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  1. The success of Hargreaves had nothing to do with the success of Stalteri, DeGuzman and Nsaliwa, the only current Bundesliga players, nor will it have anything to do with the possible signing of Imhof. Hargreave's success might have had some influence on the recent signings of youth players but no more than the above named players and McKenna (who netted Energie Cottbus about $750 000 in transfer fee which was a good return on investment). In fact, most Germans think Hargreave's is English. Mention Canadian soccer players to any German and they will say Stalteri and DeGuzman, both of whom are every bit as prominent and successful players despite playing for less storied clubs. German clubs have been signing Canadians for quite a while and long before Hargreaves, Bent for example. As I have said before, this is because Germany is the poor sister of the big four leagues and thus works harder finding cheap sources of talent. Eventually a few of these signings paid off and obviously the more Canadian players who are successful the more German clubs will look at other young Canadians. As much as you deny it, Ed, Stalteri and DeGuzman have done far more for Canadian soccer by being successful players and representing their country than Hargreaves has by being a successful player and turning his back on his country.
  2. Some confirmation of Moenchengladbach interest as well. Interview with Imhof after 2-2 draw with Zurich in Tagblatt: «Wir haben uns in der Pause gesagt, dass wir auf die Reaktion der Zürcher vorbereitet sein müssen. Doch wir waren es dann noch nicht. Am Ende müssen wir mit dem 2:2 zufrieden sein», sagte Daniel Imhof, an dem der deutsche Bundesligaverein Borussia Mönchengladbach Interesse bekundet. And some talk on a German forum regarding the rumours with Cologne. Don't have time to translate but posters (who must be from Switzerland) state he is not a standout but a solid, physical defensive player who can be effective behind a more technically gifted middlefielder and that he has developed well. Some doubt as to whether he can play in the 1st Bundesliga but seem to think he should be at least good enough for the 2nd Bundesliga and may possibly be a surprise. Zoke (77 Beiträge) Tue 13.04.2004 - 10:39 "Daniel Imhof" Sorry, ich war bis jetzt noch nicht hier und weiss nicht, ob das hier das richtige Forum ist, aber ich hätte gerne einige Informationen zu Daniel Imhof, da er wohl das Interesse des 1. FC Köln geweckt haben soll. Das, was bei tm.de steht ist mir etwas zu wenig und ich hoffe nun auf Berichte von Leuten, die etwas näher dran sind. vielen Dank schonmal im Vorraus. Stefan Alarm Druckbare Anzeige | Antworten | Mit Zitat antworten | Nach oben Antworten zu diesem Thema Kampfsau (1271 Beiträge) Wed 14.04.2004 - 07:20 "RE: Daniel Imhof" Naja, ich weiss nicht so recht. Ist ein unauffälliger Spieler, hat sich gut entwickelt. Spielt defensives Mittelfeld und ist eine Arbeitsbiene! Bei ihm finde ich es unsicher, ob er den Sprung schaffen kann. Für die 2. Buli könnte es auf jeden Fall reichen. ********************************************** ...sieh dir Gattuso an, dann weisst du, wie man kämpft... ********************************************** Alarm Druckbare Anzeige | Antworten | Mit Zitat antworten | Nach oben mega eggi (128 Beiträge) Wed 14.04.2004 - 07:27 "RE: Daniel Imhof" imhof nach köln? na ja ich weiss nicht. ok, koller hatte in der vergangenheit meist recht, wenn er einen spieler nachholte oder nachholen wollte. zuerst mit jairo und amoah von wil zum fcsg, die beiden schlugen ein wie bomben, und der fcsg wurde schweizermeister. danach wollte er stil zu gc holen, was scheiterte, weil gc ihn nicht wollte, stil ist immerhin natigoali und in der bundelige mehr oder weniger unumstritten (seit neustem auch wieder ganz gut). koller weiss auf alle fälle, was die leute können. imhof ist nicht mehr ganz jung, und somit sicher nicht allzuteuer. imhof hat seine vozüge in der funktion als scheibenwischer hinter einem kreativen mittelfeldspieler. er ist ein eifriger renner und kein grosser techniker, mehr ein biederer handwerker aber eigentlich solid. für meinen teil zweifle ich daran, ob imhof wirklich der richtige für den fc ist. aber man kann sich überraschen lassen, ob er den durchbruch schaffen kann... für ein top team reichts nicht, aber für die 2. liga...? warum nicht? Alarm Druckbare Anzeige | Antworten | Mit Zitat antworten | Nach oben Kampfsau (1271 Beiträge) Wed 14.04.2004 - 09:42 "RE: Daniel Imhof" >imhof ist nicht mehr ganz jung, ?!?!?!?!?! Imhof ist erst 26! ********************************************** ...sieh dir Gattuso an, dann weisst du, wie man kämpft... **********************************************
