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  1. This seems like too much information! I wonder even if it is true or it is Herdman just over dramatizing the situation and trying to make himself look good in the process. I don't know about Davies personality but if it was 18 year old Grizzly I would not be happy about reading something like this even if it was true. It is nice to know he cares about playing and was disappointed but "The kid was devastated!" would have been sufficient. Yes we have to wait until we see how the team plays against good competition to judge Herdman's abilities but it seems like every time he opens his mouth alarm bells go off in my head saying, "Amateur level coach".
  2. He is on trial not signed. He could be a good cheap gamble on someone who can still play at this level but I would prefer the club give AJH more chances to show what he can do.
  3. As for concerns about the legitimacy of the injury, everyone seems to be forgetting the opinion of the most important person, Davies himself. If I were Herdman/CSA and Davies told me he could not play because of the injury I would take him at his word and leave it there. He seems to be enthusiastic about playing for Canada and probably wanted to play in Vancouver before the fans of his old team. He doesn't seem to be the type of player or person to just show up when convenient and we haven't seen any sign of him disagreeing with Bayern's assessment. No need at this point to mess up our relationship with either Davies or Bayern unless there is some reasonable evidence that one of them is screwing is. BTW I noticed in the video that he gets up awkwardly after the knee slide. It might have been the way he got up that gave the injury not the slide itself.
  4. It probably also has something to do with him being a defensive midfielder which makes it harder to shine or be noticed. An offensive player lighting up the third division will get some attention. A defensive midfielder stopping the other teams' attacks may just seem to be "a good player on a modest team".
  5. A sign he is moving up the ranks of pro-football when fans of a team that did not even play in the game are discussing one of his plays on a thread in their forum.
  6. Montreal Cafe Frappe as usual, 3900 Blvd St-Laurent https://www.facebook.com/events/835968676751998/
  7. If that was the reason O'Neil certainly did not justify the decision and it was his terrible back pass to the keeper that caused the second goal.
  8. The reffing was terrible and very biased towards Rangers. I saw the tackle watching the game and they showed one replay and I was thinking that could be straight red but now seeing the replay has convinced me that that is a straight red even if he wasn't the last man back.
  9. A bit of a strange decision from the quote below. Orlando's defense especially the CBs were very poor today so in some way that was a good result for him as I expect he will be back in the starting lineup next game: Kamal Miller was dropped from the 18 as the coaching staff would like to manage the rookie’s minutes. https://www.themaneland.com/2019/3/16/18268852/orlando-city-vs-montreal-impact-final-score-3-1-as-early-mistakes-doom-lions
  10. I saw the first game. Hardly noticed him in the first half but he was good in the second half. Will watch him today against Montreal but I hope he has a terrible game and that Miller is not at fault for any of the five goals we will score! :-)
  11. Nice 18 minute plus 5 minutes extra time appearance for Millar. Kept the Rangers defenders honest by posing an offensive threat and drew a yellow on a nice run in which he beat a defender who had no other option but to body check him to stop him. Great experience to play at Ibrox under pressure.
  12. Bayern is bringing along Davies slowly. They are thinking about what is best for him long term not about rolling the dice in a game they are likely going to lose anyway when they are down by two goals. As someone else mentioned, what if he screws up and then gets massacred in the press. Or even alternatively what if he scores and it goes to his head and he doesn't do the work required to establish himself as a steady Bundesliga player. Even just being on the bench for a game like that is an amazing learning experience for Davies. They will bring him along slowly and if at some point they can't give him the playing time he needs in his development they will loan him out.
  13. I find this quote worrying though it depends on the degree it is applied. If players are playing several positions and have recent experience playing them then it is fine but if he is removing players from their best position or playing them in positions they are not playing regularly just because he thinks they are better football players than our best player in that position then it is worrisome. One of our midfielders may indeed be a better overall football player than lets say our best left back but that does not mean he is a better left back. The problem I have is that everytime Herdman speaks he makes me more worried about him. I can't shake the feeling that we have by far our best talent available since I have been following the team but they are being led by a high school coach.
  14. It is possible but the new CB is a 27 year old who has played one season in the Allsvenskan and was previously a 2nd tier player. He seemed to have a breakout year last year becoming a starting CB for the best Swedish club. He may or may not end up being a good player but it is not like they have signed a Bundesliga veteran CB. It looks more like they are taking a chance on a guy who was probably not that expensive and hoping he is a MLS level player. This deal was likely mostly done before they knew Miller would be a possible starter since even most 1st round draft picks do not pan out as well as Miller seems to be. While AIK is Sweden's best team, to put in perspective in Europa League qualifying last year they scraped by Shamrock Rovers in extra time before losing both games to Danish side Nordsjaelland in the second round. That is not to say he is a bad player but if you want to be a starter in MLS you need to be able to compete against players of this calibre. If Orlando was bringing in a DP CB veteran Bundesliga player or something similar then we would be right to worry about him not being able to compete.
  15. As someone who lived in Florida for 3 years I completely agree. Florida is not an attractive place at all once when gets out of the beach resorts and gated communities. Even with the unstable political situation in Turkey and Syria I think Florida is a lot more dangerous place to live than Turkey. I highly doubt he regrets his move. He has probably earned more and developed more as a player even if he has not played as much as he would like. I would say at worst he took a high risk gamble and broke even. He is still young and could still get another chance in the near future and have success at Besiktas. If another striker gets injured he could easily get some starts and if he gets hot could still end up being a success there. And if that doesn't work out he will still at least get a loan or transfer to another club.
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