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  1. Frappe is organized for the games for Montreal both Women's World Cup and Gold Cup.
  2. Maybe a banner at the match.
  3. How about a plaque something along the lines of what we gave to Radzinski for his service to the national team but in Jarrek's case in honour of his service to the Voyageurs.
  4. Very sad to hear about this and condolences to his family. I don't think I ever met him but he has been involved in the Voyageurs a long time and one gets to know the other people on here over the years and consider them as friends even if only online. A big loss for the Voyageurs and an even bigger loss for his family and friends. Here is an old thread about him:
  5. Is this network a Chinese tv network that will be broadcast in Africa? That makes sense as yes China is very active in Africa and becoming a big player in Africa (in a much more non-violent manner than our Western "democracies"). I was thinking it was a tv station for Africans living in China which would make less sense since the number of Africans living there is very small.
  6. I think it would be a good idea to ban nasty individuals who personally attack other posters by writing distorted versions of their views and then in a pretty amazing Godwin Law moment even try to associate their views with Holocaust denial. And for the record until you mentioned it here, any talk of Rwanda was confined to my politics thread in the Off Topic Discussion Forum where those with differing views were also free to express them. And to set the record straight, nowhere did I deny that mass killings took place, I am only stating that many of the killings were of Hutus by the US armed Tutsi RPF and that the massacres (and Hutu forces also killed Tutsis) were part of a successful US-British-Canadian plan to wrest control of Central Africa and its resources in particular those of neighbouring Congo from France. If anyone wants to read further about my views on Rwanda they can read them where they belonged in the Off Topic Thread before matty unfortunately raised them here for rather distasteful reasons. You are also demanding an extremely high level of censorship which would pretty much kill the usefulness of the forum. I don't have time to look through the Will Johnson thread so I may have missed something but I don't recall anyone posting troubling comments justifying Johnson's actions. I think a few people may have said we shouldn't judge until we know the facts or see the evidence which is a valid point of view for someone accused of any crime especially one in which unlike the Larin video, we do not see what happened.
  7. It can be pretty hard organizing a good tifo presentation when there are a lot of random newbie people in a section especially when it has a complicated image like a Maple Leaf. And as cool as good tifos are when they fail they are terrible and can be pretty embarrassing especially with the likelihood that a video will end up on Youtube. If you are going to do it you need to make sure you have enough experienced people helping and in the area where it is going to be done. If you are going to spend a lot of money on it, it might be better to just buy a giant Canadian flag like they pass around at the hockey games during the anthem. Not as cool as a well done tifo but not much chance that people can screw it up and it could be reused for other games.
  8. Moosehead is cheap mass produced beer made with corn which is only used in beer because it is cheaper than barley. When you open a bottle of the stuff and smell it right away you can really smell the corn. It is cringeworthy to think that a foreign bar is serving that as representative of Canadian beer. The only consolation being that if it is a British chain pub most of the British beer served there is probably just as bad. On ratebeer.com after 1218 reviews Moosehead has a rating of 2.24 out of 5 which puts it in the lowest 10% of the thousands of beers rated on the site: http://www.ratebeer.com/beer/moosehead-lager/203/
  9. Why don't you just use a browser with a good add blocking extension? I use the opera browser with adblocking extensions and I don't see any ads at all. I imagine most other regular forums users have similar ad blocking stuff activated.
  10. It has been suggested before. Personally I do not think the national team should be associated with a marketing jingle even if the marketing campaign was pretty clever. As a beer lover I certainly would not want to associate the national team with that piss water that this jingle was marketing.
  11. The site mostly works fine for me but I have experienced the problems others are reporting occassionally. Maybe one day a week it happens for a few hours and then it is fine again for the rest of the week. When it first happened I thought it was my internet that was slow but every other site loaded fine and that has been the case subsequently. Earlier today it was slow for a couple of hours but now it is fine again but that is the first time in several days. I am using a very fast browser, Opera, with two ad blocking features activated so possibly that is why I haven't had the major problems others are having but when it is slow it just is not worth reading the forum. Obviously we will have to look into what is causing this because it can not continue and if it is due to thescore we will have to make sure that they fix the problem.