  3. Some confirmation of this from Kicker as far as Cologne is concerned. The articles on Monchengladbach only stated that they were interested in Imhoff's colleague Barnetta. Even a switch to the 2nd Bundesliga would be a big improvement in playing level over Switzerland and improve his visibility to other clubs. Cologne is also the German yo-yo team. They spend 1 year in the 2nd, promote, spend 1 year in the 1st demote so he would still have good chances for playing in the 1st Bundesliga in the near future with them. Natürlich soll der Kader auch verstärkt werden. Neben Tranquillo Barnetta und Daniel Imhof (beide St. Gallen, kicker berichtete exklusiv) ist Mathieu Delpierre (22) vom OSC Lille ein Kandidat.
  4. Soccer legend Maradona hospitalized WebPosted Mon, 19 Apr 2004 11:30:06 EDT CBC SPORTS ONLINE - One of the most enduring sports icons in the world, retired soccer star Diego Maradona is in an intensive care unit in his native Argentina and is breathing with the help of a respirator. Maradona, who led Argentina to the 1986 World Cup title in Mexico, was hospitalized on Sunday in Buenos Aires due to heart and blood pressure problems after watching his former team Boca Juniors play. Soccer legend Digeo Maradona is in critical condition in an intensive care unit in his native Argentina. (CP Photo) It's the second time in recent years the 43-year-old has been hospitalized. The private clinic said Maradona appeared to be suffering from the heart-related condition known as cardiomyopathy, a serious disease in which the heart muscle becomes inflamed and doesn't function properly. He had additional blood pressure problems and was being assisted with a breathing tube. Maradona's personal physician Dr. Alfredo Cahe described Maradona's condition as "critical" but revealed that early tests showed his status improved overnight. Cahe also stated that Maradona's hospitalization was not drug-related. The Argentine star has been undergoing drug rehabilitation for cocaine abuse in Cuba. News of Maradona's condition dominated front-page headlines on Monday in soccer-mad Argentina where he is considered a God. "Maradona hospitalized: severe cardiac crisis," read the front of the prominent daily La Nacion, while the Diario Popular proclaimed, "Diego fights for his life!" One of the greatest players ever to play the game, Maradona was twice voted South American Player Of The Year (1979 and 1980) and made his international debut for Argentina at the tender age of 16. After staring as a teen sensation with Argentinos Juniors in his native country and a short injury-plagued stint with Barcelona in Spain's La Liga, Maradona joined Italian team Napoli in 1984. It was while playing in Italy that the legend of Maradona began to take shape. Maradona almost single-handedly transformed Napoli into a soccer power. In 259 matches between 1984 and 1991, he scored 115 goals in Serie A, a league known for strong defensive play, and led Napoli to a pair of division titles and the 1989 UEFA Cup. Maradona's greatest triumph, however, came at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. In seven games, Maradona scored five goals to lead Argentina to the championship over West Germany, but the moment that defined his career was his two-goal performance against England in the quarter-final. Maradona snapped a scoreless tie by punching the ball into the English net, a goal he later claimed was guided by God's hand, leading the goal to forever being remembered as "The Hand of God". Amid vehement protest, the disputed goal stood and England reeled. Maradona took full advantage three minutes later, bursting into English territory and slaloming his way around defenders before beating goalkeeper Peter Shilton for a dazzling goal and a 2-0 advantage. Some observers argued it was the most spectacular goal ever scored. As the 1980s came to an end and the 1990s opened, Maradona's career began to flounder. Battling a weight problem and drug abuse, Maradona's game began to suffer. He left Napoli, floating between teams in Spain and Argentina, usually staying a year or less at each club. In 1994, he was tossed off Argentina's World Cup side after he tested positive for the banned substance ephedrine. Not only was the positive drug test a huge embarrassment for him, it also ended his career on the national team. In 1995, he returned to Argentina's domestic league, where he played sporadically for two years – scoring only seven goals in 31 games – scoring only seven goals in 31 games
