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  1. Nsaliwa must be over his injury as he has started for Regensburg against Burghausen. They are losing 2-0 at the half. If that holds and depending on the results of their rivals they could find themselves in a relegation spot after this weekend with only two more games to play.
  2. John Kurac reports on other board that a Croatian newspaper says that Hannover is close to signing Jazic. Found some confirmation on a German transfer forum that Hannover is interested in Jazic and his teammate Wallner and has scouted both of them. Previous rumours had him going to Nurnberg. in der heutigen krone(österreichischen zeitung) steht ,dass hannover an wallner und jazic(beide SK Rapid) interessiert ist und auch schon beobachtet hat
  3. Well speaking for myself, I don't think the Leafs are heartless, I actually think they played with a lot of heart and spirit in both rounds, far more than the Senators did. That is the main reason that a less talented team that was frequently dominated for long periods of time still managed to score goals when needed and win the series. If the Sens had played with the same heart that the Leafs did they would have easily beat them whether Belfour stood on his head or not. And I don't think any Senators fans should criticize another team for being shut down by a hot goalie as it has happened to the Sens more than any other team and a few of them were also pretty mediocre goalies. Esche was solid but no moreso than Belfour, he didn't steal the series for the Flyers, the Flyers outperformed the Leafs in every other position except goalie.
  4. Actually JayWay you should read the posts again. The Leafs were mediocre overachievers but it was the Sens who were heartless. And this was all said by myself and others in the previous threads after the first playoff series and the Martin firing.
  5. I think it is well known that I don't like Quinn but he should be given a medal for getting such a mediocre team so far in the playoffs. The Leafs have four or five excellent players like Belfour and Sundin but the rest of the team is pretty mediocre. He had the team playing with great enthusiasm and getting results throughout the season and the playoffs even if it often didn't look pretty. There were times in both series when the Sens and Flyers turned it up a notch and it looked like their opponent was an AHL team. The Sens should have beat this team in a maximum of five games but with the lack of passion they showed they certainly would not have beat the Flyers either. And neither team was beat up after the Sens-Leafs series because it was not very physical. Quinn may share some blame for the loss due to his often questionable moves when he was GM but he is certainly an excellent although very irritating coach. I also thought the level of play in last night's game (and the others in this series) was far below that of the Calgary-Detroit series.
  6. Please no Romanuk. He is an embarassment even doing hockey games I can't imagine what he would be like for soccer. He didn't even take the care to get the team names right at this year's Spengler Cup let alone the players and this is not to mention his lack of insight into the game.
  7. Please no Romanuk. He is an embarassment even doing hockey games I can't imagine what he would be like for soccer. He didn't even take the care to get the team names right at this year's Spengler Cup let alone the players and this is not to mention his lack of insight into the game.
  8. Hutchinson played 90 today and received a yellow card in Helsingborg's 1-1 away tie to last place Elfsborg (first point of the year for Elfsborg). Helsingborg has started the season very poorly and are in 11th place of 14 teams and don't look likely to qualify for European play.
  9. I have certainly heard far worse versions than Burgess but I don't think anyone could claim that he sings the anthems well. I don't like musicals but I would expect that Canada's most famous musical singer would have a pleasant, powerful voice and be able to sing a simple anthem without frequently going off key. This is not the case with Burgess. Compare his versions with the RCMP guy that sings at the Sens games and it is the difference between a professional and an amateur although the professional sounding one makes his living as a policeman and Burgess makes his living as a musician. It is interesting that I know Burgess' name and not the RCMP guy's name although I do remember an article about him in which he talked about his extensive voice training and singing professionally in opera productions. This highlights what bothers me, most professional teams would rather have a famous person who sings poor to mediocre than an unknown person who could do justice to the anthems. Whether the anthem should be sung or not before league games is not the point of debate in my post. My point is that if it is to be sung the object of the endeavor should be to do justice to the anthem not to parade a celebrity before an audience. Teams like the Maple Leafs (Canada's biggest and richest sports team) should be able to do a better job in presenting the anthem. And I am not trying to pick on the Leafs, the Burgess level is probably the average level in performing the anthem by professional sports teams and catches my eye at the moment because they are still in the playoffs unlike the Sens. I also doubt that teams ever audition people before their performance because if they did I doubt Jann Arden would have been let within miles of a microphone before the Flames game that she sung (apparently both the Flames and the CBC were inundated with complaints about her performance). However, it seems that some form of audition would be a very minimum requirement before allowing someone to sing the anthem on national television. If teams are going to present the anthem then they should do it well and give it the respect it deserves.