  12. We need this ASAP as we have a press release to go out in the next day or two. There should be a list from previous press releases but we don't know who has it.
  13. Yes we need to stick to soccer. If other sports want to start supporters groups and affiliate or link to us that is fine and for sure there will be some crossover but the Voyageurs should be Canadian soccer supporters not just Canadian sports supporters. Most of UM are Habs fans and I imagine the same goes with U-Sector/RPB with the Leafs and Southsiders with the Canucks but I don't see why any of these groups would officially become a supporters group of the hockey team or a CFL, baseball or basketball team for that matter. It would be in everyone's interests if a basketball supporters group is created to encourage those with dual sports interests to become involved in both groups but they should definitely remain separate groups.
  14. If I were a betting man, I would place $1000 on drunk!
  15. If we end up having a board I think it is ok to have people from supporters groups on it and likewise it is fine for them to run special projects. I think the main leaders though should not be too strongly associated with any supporters group or team so that they appear neutral and fair.
  16. How do you know this? If it is true they probably bought them from scalpers who knew a bunch of Hondurans would want tickets. The marketing was non-existent in Montreal. I organized the Voyageurs section for the game, live in Montreal and am a season ticket holder for the Impact and didn't hear one mention of the game outside of this forum (and I was even looking for this) so how can you tell me the problem isn't marketing? Your argument that this is not true because tickets were sold is like saying, "We sold out the stadium so why spend money marketing" and ignoring the fact that the majority of spectators were Honduran. We don't need to sell tickets or sell out the stadium. We need to sell tickets to Canadians who will go to the game and for that we need Canadians who like soccer and want to support the national team to know there is a game taking place, ie. marketing.
  17. I haven't had time to respond to this until now and am not sure if the corespondance has taken place or not but here is my take on what needs to be done. The games have to be marketed. This was the biggest failing of the Honduras game in Montreal. Hondurans throughout North America knew about this game while not even Montreal soccer fans or Impact season ticket holders knew about it because the CSA did no marketing. They didn't even announce the game at Impact games because the CSA never thought to put it in the contract and the Impact didn't do it because it wasn't in the contract. When I was in line at halftime of an Impact game to buy tickets I actually convinced some others in line to buy tickets for an Impact game to also buy tickets for this one. How many other Impact fans would have bought tickets to the game had they known about it? I think everyone can remember when we were at the bars in downtown Montreal before the game that all the other people there thought we were there to watch a Canada game on tv because noone knew there was a Canada game in Montreal. The problem wasn't because Montreal fans don't want to watch the national team, the problem was noone in Montreal knew the national team was playing. In Toronto things were better because the supporters groups are much larger and they could spread the word amongst themselves but that won't be the case in Vancouver and Montreal until MLS arrives. Indeed this was the first time that the situation was better in Toronto as the Honduran situation occured many times previously in that city and the arrival of MLS and the resulting large supporters groups and raised media coverage is the main reason for this. Regarding security and home sections I don't think codes and supporter group ticket distributions are the way to go. They are fine for a presale to the hardcore fans but otherwise I think they are too complicated and ineffective (the codes always get out) and not only make it harder for away supporters to buy tickets but also for home supporters. The way to go about things is to establish a very strict policy that in the home supporters groups sections noone wearing opposing colours will be allowed. Initially security may choose to bring those with away colours (who may have unknowingly bought tickets in the wrong section) to another section. As the policy gets more established, those fans wearing opposing colours with a ticket in the wrong section should be denied entry to the stadium. Of course, when buying tickets this must be made clear on the website or by ticket agents. Since the Honduras game and a few similar incidents in CCL, Stade Saputo has instituted this policy successfully. The eventual goal when we have grown Canadian support and ticket demand enough should be that those wearing opposing colours are only allowed in the FIFA mandated guest block and if they show up in colours with the wrong ticket they will be denied entry and the ticket will be confiscated. Yes some away fans may get in to other sections but they won't be wearing their colours if they do so. If they haul out an away flag in the wrong section during the game they will be escorted from the stadium by security. We need to implement this gradually but it should be our goal. With the large Canadian support we are getting in Toronto currently we could probably move towards this a bit quicker there than elsewhere.