  5. Ed do you understand the english language???? To be quite honest, although we have had some agreements and disagreements on this board, such a comment from you really pisses me off and is deserving of an apology. Show me one quote where I defend the Khadrs. Hargreaves is not a Canadian in my definition of the term but I never stated anywhere that his citizenship should be revoked nor that my definition of what a Canadian is that which should be drafted into law. I would personally love if his citizenship were revoked but that is why we have laws, so that certain people can not have their rights removed because other people dislike them, their views or their actions. The Khadrs are even less so Canadians than Hargreaves in my definition of the term as is the leader of the Hell's Angels. But in each of those two cases I think the proper remedy is to prosecute them for proveable crimes that they have committed not to break the rule of law because of dislike of them, their views or their actions. The act of removing citizenship of Canadians who hold reprehensible views is far more dangerous than the presence of the Khadrs in this country especially when other legal options exist. My values which you disparage are that Canadian law should be defended not broken for the sake of crude political popularism. I am in full support of prosecuting the Khadrs for participating in terrorist activities but that was not the aim of this petition. By the way my definition of a Canadian is that a Canadian plays or fights for Canada not another country. Although there is certainly a difference in extremes and Hargreave's actions are non-violent and involving a Canadian ally, both the Khadrs and Hargreaves have decided to represent and fight for another cause and country than the Canadian cause.
  6. If you know then what is the point of making the above post????? Canadian citizens can not be deported to other countries. Only foreign citizens can be deported. The only grounds for sending a Canadian citizen to another country is criminal extradition.
  7. Williamson set for Plymouth Williamson questioned Hibs' desire to keep him Hibernian boss Bobby Williamson is expected to be appointed Plymouth manager on Monday. Williamson refused to comment on renewed media speculation this morning, but BBC Sport believes that the two clubs are discussing compensation. However, Argyle chairman Paul Stapleton insisted: "Nothing is decided and the board will meet again today. We had a phone call today from a new candidate. "Someone could be too dear for us, or his family might not want to come." Stapleton thought it would be disrespectful, if they had chosen Williamson, to make an announcement before the Scottish Premier League club's meeting with Dundee. The sacking by Walsall of Colin Lee after he had attended an interview with the English Second Division leaders appears now to have been an unfortunate diversion. I'm sure the fans will be disappointed, but I was put in a position where I was asked to speak to Plymouth and I spoke to them Bobby Williamson "I feel sorry for Colin Lee," said Stapleton. "He is a good guy and has been treated shabbily by Walsall." Williamson remains favourite and Inverness Caledonian Thistle's John Robertson, Clyde's Alan Kernaghan, Motherwell's Terry Butcher and Livingston's Davie Hay are already being tipped as candidates as his replacement. Indications suggested that Williamson had been at the top of Plymouth's shortlist, having been recommended by Paul Sturrock following the former Dundee United boss's move to Southampton in March. Williamson had insisted all week that he did not want to leave Easter Road but stressed: "It may be an indication that Hibs are prepared to let me go that they let me speak to them." Hibs interest Robertson However, he pointed out that Hibs' decision earlier in the season to reduce his wages and tear up his five-year contract was a factor in his thinking. "You could say that talking to them means I am interested, but you can look at it the other way, the club allowed me to go and speak to them," he said. "But that's football and the next move is up to Plymouth and Hibs." Williamson has had an uneasy relationship with the Hibs fans, some being unforgiving of him coming from the west coast of Scotland and being a former Rangers player.
