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  1. Need another for sure. Can’t let the Concacaf occur with only a one goal advantage.
  2. Guess he showed something in training. The other guy over the ball was Tabla. Young guns are coming on
  3. Christ we created nothing out of the goalie throwing it to us just out of his 18!
  4. Trailing elbow hit Korean in the head. Just scored again. Nice strike in the 75 th by Kazangian to put us up 2-0
  5. Canada leading Korea 1-0 on a goal by Huitema in the 59th. Game was fairly even in the first half but Canada has started to assert their dominance. But Huitema has just received a very harsh red card on a 50 50 ball. Can you be Concacafed in a World Cup game?
  6. Columbia down to 10 for a second yellow. Almost gave another one up. Our goalie with a big stop.
  7. Terrible give away by Antoine and she takes down Colombian striker. Goalie with the save!
  8. Canada scoreless in the 50th minute vs Colombia. Just hit the crossbar. 65% possession but no shots on goal. Sounds familiar.
  9. In the last 10 games he has played 52 minutes. He has been an unused sub in 8 of those games. Those are the most recent facts and they are not good.
  10. If he is not playing and it is his attitude that is causing the issue that would be horrendous. I am hoping the team is just bringing him along slowly and that if they don't loan him out its because they do have plans for him going forward. If he doesn't get playing time training alone doesn't do it for me and he is behind Cav right now without a doubt. Going to Besiktas is a great move if you play significant minutes (some starts, off the bench most games,..)and build from there. Hopefully they will begin using him or he will get a chance elsewhere.
  11. This game is super important to Canada and I can't see the team taking this lightly. For that reason alone I am confident we will get a result. The other thing is in WC qualifying when you play a two game set, having a scoreless draw on the road isn't the end of the world as you get a chance to beat the team at home in the other leg. No second leg here - we can't really play for a draw or it puts our chances of a top 6 finish in jeopardy. In a few years we should be scoffing at the thought of this team even competing with us, but right now based on recent results there should be none of that and for those reasons I expect the team will be prepared, play well and win the game, score not being overly important.
  12. Larin needs a loan to a lower league or a team in Turkey that doesn’t have the pressure that Besiktas has. The debate between Larin and Cav really isn’t a debate right now because of Cyle’s recent form and pt. I will be very happy when Larin is playing well and pushing Cav for the striker spot when we only play one up top. But right now Larin is the back up
  13. Canada up 2-0 against Martinique in the 16th. Bayiha scored the second. His pace is that of Davies, if his skill catches up he may be dangerous in the future.
  14. got one back on a free kick just outside the 18. Boys are starting to play like they give a sh@# and like they understand how embarrassing this would be losing to SKN. Pretty sure an equalizer is coming.
  15. Sure but what do France Argentina and Brazil know about producing top football players?😉
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