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  1. Zem

    St. John's CPL

    They also have an ECHL team now, which has also been averaging just under 4,000 a game this season. It's unlcear exactly how deep their pockets are and there's no doubt a CPL club would be their biggest single investment so far. They also haven't said anything publicly about a soccer team since it was briefly mentioned in that article last fall, so it's hard to say if they're serious at all. As I've said before, the main hurdle to overcome will likely be finding a suitable ownership group. The stadium is there, soccer is already very popular and St. John's has no professional sports in the summer, but there aren't many wealthy businessmen (or former professional players) looking to start a soccer club in Newfoundland. So if the Edge guys decide to back out the whole idea might be dead in the water for now.
  2. Zem

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Yep, and so are Stefan Cebara, Tomer Chencinski, Richie Laryea, Mauro Eustaquio and David Choiniere. Still plenty of great potential signings.
  3. Zem

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Here's a rundown of all currently outstanding player rumours, since it's a bit hard to keep track at this point: Cavalry FC Julian Büscher (https://twitter.com/CplTransfers) Moses Danto (CplTransfers) Ali Musse (CplTransfers) FC Edmonton Mauro Eustáquio (CplTransfers) Ali Musse (CplTransfers) Brandon Onkony (CplTransfers) Forge FC Zak Drake (CplTransfers) Junior Kingue (CplTransfers; own social media posts) Monti Mohsen (CplTransfers) Jelani Smith (CplTransfers) Halifax Wanderers Alex De Carolis (CplTransfers; only followed Wanderers on Twitter) Kouame Ouattara (CplTransfers) Jelani Smith (CplTransfers) Pacific FC Marcel de Jong (https://twitter.com/markinvictoria, https://twitter.com/24thminute) Valour FC Moses Danto (CplTransfers) Diego Gutiérrez (on loan, CplTransfers) Fernando Meneses (CplTransfers) Ali Musse (CplTransfers) York 9 FC Cristian Cavallini (CplTransfers) Darren O'Dea (https://twitter.com/24thminute) Linked to CPL move Daryl Fordyce ("In talks with several clubs," CplTransfers) Luca Gasparotto (CplTransfers) AJ Gray (CplTransfers) Chris Suta (CplTransfers) Kadell Thomas (CplTransfers) Mason Trafford (CplTransfers)
  4. Zem

    General Discussion on CMNT

    "It's another player that's played at a big country at youth level and probably had opportunities there, but they see they can be a pioneer in this country." It's definitely either Tomori or Eustaquio; Tomori makes more sense in terms of his chances of making England's senior team versus Eustaquio's chances of making Portugal's, but I feel like Eustaquio maybe makes more sense in terms of the "pioneer" aspect. Either is definitely a big addition to the NT though, obviously.
  5. Zem

    CPL Season Schedule

    Previously the European split season format would have made sense given what Clanachan has said recently, but the first round of 24 games wouldn't be finished by July. My guess is it'll be some sort of League Cup, since that's the only other format that hasn't been done in NA before but has been done elsewhere and could realistically be finished by July. In the first round the clubs could be split into two regional groups, one of 3 and one of 4. A double round-robin would guarantee that every club plays the necessary minimum of two additional home matches for the total of 14 promised to season seat holders, and then the winners of each group would play each other in the final with the winner qualifying for CONCACAF League. The league proper would just be the symmetrical 24-game quad round-robin.
  6. Zem

    CPL General

    The only changes are the five former Central American direct CCL qualifiers are being moved down to CONCACAF League and one CPL spot is being added to CONCACAF League. CONCACAF League will be: 18 Central American teams 3 Caribbean Club Championship runners-up 1 CPL CONCACAF Champions League will be: 4 Liga MX 4 MLS 1 Voyageurs Cup 1 Caribbean Club Champion 6 CONCACAF League qualifiers
  7. Six CONCACAF League teams qualify for Champions League, 10 direct qualifiers + 6 CL qualifiers
  8. That's the same as before based on what they said, the Caribbean champion still qualifies directly to the CCL. So only the five central american CCL teams move: 4 MEX, 4 USA, 1 CAN, 1 Caribbean.
  9. Six clubs qualifying for Champions League is exciting. The only thing I'm not sure about is how the CPL club is going to be chosen since the first season hasn't been played yet. I wonder if there might be league cup or something like that to determine this season's entrant before July?
  10. Here's a summary for those who didn't have time to watch: They are happy with the results of the previous (2014-18) strategic plan, which sought to: Invest in technical leadership (appointment of a Director of Development, Jason de Vos) Achieve consistent world-class NT results (CWNTs having repeated success at Olympics and Youth World Cups) Launch a national professional league (CPL) The new strategic plan will consist of three pillars with three elements each: Develop: Continue to work with pro clubs on EXCEL pathway (new version of development pathway to be unveiled in future) Focus on coaching development (expand coaching courses and licences) Continue to work on club development (club licencing program) Govern: Align the objectives of Canada Soccer, provincial associations and pro clubs to ensure all are working together toward the improvement of soccer in Canada Achieve financial stability so that Canada Soccer can continue to provide consistent funding and human resources to its technical staff Technological innovation (establishment of a National Soccer Registry, new marketing and communications strategies) Grow: Continue to build on soccer's high participation rate in Canada with national development programs Achieve consistent world-class NT results Continue to work with all members of the Canadian soccer community to ensure future growth and success
  11. Zem

    CPL General

    The league confirmed that the schedule will be 28 games, and have said that the format they're using is new for NA, but has been done elsewhere. I think they were originally planning on doing a simple quad round-robin with eight clubs, but since Ottawa backed out last minute they've had to come up with something else to play enough matches. 24 obviously isn't ideal for a league that's looking to have around a 30-match schedule long-term.
  12. Zem

    Ben McKendry

    A higher ceiling is a big one too. Keeping the European dream alive isn't easy, and it's impossible to know how European clubs will rate the CPL in these first few years; but playing Division 1 in Sweden can be a good route into the Superettan and other bigger Scandinavian leagues. Frankly, whether xyz Canadian player with pro experience decides to play in the CPL or not is neither here nor there. It just means other younger or less experienced Canadian players will get a bit more professional playing time, which is arguably better anyway.
  13. Zem

    Callum Irving

    And for a more veteran starting option, Tomer Chencinski is also out of contract
  14. Zem

    FC Edmonton launch/2019 offseason thread

    He signed with his old club Ballymena United last Thursday https://www.belfastlive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/albert-watson-signs-ballymena-united-15764115
  15. I'm not sure why people have been rating James so highly all of a sudden, he's been average at best for the NT over the last couple years. Is is just because he signed with Midtjylland? Regardless I disagree, he's a solid player but he has room to improve and/or shake off rust as a CB. It's great for us that he's finally playing consistently at CB again, but based on NT play Vitoria and Henry are easily ahead of him, and he's been no better than Cornelius either. Despite that, I do hope he can evolve into a starter for us if he starts getting decent minutes at CB with Midtjylland.