  8. Dunfield was subbed out in the 63 minute of Bury's 2-1 loss to Yeovil. McKenna seems to have a great game for Hearts today according to this article. Here is the link to the article because it contains two pictures of Kevin: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/scot_prem/3630505.stm Hearts 1-1 Livingston Kevin McKenna takes the plaudits after opening the scoring A late goal from Colin McMenamin earned a point for Livingston at Tynecastle after Hearts had passed up several opportunities to win the game. The home side were well on top for much of the match but had only a Kevin McKenna goal to show for their efforts. McKenna struck in the 18th minute, pouncing on the ball inside the six-yard box to prod home. But a Steven Pressley mistake let in McMenamin, whose cool finish made Hearts pay for their profligacy. Hearts looked the more dangerous team from the outset. Their first real chance came on nine minutes when Christophe Berra bulleted a header just over the crossbar from a Steven Boyack corner. Alan Maybury was then allowed space to unleash a shot from the edge of the box that flew inches wide. The breakthrough finally came on 18 minutes, when McKenna stabbed the ball home from inside the six-yard box after a Boyack corner took a slight touch off Berra. McKenna gives Hearts the lead over Livingston McKenna could have added to his tally twice before the break. First he was denied by Livingston keeper Roddy McKenzie. Then Marvin Andrews cleared another effort off the line. McKenna also had the first real chance of the second half. He collected the ball just inside the 18-yard box only to see his shot fly wide after taking a deflection. Berra also went close, heading just over from Boyack's cross. Livingston stunned the home side by drawing level on 73 minutes, McKenzie's long clearance finding McMenamin, who shrugged off Pressley to fire home. The visitors almost snatched victory when Lee Makel released David Fernandez. But his superb run ended with Craig Gordon saving his shot. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hearts: Gordon, Webster, Pressley, Berra, Neilson, Kisnorbo, MacFarlane, Maybury, Kirk, McKenna, Boyack. Subs: Moilanen, Severin, Wyness, Weir, Hamill. Livingston: McKenzie, McNamee, Andrews, Dorado, McAllister, McGovern, Makel, Lovell, McLaughlin, Fernandez, McMenamin. Subs: Creer, Snowdon, Brittain, Arthur, Walker.
  9. The suggestion that the Khadrs be extradited to Pakistan is not very likely. First the Pakistani government would have to want to prosecute them which is unlikely as they probably have far more important people to deal with. Second, Canada does not have an extradition treaty with Pakistan and probably not much case history in extradition to this country. With Pakistan's poor human rights record it would probably be very difficult to get such an extradition through the courts. Thus, whatever crimes the Khadrs may or may not have committed would be far more likely to be prosecuted in Canada than in Pakistan.
  10. Hume subbed on at 83rd minute as Tranmere routed Bournemouth 5-1. The late substitution adds to the speculation that an unannounced transfer for Hume has been negotiated.
  11. Should be mentioned that Bayern Munich lost 2-0 to Dortmund today. Despite this match featuring no Canadians (at least in my opinion) the Bayern loss has a huge effect on Stalteri's ambition to become the first Canadian national team player to win the German championship. If Bremen beats Hannover tomorrow in the Canadian players derby they would be 10 points ahead of Bayern with only 5 games left and thus be close to clinching the title.
