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  1. Ngravs

    Saint Kitts & Nevis vs Canada - Sunday November 18th

    Love seeing #CANMNT in the the Freepress at work in the morning! Nice to see they’re getting attention.
  2. Ngravs

    Winnipeg Valour FC

    For the prairies aspect I love take me home country roads. Could be like a half time song played in the stadium or something but I get chill just thinking about the crowd singing “Valour Road take me home to the place where I belong”
  3. What the fuck is this reffing LOL
  4. Hey I just turned it on and they scored .. should I be happy.. I’m not sure 2-1 jeez
  5. Does anyone have any information on him? I saw he signed with CD Leganés via Canadasoccernews on Instagram. I also saw on twitter that he played League one Ontario and trialed with the Spurs. I couldn’t find much else on him. If there’s already a thread on him delete this one!
  6. Ngravs

    Players you expect to see in the CPL

    Does anyone know who has been the player/sceith the most professional experience at the open trials?
  7. Ngravs

    Winnipeg Valour FC

    I was
  8. Ngravs

    Winnipeg Valour FC

  9. Ngravs

    Winnipeg Valour FC

    Section 144 Row 15
  10. Ngravs

    Canada-Dominica Game Thread (R)

    Got Canada to win by 6 or more for 300$ you can say I’m nervous.. let’s go boys!!
  11. Ngravs

    General Discussion on CMNT

    This picture make me smile, happy Tuesday/ game day my friends.
  12. Ngravs

    Winnipeg Valour FC

    Received the email for ticket sales! Getting exciting .. No jersey promotion But they are offering 33% off jerseys if pre-orders. A lot of benefits as well
  13. Ngravs

    Gold Cup 2019

    Group D please please please I would love nothing more than a road trip to the new Allianz field And Chicago for the Final would be perfect..
  14. Ngravs

    Winnipeg Valour FC

    Were they not talking about setting up stands behind the net (Endzone) for the supporter section?