  18. This thread has some purpose as an informal poll of what a small group of members opinion on the subject is. As any sort of vote or indication of what the majority want it is completely illegitimate. Not only is the sample too small, probably more than half of the membership doesn't even look at this part of the forum nor know about this thread. Additionally the very nature of the thread will inspire more people in favour of the fees/reorganization than those who are opposed. The only way that we can have a meaningful vote is to set up a criteria of who is eligible to vote and send all of these people an e-mail as well as posting a thread in every forum on the board. Once again I am opposed to the fee though mostly because any fee will neccessitate a restructuring due to the funds involved. At the moment and near future I think our present structure works well and corresponds to our size and the amount of activity in both the group and national teams. It may seem that we are not overly organized but there is a pretty good informal structure and when something needs to be done people usually step up and do it. I see a lot of people in favour of fees/reorganization/incorporation who have never volunteered for projects or gotten really involved with the organization. I am somewhat sceptical that enough of them will do so once a reorganiztion occurs and will never vote for a reorganization until I feel confident that there is a group of competent individuals ready to take over the organization and run it properly. It is easy to vote for fees and reorganization but another matter entirely to become involved in running the group. Do not ignore the fact that when we reorganize in a more official manner that it will become far more complicated and time consuming to run the Voyageurs and this may also cause some of the current people running things to become less involved. To mention a few other issues that have been discussed, I am pretty sceptical we have the numbers to interest Air Canada or other transportation companies to offer travel discounts. Never hurts to try or ask but I don't see us getting big savings especially since as long as someone plans in advance and looks around one can usually find better savings than group rate discounts of full fares. I also think ticket distribution is a non-issue because we should not be distributing tickets as this is a very complicated and financially risky venture. What we should be doing is continuing to develop a strategy with the CSA for getting early access to tickets and ensuring only Canadian fans have this access. As far as what VPjr did, it was cool that he bought so many tickets and made them available to Voyageurs or Canada fans who didn't buy tickets early enough when they should have. However, he was able to do the large ticket sales because he has a lot of connections with youth soccer groups and was willing to take the financial risk. If an individual such as VPjr is willing to take such financial risks that is laudable but I don't think the Voyageurs should be taking large financial risks to buy up tickets for youth soccer groups and members who did not utilize the pre-sale. Sometimes UM does group purchases of tickets to Impact games and believe me it is incredibly complicated and time consuming to distribute 50 to 100 tickets to guys that we see on a regular basis so I can't imagine what it would be like to distribute hundreds to thousands of tickets to people from all parts of the country.
  19. In one of those rare instances of agreement with Rudi, I also voted against a fee structure not because I am too cheap to pay it but because I don't think it is necessary and think it will have a negative influence on membership growth. I am also against plans to make a more formal organization or incorporate. There may be a time for measures like these, possibly when we get as large as Sam's Army but I think it is way to early. At the moment we have an informal organization in which people do things when needed on a volunteer basis. Indeed at times when a lot needed to be done like at WCQ many of these people did an awful lot of work often behind the scenes and without recognition but in the majority of cases did a very good job. We are not a dysfunctional organization by any means and are indeed very flexible. I do not see for what purpose we need to raise large sums of money from membership fees nor what we will achieve by incorporating or making a board of directors other than making a lot more work and bureaucracy. Additionally many of the people calling for more structure and fees have not volunteered their services before when needed. Maybe if these people become members of a Board of Directors they will increase their involvement and do a good job or maybe not but count me as sceptical on that front. Personally I think a more formalized structure is just going to create a lot of extra work without achieving anything more than currently and possibly achieving less. I do not agree with Duane (I know that is no surprise) that our profile in Toronto is down or getting worse. Not sure how he can really compare our profile in Toronto to the past because unlike Rudi, GL or the Keays I don't recall him being a Voyageur for very long (I don't mean that as a criticism but I just don't understand his point of reference). Before TFC we had a small number of Voyageurs in Toronto many of who were also members of what at the time was a U-Sector with a pretty small membership. Since TFC came, U-Sector has increased its membership dramatically and has been joined by the newly formed larger group, RPB, and some smaller supporter groups. Yes many of these guys are club before country