  12. There is a very big constitutional question about stripping people of citizenship. This has been done in the past usually only if people have lied to get citizenship. To strip people of citizenship because we don't agree with their views is very dangerous. If someone like George Bush, say Stephan Harper, ever got elected as prime minister and this precendent was set I might start to fear myself not being born in Canada but having lived here mostly since the age of two. As Canadians there are still many possibilities if they are breaking the law. She could lose custody of her child who has probably been brainwashed and could be charged for participating in terrorist activities. I have seen the interview and it pisses me off as much as any of you. I just think there are better and less dangerous remedies than stripping them of their citizenship.
  13. Here's the article: Sandro Grande s’amène avec l’Impact François-Etienne Corbin Samedi 10 avril 2004 - (RDS) - Le onze montréalais disputait un deuxième match préparatoire alors qu’il affrontait les Carabins de l’université de Montréal. L’Impact l’a emporté 3 à 1, sauf que ce n’est pas le résultat du match qui a retenu l’attention mais plutôt la présence sur le terrain du Québécois d’origine italienne Sandro Grande. Le milieu de terrain défensif jouait en Italie depuis 1997. C’est là-bas qu’il a pu se faire remarquer par la formation de Brescia, qui compte notamment sur l’attaquant Roberto Baggio. Brescia a payé gros en 2001 pour mettre la main sur Sandro Grande. On parle d’un transfert d’un million de dollars. C’est beaucoup d’argent. Visiblement, l’équipe de première division italienne croyait au talent du Québécois. Grande a ensuite signé un contrat de trois ans avec Brescia, qui l’a prêté à une formation de niveau inférieur afin de parfaire son développement. Malheureusement pour lui, les choses ont mal tourné. D’abord, Brescia n’a pas été en mesure d’assumer le montant relié à son transfert. Un seul des cinq paiements de 200 000 dollars que l’équipe devait verser a été effectué. La fédération italienne a donc annulé le transfert et Grande s’est retrouvé libre comme l’air. A lire aussi Match préparatoire : l'Impact bat l'UQAM 6-0 Le Québécois a joué en quatrième division en Italie jusqu’en mars dernier, un niveau qui est considéré comme semi-professionnel. Bref, c’était insuffisant pour le faire avancer. «Les dépisteurs se déplacent rarement pour voir la quatrième division. En plus, j’avais le mal du pays. J’ai beaucoup appris, tant au niveau du soccer que sur le plan personnel là-bas, mais je m’ennuyais de ma famille», affirmait Grande dans un français qu’il n’a pas perdu, contrairement à ses dires. Le Québécois a également reçu des offres pour aller jouer en Angleterre, mais il a préféré l’Impact. Grande s’entraînait d’ailleurs avec l’équipe montréalaise à chaque année lorsqu’il revenait d’Italie, question de garder la forme. Il connaît donc bien la majorité des joueurs avec qui il passera la prochaine saison. Quelques détails restent cependant à régler. «Ce n’est qu’une question de papiers», ajoutait l’entraîneur Nick DeSantis. Grande a très bien fait sur le terrain lors de cette première présence «officielle» avec l’équipe. C’est lui qui a marqué le premier but du match dès la 15e minute à l’aide d’un coup de pied sec, joli. Il a montré beaucoup de contrôle et une bonne technique, sa présence ajoutera énormément de profondeur en milieu de terrain. La fin du camp pour quelques joueurs La deuxième mi-temps du match contre les Carabins a sans doute été la dernière pour quelques joueurs invités. Nick DeSantis voulait leur donner la chance de se faire valoir, mais ils ne l’ont pas saisi. «Il y en a qui jouaient leur poste et ils ont été déclassés par des universitaires. L’équipe sera complétée aujourd’hui». DeSantis n’a toutefois pas voulu annoncer immédiatement les retranchements qu’il s’apprêtait à effectuer. Les Marocains d’origine Mohammed Ridouani