Bonsu to me. Obviously the other player is going to be Allan Zebie. https://hfxwanderersfc.canpl.ca/video/players-voice-a-letter-from-hfx-wanderers-fcs-first-signing Halifax's player isn't from Halifax, and that's about all we get from this one. https://cavalryfc.canpl.ca/video/players-voices-letters-from-cavalry-fcs-first-signings #1 is obviously Ledgerwood. #2 isn't from Alberta, has apparently lived there recently and a we know he's supposed to be a young attacking player. Moses Danto fits the bill and I guess he'd be the best guess? https://forgefc.canpl.ca/video/players-voice-letters-from-forge-fcs-first-signings Haha MAK spilling the beans A local and intends to be a leader for the team, seems close enough.
  11. Zem

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    The person in the picture definitely has a beard, and Eddie fits the bill as reasonably local and very experienced, so I'd say he's the best bet.
  12. Zem

    Canadian Nationalization Countdown

    I believe he has been asked before in interviews. I vaguely recall him saying he thought he was too old, although I can't say that with any confidence because I don't remember that well. Regardless, I'd tend to agree with that, he's a good player, but he's going to be 34 in February and he's not an obvious starter for us. We already have loads of depth on the wing and he'd most likely just be taking minutes away from our many talented young wingers. I especially wouldn't expect Herdman to take him up on it if the opportunity arose, he likes to use younger players and we already have a good balance of youth and experience on the team.
  13. Zem

    CPL General

    They mention in the article that in the Russian second division Baltika Kaliningrad and Luch Vladivostok are 7,360 km away from each other, which is undoubtedly the longest road trip in all of domestic football. Luch has previously spent time in the Russian Premier league, where they had a 6,540km trip against Zenit St. Petersburg. There were a lot of complaints in the league at that time about having to travel to Vladivostok for games, I recall some people suggested Luch should play in the Chinese league instead. SKA Khabarovsk also played in the Russian Premier League last year and are only slightly closer at 6,190km from St. Petersburg.
  14. Zem

    Canadian Dual Nationals

    This is correct
  15. Zem

    The math on qualification to League A & to the Gold Cup

    The pots would be determined based on the Concacaf Index, not placement in the qualifiers. The top four teams in the tournament have already been assigned to a group each based on their ranking, so if there's any seeding for the draw it would be based on rankings rather than placement in qualifying. Every division in Nations League has four groups, so League A will be four groups of three. Seeding will be based on the Concacaf Index. So no, final placement in the qualifiers doesn't matter so long as we're somewhere in the top six.