  10. If leagues are going to require the performance of national anthems before matches shouldn't they also have some requirement that they be performed at an acceptable level. I say this after having just once again listened to Michael Burgess croak through both anthems. Admittedly compared to Jann Arden's version in Calgary last week it was pretty good but this guy is supposed to be the best singer of musicals in Canada? The list of pop stars who have mangled the anthem is long often showing how little singing ability they actually have. Much of the time the anthems sound like Karoake versions and a random audience member could probably be no worse than the actual singer. There is however no lack of suitable singers available to teams although they may not be big names like Arden and Burgess. The guy that sings at the Sens games does an excellent job and although he is an RCMP officer he is also, surprise surprise, a fully trained singer. However, in listening to anthems from many different cities in North America I have heard horrible versions far more frequently than even acceptable versions. The idea behind the anthem should be to have it performed competently not see which team can get the biggest star to mangle it. I would prefer that the anthem not be performed at all than to be performed at the current typical level.
  11. Grizzly

    Beckham News

    I guess I'll bite on this one. I personally couldn't care less if he starts every match for England for the next 10 years and becomes a star player for ManU. For me the only issue is why our media prefers to report on a player who was wanted by our MNT and turned his back on his country than the players who show up time and time again. Where are the articles on Stalteri who is playing for the current best team and probable champion of the Bundesliga and having at least as successful a season as Hargreaves despite playing out of position? The Hargreaves article does belong in a English newspaper or a soccer magazine among discussions of the national team players of Spain, Germany and Italy. It does not belong in a Canadian media that gives almost no MNT coverage and very limited coverage of international soccer. I would rather read an article about Hastings or Fenwick. I hope that we never have to call them to the MNT but I certainly respect them for showing up when they are called. We should be promoting our MNT and its players not the players of other nations regardless of where they used to live.
  12. It is just a friendly so even though it is a bad result there is no reason to fire the coach. Voller is the best German national team coach since Beckenbauer. Hitzfeld might be good a good alternative but other good coaches have failed in this job. No reason to change when you have a successful coach in the job over a meaniningless bad friendly result.
  13. German media reporting that Magath will sign with Bayern for 2005 season and that Hitzfeld has an offer from Real Madrid for the same season. Both are under contract with their present teams for the coming season and neither team wants to let them go earlier. Wonder what the effect of having "lame-duck" trainers in each club will have on the way they play next year, especially in Stuttgart where Magath is transferring within the same league. Stuttgart fans must be loving the statement by Magath that arch-rival Bayern is his favourite club. Hitzfeld will be a good fit for Real in my opinion, not as convinced with Magath although he has had success in Stuttgart. Felix Magath wird 2005 neuer Trainer beim FC Bayern München Trainer Felix Magath vom VfB Stuttgart übernimmt den Trainerposten beim FC Bayern München zur Fußball-Saison 2005/2006. Der 50 Jahre alte Ex-Profi hat noch einen Vertrag beim VfB Stuttgart bis 2005 und für den Teammanager war eine vorzeitige Vertragsverlängerung beim Fußball-Bundesligisten VfB Stuttgart kein Thema. Felix Magath flirtete in der Vergangenheit sehr heftig mit dem FC Bayern München. «Bayern München ist mein Lieblingsverein», sagte der Teammanager des Bundesliga-Rivalen VfB Stuttgart: «Es ist der bestgeführte Verein in Deutschland.» Magath lobte auch besonders das Münchner Führungstrio mit Franz Beckenbauer, Uli Hoeneß und Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. «Da haben drei Leute das Sagen, die früher selbst gegen die Kugel getreten haben. Das ist vielleicht ein Hinweis für andere Vereine.» In München wurde gerade von Rummenigge bestätigt, dass man an Ottmar Hitzfeld bis zum Vertragsende 2005 festhalten will. Ottmar Hitzfeld soll aber bereits ein konkretes Angebot von Real Madrid vorliegen haben.
