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  1. Ngravs

    CPL Season Schedule

    Valour says the Saturday the 4th.
  2. Ngravs

    CPL Season Schedule

    Valour May 4th, let’s gooo!
  3. I think it could end up being a great investment long term. Just to think about the 2026 World Cup and having a piece of that. At worst the qualifying and some documentaries (Road to 2026) which will be extremely hyped up, I think they’re thinking long term.
  4. Gale loving the Forlan talk 😉😉 make it happen coach
  5. Ngravs

    CPL General

    This is just like the Gold Cup draw, the most western teams play each other and they mix the Ontario teams just to make it look not as obvious. Not bad for Valour though I'll take it!
  6. 3rd tier Cyprus sounds like a pretty big drop off, that has to be amateur. Would be good to start fresh here on a trial or something.
  7. Ngravs

    CPL General

    Kurt Larson said the stream will start after 11 EST
  8. Ngravs

    CPL bilingualism

    I know a lot of people in Winnipeg that would enjoy French written material on Valour FC so I think it would be important to be a league wide thing.
  9. Haven't heard anything in a few days, who are we expecting next?
  10. Nice to see that the first Canadian Championship game is included in the price of founding members!
  11. It would be nice if youngsters like Chaim Roserie were being scouted for the league too. I got in contact with him and he said he would be interested but no one contacted him.
  12. When are these January window transfers going to come rolling in.. I don’t see many rumours anywhere.
  13. He says it himself in his instagram story, he mentions having been in discussions for over 3 months and says he's excited to come to Canada.
  14. Junior Kingue seems like a pretty good signing, on instagram he's interacting with fans and seems like a good guy. Hope to see him perform well and show that that CPL can develop talent.
  15. I just downloaded FM 19 is there an online league that uses Canadian leagues?
  16. Wasn’t too sure where to put this one but young talent in Winnipeg.. much too early obviously (11 years old) but interesting that he’s been to Barcelona.
  17. I used to think the more the better but it would feel so weird to me that Piatti could represent Canada. That being said I'm completely fine with Arfield representing and he'd never been to Canada haha
  18. As we talked about this game is expected to be much tighter. Odds are making us 2 goal favourites compared to 5 and 6 goal favourites in the past two games. My initial feeling is lots of goals because our d-core blows and our offense is great but is that realistic considering our performances in these types of conditions?
  19. Love seeing #CANMNT in the the Freepress at work in the morning! Nice to see they’re getting attention.
  20. For the prairies aspect I love take me home country roads. Could be like a half time song played in the stadium or something but I get chill just thinking about the crowd singing “Valour Road take me home to the place where I belong”
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