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  1. Petrssso is a big addition for Valour! Great pick up
  2. I'm assuming he means not part of the organization (so they can go to any team).
  3. Nice start for Tesho with a game tying goal. Great use of his speed to find himself unmarked for an easy tap in.
  4. Ngravs

    CPL Season Schedule

    Valour says the Saturday the 4th.
  5. Ngravs

    CPL Season Schedule

    Valour May 4th, let’s gooo!
  6. I think it could end up being a great investment long term. Just to think about the 2026 World Cup and having a piece of that. At worst the qualifying and some documentaries (Road to 2026) which will be extremely hyped up, I think they’re thinking long term.
  7. Gale loving the Forlan talk 😉😉 make it happen coach
  8. Ngravs

    CPL General

    This is just like the Gold Cup draw, the most western teams play each other and they mix the Ontario teams just to make it look not as obvious. Not bad for Valour though I'll take it!
  9. 3rd tier Cyprus sounds like a pretty big drop off, that has to be amateur. Would be good to start fresh here on a trial or something.
  10. Ngravs

    CPL General

    Kurt Larson said the stream will start after 11 EST
  11. Ngravs

    CPL bilingualism

    I know a lot of people in Winnipeg that would enjoy French written material on Valour FC so I think it would be important to be a league wide thing.
  12. Haven't heard anything in a few days, who are we expecting next?
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