  14. Well he is certainly no Adu who has already graduated high school at age 14. I predict by age 17 Adu will be a star for Man U and have a doctorate in nuclear physics. Man we Canadians sure have a lot of reasons to be jealous of the Americans with their soccer talent and bringing the gift of freedom to the world.
  15. Whatever criticisms one can make of Ailton I think it would be a dream of his to play for Brazil and he would probably even turn down Qatar's money to do so if he thought it was possible. There seems to be a lot of politics in Brazil's squad selection although with their record one can not argue with success. Certainly Brazilians playing in Spain and Italy are favoured over those playing in Germany and the club one used to play with in Brazil is probably also a factor. The Brazilian coach may also be concerned with Ailton's attitude but then one could probably be concerned with the attitude of most of their players. Based on his play Ailton probably should have been selected for at least some friendlies long ago but has also probably realized that for whatever reason that is not going to happen hence the Qatar scheme.
  16. Ailton making headlines again with his commentary. Good that he is confident in Werder winning the title but Schalke must be having second thoughts about their decision to sign him. In response to comments from Bayern officials that Werder will choke he states, "That is the blabber of the weaker and 2nd placed, who being 6 points behind have no other option than the dirty business of trouble making. We still have a comfortable lead and have everything in our own hands." Even more interesting particularly considering the doubts he expressed last month over his transfer are his comments on Schalke. "Either they qualify directly for the UEFA Cup or not at all. I don't have any desire to play in the UI cup. The UI cup should be eliminated, no footballer likes this cup. My contract with Werder ends on June 30. It is also clear that I need four weeks vacation in Brazil. In addition, because of the German Cup final I am in training longer than the Schalke players. Then we will see what happens after that. (Ailton was known for showing up late for Werder's training camp after a non-approved over-extended vacation in Brazil which may have contributed to Werder not resigning him.)" Ailton: Bayern sind Stänkerer - mit Schalke nicht im UI-Cup Werder Bremens Torjäger Ailton sorgt erneut mit Interviews für Wirbel. In einem bezeichnet der Fußballprofis Aussagen von Bayern-Verantwortlichen als «schmutziges Geschäft der Stänkerei». In einem anderen kündigte der brasilianische Stürmer an, nicht für seinen zukünftigen Club Schalke 04 im UI-Cup spielen zu wollen. «Entweder kommt Schalke direkt in den Uefa-Cup oder gar nicht. Auf den UI-Cup habe ich keine Lust», wird Ailton in der am Mittwoch erscheinenden «Sport Bild» zitiert. «Der UI-Cup gehört abgeschafft. Kein Fußballer mag diesen Wettbewerb.» «Mein Vertrag mit Werder läuft bis zum 30. Juni», sagte Ailton dem Magazin. «Und klar ist auch, dass ich auf jeden Fall vier Wochen Urlaub in Brasilien brauche. Außerdem trainiere ich durch das Pokalfinale sowieso viel länger als die Schalker. Und mal sehen, was dann noch so passiert.» Bei Werder kam der Stürmer mehrfach zu spät aus seinem Heimaturlaub Brasilien zum Trainingsbeginn. Der Brasilianer wehrt sich zudem gegen Bemerkungen von Bayern- Verantwortlichen, wonach den Bremer Spielern angesichts des schrumpfenden Vorsprungs die Nerven versagen könnten. In einem Interview mit der «Welt» (Mittwoch-Ausgabe) sagte er: «Es ist das Gejaule des Schwächeren und Zweitplatzierten, dem mit sechs Punkten Rückstand nichts anderes bleibt als das schmutzige Geschäft der Stänkerei. Wir haben immer noch einen komfortablen Vorsprung, wir halten alles in unseren Händen.»