et Aziz Sirbane figurent parmi ceux qui devraient écoper. Kyt Selaidopoulos, qui a notamment joué avec les Dynamites de Montréal de la CPSL, n’a pas non plus connu un fort match. Reste à voir qu’elles seront les décisions de l’entraîneur… **** L’attaquant Fred Commodore n’était pas de la rencontre. Il avait reçu l’autorisation d’aller chercher ses biens pour les déménager à Montréal. C’est donc dire que l’ancien des Raging Rhinos sera le troisième attaquant de l’équipe, à titre de réserviste derrière Eduardo Sebrango et Nikola Budalic. **** Le milieu de terrain Chris Williams n’a toujours pas rejoint l’Impact au camp d’entraînement. Il y a de la maladie dans sa famille et Williams préfère rester avec les siens à Toronto. On ne sait toujours pas s’il jouera à Montréal cette saison. Williams, qui peut également occuper le poste de défenseur, avait bien fait l’an dernier à sa première saison professionnelle. **** Un nouveau visage est apparu sur le terrain en deuxième mi-temps face aux Carabins. Darren Baxter évoluait en milieu de terrain. Le joueur natif d’Angleterre devait obtenir un essai avec les Metrostars de la MLS, mais la tentative a échoué alors qu’il s’est présenté en-dehors de la période autorisée pour les transferts dans le circuit. Baxter a alors contacté l’Impact pour tenter sa chance à Montréal, mais l’essai n’a pas été concluant. « Pour qu’un gars prenne une place de joueur étranger sur le terrain, il faut qu’il change l’allure du match. Ça n’a pas été le cas », affirmait DeSantis alors qu’il s’apprêtait à procéder aux dernières coupures.
  14. Brescia made a deal to pay one million (Lira I might believe but not dollars) for him but then didn't make the payments, the transfer was cancelled and he had to play in the fourth division where no one scouted him? Did I ever tell you guys about the time Bayern Munich scouted me but we couldn't agree to terms? Or the time the Maple Leafs wanted to sign me but I refused since I am a Sens fan and am also not 40 years old like most of their players? :-) Was Grande the guy who stated he didn't want to play for Canada because he would prefer to play for Italy?
  15. Hume may indeed not be starting because of a non-announced transfer but not for the reason given. The first reason not to play him is to minimize the risk of injury for someone who is transferring for a large sum of money. The second reason is for the manager to see how good the players has for next year are and to give some additional playing experience to his possible replacement in the lineup. I knew a guy who was a striker for Alemania Aachen. For most of the year he started and was usually subbed out at the 70th minute. After he told the club he was not going to renew his contract, the guy who usually subbed in for him was given a chance to start and my friend subbed in at 70. The other guy played well and was able to equal my friend's goal production. As Aachen was playing for promotion, had his replacement not scored my friend would have regained his starting position but since the guy was playing well and would be with the team next year it made sense to keep playing him. As Tranmere are mid-table and unlikely to be either promotion or relegation candidates, it would make sense for their manager to play someone other than Hume if a transfer agreement has been reached. If this situation is true, if Tranmere were to be leading 3-0 after 45 minutes Hume would probably not play at all. This theory would certainly explain why he is now a sub despite being one of their strongest players this year.
  16. If anyone wants to check out the team Atiba could have joined they will be playing tomorrow on a web broadcast at 8:00 am ET. Go to http://www.geocities.com/rusatg/live.htm and click on PTP - PLAHETA on the speed that works on your modem (128 works best for me). Saturn is currently in 8th and Locomotive in 9th although it is quite early in the season and the points are still pretty close.