but a significant number are open to supporting the national team. I don't see how the situation is getting worse. Five years ago we had maybe 20 or 30 hardcore Voyageurs in Toronto. Now we have 2 or 3 times that number plus thousands of guys in supporters clubs of which at least 50% are open to supporter the national team and attending games. I think for the Haiti WCG game we had somewhere between 100 and 200 guys from Toronto alone come to Montreal while 5 years ago it would have been difficult to get that many Voyageurs together from Toronto for a game in Toronto. Some sort of perceived lack of strength or commitment for us compared to club supporter groups is no justification to change our structure because there is no way to compete with these groups anyway nor should we be trying to. Yes we are less prominent than we were two years ago and the reason for that is that two years ago was WCQ. I have good friends in UM who I see every week and sometimes more often during the season so of course my ties are stronger to UM than they are to a group where the majority of members I haven't met and of those who I have met and become good friends with, I see most of them once a year. That doesn't mean when it is time to do something for the Voyageurs or attend national team games that I won't be fully committed to doing that. If it came to a vote with some standard of membership such as a certain number of posts and something like 6 months membership I would certainly accept the decision either way. Whether I would continue to participate would depend on what the resulting structure and makeup of the Voyageurs would be. I imagine a lot of members would feel similarly and we certainly could lose a number of members over this. I will always support the Canadian national team but whether I support the Voyageurs depends on what the Voyageurs become. Personally I don't think we are in any way broken so why fix it. We are a very small group of people who informally discuss things on the internet and I doubt membership fees or a formal structure is going to change that very much. The idea that we will suddenly become an effective lobby group with the government or CSA and can sell tickets is pie in the sky. For ticket distribution all we need is an effective code during a presale with Ticketmaster. The CSA will listen to us if we get a lot of people out to matches. They already listen to us far more than they have in the past. We need to remain flexible and informal in my opinion, in fact, I would say that is one of our strongpoints. The time for formal structure and membership may come but we are far too small and have too few events to make it worthwhile at this time.
  20. MediaGuy is dead First elation - long live Duane Rollins then disappointment! Just joking!
  21. Funny how in all of these pictures people are posting that everyone looks different than you imagined them.
  22. At one time I do remember him posting on the old board more than once in a long thread about why he wasn't playing for Canada. It may have been after the single post Jeffrey is talking about. It was a long time ago and I am not sure of the timing or details but it was during Holger's reign. He gave a pretty thorough and fair explanation about why he wasn't playing for the team and did state that he really did want to play for Canada again. He made a good impression and did win some sympathy or at least understanding from some of the posters. The second time as you say he was very upset at not getting called by Yallop and withdrew himself from national team consideration. This was actually at a time when I still supported Yallop (yes there was a time when this was the case) and was the first of many disappointing selection decisions by Yallop to come. Aguair really flew off the handle though to be fair certain posters were goading him and flew off the handle themselves. However, it is one thing to post like that as an anonymous poster and another as a known soccer player. In retrospect many of Yallop's selection decisions proved to be suspect but at the time Aguair really lost any sympathy from the posters and seemed to justify Yallop's decision (and it is possible it was justified due to his personality even though many of Yallop's other selection decisions were not justified). I am sure some CSA types if not Yallop himself saw the posts and it must have destroyed any remaining possibility of him getting called had he changed his mind about withdrawing from the selection pool. It is interesting to speculate whether Yallop would have indeed called him had he remained in the player pool. My gut feeling is no even though with the amount of problems Yallop had with players not wanting to play for him he could have definitely used Aguair. Yet, it seemed the big problem with Aguair is that he didn't get along with Yallop's best buddy Watson. I have always maintained that Nsaliwa was never called because he was the main competition for Watson's position. Considering how badly we could have used Nsaliwa and that Yallop called USL players instead I think we can surmise Aguair was probably not going to be called even had he remained in the player pool.
  23. Well to each their own but imagine if you wore a Belize jersey in a bar how many girls you could score when they asked you what team it was. Maybe you could have even said you were a national team player since it was an authentic jersey. It would certainly have been unique. And if it didn't work in Canada maybe it would have worked on the Belizean girls. That sounds about right, I do remember it had something to do with that garbage can they bought as a drum.
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