  17. Interesting points in article are the two year organized hockey in a country requirement for a player to play internationally for this country and the salary figures for the North American minor leagues compared with the European leagues. Former Habs pick go-to guy for France By PIERRE LeBRUN -- Canadian Press PRAGUE -- A former Canadian junior hockey star will line up across from Canada at the world hockey championship Tuesday. Sebastien Bordeleau, a former Montreal Canadiens draft pick and Hull Olympiques scoring sensation a decade ago, is following in his father's footsteps and playing for France. Former NHLer Paulin Bordeleau played seven pro seasons in the French league in the 1980s and qualified to play for their national team. Sebastien Bordeleau spent part of his childhood in the French Alps and was approached by France to play in this year's world championship. Since Bordeleau never played internationally with his native Canada, he's allowed to play for France. It's an ironic twist since Bordeleau was tremendously disappointed not to have been even invited to Canada's world junior camp in December 1994. "I went to the summer evaluation camp but I never got invited to the camp in December," Bordeleau recalled. And that was despite scoring 128 points (52 goals, 76 assists) in 68 games and winning the the Quebec league's offensive player of the year award that season. "I know, what can I say? It wasn't my decision," shrugged Bordeleau, whose Hull junior teammate Jose Theodore backstopped Canada to gold at the next world junior tournament in 1996. But nine years later, that world junior snub allows Bordeleau to lace them up with France. "That's why France approached me. My dad played for France when we lived there," the five-foot-10, 178-pound centre said. It was actually a little more complicated than that. Somewhere in the International Ice Hockey Federation fine print, it says a player wanting to play for his adopted country must prove he played at least two years of organized hockey with that country. The French hockey federation was able to dig up papers that proved Bordeleau played atom and peewee hockey there in the early 1980s. So he said yes when France called. "I said, 'hey, this is the world championships, it's a great experience, I got to go,"' Bordeleau said. Bordeleau, a third-round pick of the Canadiens in 1993, had 98 points in 251 NHL games with Montreal, Nashville, Phoenix and Minnesota from 1996 to 2002, but could never stick with one team. A serious neck injury in 2000 threatened his career but he says he's not at risk today. "I came back 100 per cent from that," said the 29-year-old. "If there was still a little thing wrong I wouldn't be playing. Everything is fine with that." His NHL career stalled during the 2001-02 season when he played only six games with the Coyotes and spent the rest of the season with their AHL affiliate in Springfield. "When I was in Springfield, I think I hit rock bottom," he said. "I was real depressed. And then Phoenix didn't offer me a qualifying offer so I didn't know what to do. And then Bern (Swiss league) gave me a great offer that I couldn't turn down. "I didn't know anything about the hockey there but money-wise it was a great contract." It's believed he earns about $200,000 US a season with his house and car also paid for by the club. The team also helped find his wife Chantal, a doctor, a job at a Lausanne hospital. His only way back to the NHL likely would be to sign a two-way contract with a club, and he's not interested in that at all. "Yeah, that's the thing," he said. "My last year I was making $30,000 in the minors and that was pretty hard. I was paying to play over there. For family reasons, it's better right now that I'm playing in Switzerland. "If I was still single I would probably be still fighting for an NHL job." He had 48 points (22-26) in 41 games and led Bern to the Swiss league championship in 2002-03, playing alongside the likes of former NHLers Christian Dube, Yves Sarault and Sylvain Lefebvre. Bordeleau followed that up with 49 points (18-31) in 37 games this season and appears to be in the Swiss league to stay. But he admits he paid attention when the Predators made the playoffs for the first time in their short history this season. He spent three seasons there and had his best NHL year there with 16 goals and 24 assists in 72 games. "I was really happy for them, really happy for Tomas Vokoun, Scotty Walker and all the guys that were there from the beginning," he said. "It's good for hockey in Nashville." Bordeleau and Los Angeles Kings goalie Cristobal Huet stand out on a French club in way over its head at these championships. They gained promotion to this tournament last year after a four-year absence. "It's hard. Hockey in France isn't very popular," Bordeleau said. "The federation in France is not doing really good so the players can't really develop themselves. We don't have a lot of depth, so it's a struggle. These guys don't play for money, because there is no money to be made in French hockey. "The most you can make in France is about 40,000 euros." How bad is pro hockey in France? "I think a good junior team in Canada would beat some of the teams in France. It's pretty bad," Bordeleau said. France has been outscored 12-0 in its first two games, a pair of 6-0 losses to Austria and Switzerland. Bordeleau winced when asked what would be a good score Tuesday against Canada (TSN, 6:15 a.m. EDT). "Keeping it under five (goals)," he said.