  17. No one is saying that Adu is not a kid. He does not look or talk like a 20 year old either. The situation has to make anyone suspicious though: he looks, talks and acts like someone about 16-17 years old, has completed high school, plays at a level which for a 16 year old would be very talented but for a 14 year old is astounding, has no solid proof of his age, the claim that he is 14 makes him millions of dollars more than if he were 16, every entity that has some responsibility to investigate his age is marketing the hell of him and stand to make millions doing so in addition to having competitive advantages in sporting competitions. As far as sweat shops are concerned, I don't think there is anything wrong with companies going in to 3rd World countries and paying workers a wage which is in keeping with local pay scales as this is certainly of benefit to the country and the workers. However, these companies still have to be held to a standard for treatment of workers even if this is not enforced in the country's law. A typical salary in Russia is $150 a month which sounds low by our standards but can buy far more in Russia than in Canada. I don't have any problem with a Canadian company opening a factory in Russia and paying this salary if the workers are treated well and working in safe and sanitary conditions. However, many companies use the situation to exploit their workers and it is such companies whose products I would not want to purchase. I think it is counterproductive to refuse to buy products from 3rd world countries because that hurts their economies and workers even more. Thus, it is up to the consumer to inform himself of which companies are operating in poor countries in an honourable way and which ones are not and to make purchase decisions accordingly although obviously one can not do this for every purchase.
  18. Thanks for the compliments Ivan and beachesl. Beachesl, although we may be getting a bit off topic here, I and I think many other posters would be interested in how club soccer is organized in Camaroon. They certainly produce many fine players who are playing in foreign leagues but we never here anything about their domestic league or how players are trained there. Maybe we can learn something about improving the soccer situation in Canada by seeing how other countries deal with their specific difficulties.
  19. In response to Ivan's question about the Russian season, it lasts from mid-March to the first week of November. The climate is very similar to Canada so the conditions would be similar. A late or early storm may cause the odd game to be cancelled but generally the field conditions are fine with proper care. Having watched several webcasts of early season games the fields seem to be fine. I have not personally attended games at this time of the season but I imagine it would be fairly cold for the spectators but no worse than some of the late season CFL games I have attended in Canada or some February soccer games in Germany. This might cause more of a problem in Canada though because we lack large numbers of hardcore soccer club supporters (unlike CFL for example). There are other interesting points of comparison between the situation in both countries. By my own unscientific analysis, hockey is the most popular sport in Russia, at least in the northern European part of the country. I would say an excess of 90 per cent of Yaroslavl's residents are Locomotive fans (their hockey club) as opposed to about 50-60 per cent being Shinnik fans despite the fact most people can afford to attend Shinnik games but not Locomotive. Nevertheless, soccer is definitely the second most popular sport in Russia and we would certainly be pleased if 50 per cent of the residents of any Canadian city were fans of their local soccer club. Russia even with the loss of the other Soviet Union states is still about 1.7 times the size of Canada which raises the travel cost issue. However, they have many large cities in each region of the country unlike the southern belt concentration of Canada. Despite this, all of the current 1st division teams play in an area about the size of Ontario and Quebec: six are in Moscow, 3 more are within 400-500 km of Moscow and no team is past the Ural mountains which separate Europe and Asia (the top hockey league is by contrast much more spread out, less Moscow dominated and with eastern teams). They also don't have the Canadian geographic situation in which the majority of their major cities are nearer to foreign cities than those in its own country. Russia also has a population 5 times that of Canada. Some people might question why a country that is poorer than Canada can have a good, professional league while the best we can manage is 5 A-league teams. However, there are companies in Russia with large amounts of money that they would rather spend sponsoring a soccer team than giving their workers decent wages. It seems that a company president receives far more prestige (in most of the world, not just in Russia) by sponsoring a successful soccer club than lifting several thousand people out of poverty. Another factor is that Russia has more than 20 soccer stadiums that seat more than 20 000 people and another 20-30 stadiums that seat between 10 000 and 20 000 people, a situation that we can only dream of here. Some of the stadiums are modern, state of the art stadiums while others are older and derelect but even the derelect ones are superior to most of the soccer stadiums in Canada. The national soccer team is also much more importance to the citizens and receives a great deal of coverage. We can claim solidarity with the Russians in one unseemly fact, we both have millionaires (Abramovich and Stronach) who would prefer to invest the money they earned in each country in a foreign soccer team. Nor does this unpatriotic attitude discourage either from interfering in the politics of the country from which their wealth came. I agree with the posts above that having MLS teams is currently the best solution for us establishing top level pro teams in Canada. As much as I would prefer a Canadian league similar to the CFL, I don't think the level of play that such a league would establish in the near to mid future would be of much benefit. I also think many European countries should unite their leagues. I am against a super league with ManU Real Bayern, etc. but also don't see the point of the large number of leagues with 2-3 good teams and many poor teams. The Scandanavian leagues should combine for example.
