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  1. Confirmed. The Football Factory at Legends. 6 West 33rd Street. Unfortunately, there may also be a Honduran contingent at the bar.
  2. How do we feel about out of country viewing parties? I'm finalizing details for a viewing in NYC. There are lots of Canadians based here that may be interested.
  3. Jamie, add in New York. I had to move here for work. I am going to contact the Canadian consulate here to see if I can avoid the prospect of a one-person viewing party and personal assault after throwing my V's scarf up in celebration in a Yankee bar here.
  4. Yes - contact me via PM. I will be at Gossip. Edit: For some reason I can't pm you. Email me: britto.neil@gmail.com
  5. How were the sections last game? Intense?
  6. I'm normally a Toronto V, but will be in Ottawa for work this week. Can anyone recommend a place there?
  7. The sweetness of this victory is incredible. Just imagine if we win in Panama on Tuesday?
  8. Yes, all for Panama. I sent you proof of payment, etc to the email address you suggested. Sorry for the separate orders and confusion.
  9. Hey Jamie, I only received 5 of the 15 tickets I ordered. (I ordered 10 in a separate order on August 1st)...did you send separate orders made by the same individual in separate envelopes?
  10. I ask this as an open question... Is it possible that Paul James needs to be better informed on the current contributions of the Voyageurs to Canadian Soccer, rather than only criticizing him? I am not assessing the merits of his criticisms, others have already done so. I am simply wondering whether the negative energy is beyond the point of being productive to what really binds everyone in Canadian Soccer together: the desire for us to do well and (continue to) build support for our teams.
  11. I agree with several of your points. I feel a question that could also be asked, is whether a voice like Paul James is healthy for Canadian Soccer on the whole? I think so. You do not have to believe everything he says, it is your right to evaluate the opinion. However, I do think his perspective on issues can be productive,useful and informative at times. People will slag him for his view and his remarks, but frankly, his perspective is of value to the development of Canadian Soccer. Again, ascertaining value on his opinion does not equate to nakedly accepting the opinion he puts forth. At the end of the day, his view is one of the few I prioritize as must-read material. I think short-sighting his opinion and analysis is a mistake in the first place, particularly if someone is to ever disregard it because of a former drug addiction.
  12. I feel that filling the south-end is not going to be a problem for us (right...?) The issue is getting enough people in the other sections.
  13. Ugh. Hoping to find a stream from Sportsnet One.. The Spanish one is quite choppy.
  14. With respect to Robert and El Hombre, neither of whom who I really do not know, formulating a corporate marketing partnership with the 'big names' is an incredibly resource intensive process that MAY not actually result in the revenue benefits that we would assume based on existing brand stature. To say the CSA 'should' have any sponsor based on the stature of those sponsors is to ignore the interests of those proposed sponsors. It really is not so simple. Frankly, to be complaining about any sponsor (re: Robert's original post) is borderline ridiculous given the stage and number of impressions (a key metric for corporate partnerships) that Canadian Soccer can provide at this point. Robert, Would you rather not have any sponsor for these events? If so, I would have to question your....er, I will try and be nice. Popsicle is owned by Unilever. If you have not heard of them, please let me introduce you to the 44 billion dollar, multinational company.
  15. Any new last minute dropouts can contact me via pm here. Please and thank you.
  16. Bump. Any vacancies emerging on this bus? If anyone has a spot open up, please pm me!
  17. I thought Edgar was called...
  18. I'm hoping Jackson will get some coverage come June 1st/Gold Cup in mainstream media.
  19. Is the price really only 59.99? Wow.
  20. I stumbled across this way too late, I have an awards place that can give discounts, but not at cost. Well done Razcle, thanks for setting this up.
  21. I will echo the sentiments previously put forth in respect to Gerba. He is playing well, a valid argument can be made for a deserving spot, however, I just do not see it happening. The refusal of the NATS call last game, coupled with his accrued reputation, suggests he may be on the far fringes of SH's plans. I will be curious to see if Jackson finally gets his shot up front in this GC, given recent form. If Gerba is there, I doubt he will see much time.
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