  18. It seems that even in the articles which I generally agree with Ben includes a few pretty weak points. Ben, here is a newsflash: there is soccer played outside of the UK and those other countries include more than just Germany, Spain, France and Italy. Even just considering Europe the A-league level is probably comparable to the second league level in a majority of countries and comparable to the first league level in one quarter of the European countries. When thinking of a "fair international footballing standard" would that not include the 2nd divisions of countries like Scotland, Ireland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Chile, Tunesia, China etc. While the A-league does not compare well to the 2nd divisions of the top 10 major footballing nations it certainly is not a below the second league level of the typical footballing nation. Man are you ever pessimistic Ben. I would agree with this statement if you said 5 to 10 years but in our lifetime? Maybe you are planning to die in the near future, but I doubt you have any idea what the state of Canadian soccer will be in the next 50 years.
  19. Nurnberg (in first place in 2te Bundesliga and likely to be promoted). States that Nurnberg is intensively active in trying to obtain Jazic who is a left side defender/midfielder. Also states that before this season he was average but this year has become an exceptional performer. Nürnberg bemüht sich intensiv um Rapidspieler Jazic (kroatischer Kanadier). Jazic spielt linker Verteidiger/linkes Mittelfeld - ist aber bei Rapid bis vor dieser Saison nur Mitläufer gewesen. Diese Saison ist er ein absoluter Leistungsträger! (Quelle: Kurier, Printausgabe Wien)
  20. Unless he gets a lot more money from Celtic this would be a step back to where he was in Anderlecht, playing on one of two good teams in a mediocre league. He would be better off finding a better Premiership team or going to a top team in a decent league like France where he would have Champions League football as well as decent weekly football.
  21. Williamson takes Argyle job Williamson questioned Hibs' desire to keep him Bobby Williamson has confirmed he is taking over as boss of Division Two high-flyers Plymouth Argyle. The 42-year-old former Hibernian chief was unveiled on Tuesday as the successor to Paul Sturrock who is now boss of Southampton. "It's a great place to be," Williamson told the club's official website, "It was a big decision to leave Hibernian, but this is a club which is moving forward. We are on the verge of promotion." Plymouth will be promoted to Division One if they beat QPR at home on Saturday. "I've been keeping an eye on things down here and been very envious of what Paul (Sturrock) has achieved, and I'm delighted to be here," added Williamson. "I spoke to the board last week and I was very impressed with what they had to tell me, so it wasn't so difficult to make the journey from north of the border to south." Sturrock left Home Park in March to join Southampton and Williamson has been linked with the vacancy ever since. Hibs interest Robertson Inverness Caledonian Thistle's John Robertson, Clyde's Alan Kernaghan, Motherwell's Terry Butcher and Livingston's Davie Hay are already being tipped as candidates as Williamson's replacement. Williamson was reportedly recommended by Sturrock following the former Dundee United boss's move to Southampton in March. The Hibs boss insisted all week that he did not want to leave Easter Road but stressed: "It may be an indication that Hibs are prepared to let me go that they let me speak to them." He pointed out that Hibs' decision earlier in the season to reduce his wages and tear up his five-year contract was a factor in his thinking. Argyle chairman Paul Stapleton did not announce Sturrock's successor immediately, and last week Colin Lee was sacked by Walsall after he attended an interview with Plymouth. "I feel sorry for Colin Lee," said Stapleton. "He is a good guy and has been treated shabbily by Walsall."
  22. As much as I dislike Quinn, I have to say he completely outcoached Martin in the series. Martin seemed to have one plan which worked in game 1 and wasn't modified for the rest of the series. Quinn modified his plans as needed and his tactics were perfect for nullifying a more skilled team. With Belfour almost single-handedly winning games for the Leafs the Sens should have been crashing the net and have been constantly in his face even at the expense of a few goaltending interference penalties. Several players such as Bondra and Bonk were useless on the ice but played every game and didn't even have their icetime reduced despite the Sens depth. Do you think Quinn would have kept playing those two if they played like that? In fact, Martin's player selection was terrible. Why was Vermette the one that Spezza replaced in game 3 when he was one of our best players. Why did Pothier, in my opinion the poorest of our 8 defencemen, play every game. Just because he is the Sens only right shooting defencemen is no justification when he is defensively weak and provides no offence. Why were our two defensively weakest defencemen, Redden and Pothier, paired together and also sent out on the penalty kill. Why was Volchenkov replaced for several games when everyone was complaining about how DeVries and Pothier were playing. I could go on and on. Obviously the players have to share in the blame and should self-motivate but it seemed like Quinn was able to get far more out of some of his mediocre players than Martin was able to get out of some very talented players. I think Martin is a good coach for a young, developing team but he just isn't in the class of Bowman, Burns, Robinson and as much as I hate to admit it, Quinn. I will also give the Leafs credit for playing clean and fair in this series. The only one of them that irritated me was Quinn in his press conferences. Domi played great, Stajan was excellent in replacing Sundin and Leetch was both defensively and offensively strong. They were constantly outplayed by Ottawa but the aim of the game is scoring goals and they scored the goals when they needed them. Belfour is an amazing positional goalie, doesn't make the stunning saves like a Hasek but always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Was helped however by the fact that the Sens always seemed to shoot right at him and couldn't raise the puck when he was down. Usually when things are not going right for a team, this is the team that mixes things up and gets rough. Had the series been going against the Leafs you can be sure that Domi and company would have been crashing the net and roughing things up. The Sens were the ones that should have been doing that. At least if your going down go down in flames not like a bunch of pansies.