  20. First, a million dollars is small change for Nike. Second, due to the lack of reliable records in Ghana the chances of Adu being discovered as older are slim to none, a fact known both to him, the MLS, USSF and sponsors. Third, I know an awful lot of americans who have similar opinions about the reasons behind the Iraq war so I guess you have a large number of american anti-americans by your definition of what an american is. As far as the sweat shops are concerned, I don't have a problem with companies paying a fair local wage to workers and treating them well and with respect. Many companies, however, including Nike have used their workers poverty and dependence on their job to exploit them and make them work under poor, unsanitary and dangerous conditions.
  21. You're saying we should believe he is telling the truth because Nike is sponsoring him. A company that manufactures shoes in third world sweat shops. Great logic. Should we also believe in the weapons of mass destruction because the Iraq war is being sponsored by US oil companies?
  22. The first game is being broadcast now until 5:40 ET while the second (go Shinnik) is scheduled from 9:15 pm to 11:00. Go to http://www.geocities.com/rusatg/live.htm and click on the first link: PTP-Planeta. I can't get the highest speed link to work but the 128 link works and the picture is decent for a web broadcast.
  23. Why is it worse for Chelsea to take money from a corrupt rich Russian than for the Yankees to take money from a corrupt rich American? Remember Billy Martin's great comment that got him fired by George once again: "One's a born liar (Reggie Jackson) and the other's convicted (George Steinbrenner)."
  24. I guess the US sports authorities and media will investigate Adu's age with the same thoroughness with which they investigated all the American Olympic athletes whose positive tests for steroids were covered up by the same authorities who were responsible for testing them. The US has been historically among the great cheating nations of sports, up there with the Soviet Union, East Germany and China. Plus they have had the technology, media control and power in international sports bodies to be the most effective in covering up their cheating. Look at how many American athletes who still retain their Olympic medals despite having been tested positive for steroids by their own federation yet we hear very little about this from the media especially the US media. If the same situation happened with athletes from another country this would be a major story in the US media and the athletes would have lost their medals long ago. There are very big motivating factors for Adu to lie ($500 000 of them in fact) and the US federation to do little to investigate. The US soccer federation can play him on all their youth teams against players who really are the age they say they are while getting millions of dollars of publicity for their sport. When he is playing against us on the US Olympic team at the age of 25 we may not think so lightly about this. Adu was already making the highest salary in MLS before playing one game so plenty of motivation on his part. He is financially set for life even if he fails to achieve success as a player. Then when it is considered that the lack of record keeping in Ghana makes it unlikely that his age can be proved either way even if a thorough investigation is done, he has every reason in the world to claim he is younger than he is. To me, a player in this situation who looks no younger than 16, is abnormally skilled for a 14 year old, speaks like someone older than 14 and has already finished high school (I guess he is a genius as well) is very suspicious. Even at 16 or 17 years old he is a great talent although I didn't think he looked like he was ready for the MLS in his first game. But he is not the financial and marketing coup at that age that he is at 14 nor as dominant at the international level. Incidently, I thought this game was played at a very poor level. I saw a few MLS playoff games last year and thought it was about the level of the 2nd Bundesliga but this game looked more like Regionalliga (3rd division) to me.
  25. Maybe your thinking of Geilenkirchen which is near Aachen and the border with Holland. It has a major NATO base with airport and no major soccer team. The city looks like a typical small German city. Incidently, this base like most of the German bases is in danger of closing because George Bush in his quest for world peace has decided to move most of the NATO bases from Germany which didn't support his Iraq war to the eastern borders of the new former east block members of NATO, thus as near as possible to Russia.
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