  23. Martin was Fired Today Senators fire Jacques Martin OTTAWA (CP) -- Another playoff loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs cost Jacques Martin his job as head coach of the Ottawa Senators on Thursday. Tuesday's Game 7 loss to Toronto in the first round of the playoffs marked the fourth time in five seasons the Sens have been eliminated by the Leafs. Martin, 51, had been at Ottawa's helm for 81/2 seasons -- the longest-serving coach in the league. "We're announcing today we're replacing Jacques Martin as head coach of the team," Ottawa GM John Muckler told a news conference at the Corel Centre. Assistant coach Don Jackson and goaltending coach Phil Myre were also fired. Perry Pearn, another assistant, was not let go. He is still under contract but Muckler said he will not be a candidate for the head coaching job. "In order to take the next step, towards winning a Stanley Cup, we must select a new face, a new voice with a fresh approach and with new ideas," Muckler added. Muckler said some of the blame "has to sit in the dressing room." "But it's like the oldest cliche in the world in our industry, you can't fire 29 people. Is it right? Sometimes it's not, but I know one thing that's right. We needed a change." "We need someone to come in and take us over the top of the mountain." Muckler did not mince words about his team, saying the new coach will have to "fix" the Senators dressing room and find more leadership. The GM said he had no interest in returning behind the bench. Martin was the NHL's coach of the year in 1998-99, when ironically Toronto's Pat Quinn was runner-up. Martin has been a finalist for the award three other times. Martin was given a two-year contract extension in January with a club option for a third in case of a lockout next season. While the Sens became a better team under Martin, a 31-38 post-season record was deemed not good enough for the native of St-Pascal, Ont. The Senators won four of 12 playoff series and two of their last four under Martin. The Senators had their best season in franchise history in 2002-03, winning the Presidents' Trophy as the top team in the regular season before reaching the conference final for the first time. Because of that, expectations for the Senators were high this season. Ottawa finished fifth in the East with a 43-29-10 record before falling to Toronto. "People are always going to point the finger at one or two guys and look for somebody to blame, but what happened here is the fault of the whole team," defenceman Chris Phillips was quoted in the Ottawa Sun on Thursday. "We didn't play well as a team. "We weren't able to put them away when we had the chance. This is tough because we had high expectations for this team. We wanted to go a long way." Toronto stood in the way, however. Again. The Sun said several players denied a report that Melnyk read the riot act during a tirade in the Ottawa dressing room after the 4-1 loss Tuesday. Melnyk did visit the Senators following the game, but players indicated he simply shook hands and thanked them for the effort, according to the Sun. Martin's regular-season record at the helm of the Senators was 341-255-96. Unlike Quinn or Philadelphia's Ken Hitchcock, Martin presented a stoic front behind the bench and in front of the microphones. He gave little away on what he felt or thought, which may have been in undoing in Ottawa as the Senators' faithful looked for someone to light a fire under the players when the pressure was on. Martin came to Ottawa from Denver, where he was an assistant for the Avalanche. He took over as head coach of the Senators on Jan. 24, 1996, after Dave Allison was fired. Martin was head coach of the Eastern Conference team at the 2003 all-star game. He previously coached the World Team at the 2001 all-star game in Denver. He was also an associate coach for Team Canada at the Olympics and is slated for a similar role at the World Cup of Hockey later this year. Martin entered the NHL as head coach of St. Louis in 1986-87 and 1987-88, leading the Blues to the Norris Division championship in his rookie season. He joined the Blues after guiding the Ontario Hockey League's Guelph Platers to a Memorial Cup in 1986.
  24. When have I shown Hargreaves disrespect? I said he turned his back on his country but how can you deny this? In my opinion anyone without a strong tie to another country who chooses not to represent Canada is not a good Canadian. Hargreaves did this and I am pointing this out, this is not disrespect but pointing out a fact. You certainly have the right to disagree about my defintion of a good Canadian and I have no problem with you posting such views. I actually do not have respect for him but I don't go on the forum personally insulting him or saying he is an awful human being. He chose not to play for Canada and the consequences are that he is not popular with most Canadian soccer fans (at least the ones I know). I have never denigrated his abilities and although I don't consider him the superstar that you do he is still a very good player and an obvious starter on our MNT. We have been through the supposed snub of Hargreaves a thousand times before and I don't buy it one bit. And if you think that clubs were lining up to sign Canadians because Hargreaves did well in the Bayern junior and reserve teams you are dreaming, he became a factor after his Champion's League debut. If I have any factual errors in a post then point them out, that is certainly not a personal attack. Where have I ever acted like I have a divine right to dismiss other opinions on German football? You should provide some examples instead of blind accusations. I am in fact German-born as well as having lived there but this does not give me any divine right either nor have I ever had that attitude. In fact, even though we disagree on some fundamental questions I think you do know a lot about German football. I certainly don't remember ever referring to any of your posts as a reactive diatribe, saying that you have fuzzy logic nor have I tried to distort your opinions such as you did in trying to claim that I approve of the Khadrs on the thread in the other form. In addition, I am extremely supportive and respectful of every Canadian player who chooses to pull on the red and white. I don't like the amount of disrespect shown to Hastings and Fenwick by some on this board for example. Not that I think they should be called for the MNT but I give them credit for showing up every time they are called and while it is ok to criticize their play some posters get pretty insulting towards them. Nor was I one of the anti-Stalteri gang during his first few years with the MNT. So if you have any evidence of me disrespecting Hargreaves, a Canadian MNT player, you or any other poster please present it.
  25. I completely agree with Gordon's post. If you read my post, I didn't deny that Hargreaves has some influence but you are vastly overestimating the importance. If anyone asks someone knowledgeable about German soccer why there are 3-4 (depending on your opinion) Canadians having success in the Bundesliga (which was Mattbin's question not why there are Canadians in the Junior Bundesliga or Reserve teams) only an apologist for Hargreaves would come up with him as the main answer. He plays for a more prominent club than Stalteri and DeGuz but is not a more prominent player than the others. When Stalteri is playing in the Champion's League next year and the announcers are saying "Canadian International Paul Stalteri" to a worldwide audience this will do far more for Canadian soccer than Hargreaves has ever done just as currently happens in Bundesliga broadcasts. How did Hargreaves get Nsaliwa a trial in Germany when Nsaliwa was already playing there before Hargreaves had even played a Bundesliga game? The pre-Hargreaves list of players in Germany would include Stalteri, Nsaliwa, McKenna, Hirschfeld, Bent, DeRosario with DeGuzman coming to Germany from a large French club so it is not like signing Canadian players is a post-Hargreaves phenomenom. In fact, Bayern has not signed another Canadian since while Bremen signed Canizales probably due to Stalteri and Saarbrucken signed Oppong after having Nsaliwa and DeGuzman. I would give Niendorf some credit but excuse me if I am not overly impressed with Hargreaves contribution. As far as your insulting and baiting comments regarding me, I do not like Hargreaves but I don't hate him either. I don't feel it is worthwhile responding to your personal attacks. I used to enjoy reading your posts because they were informative and you seem to have some inside information. However, you are increasingly including personal insults and baiting and becoming more and more like a troll. It doesn't bother me if you or anyone else supports Hargreaves playing for England and I am willing to debate our views in a fair and respectful manner. If you can not do similarly than refrain from posting on such threads and stick to your informative posts. I am sure I am not the only one here who would appreciate that. You seem to get a kick out of pissing people off but I am not interested in coming on the board to get pissed off and will only react to the informative and debateable parts of your posts.
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