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  1. lazlo_80

    CPL General

    Good to see the U-Sports partnership. Would be really incredible to see this sort of deal struck with Canadians playing in the NCAA as well. Not holding my breath
  2. lazlo_80

    Canada-Dominica Game Thread (R)

    It's pretty nice that we beat a team 5-0 that we barely squeeked by 1-0 a few years ago and we still have the ability to be critical and think they could've played better. what's is this weird feeling i have inside my heart? That one that's been missing forever? ...oh right, it's hope.
  3. lazlo_80

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Feels more Montreal Impact than Cosmos to me. Saputo was supposed to join when the Caps did but got into a pissing contest with Garber about expansion fees and it all went to shit temporarily before everyone coming to an agreement. Neither side groveled to the other.
  4. lazlo_80

    Ottawa CPL Club

    First off. Let's cool it on the personal stuff shall we? We all want the CPL to succeed, we just happen to have a different opinion about current circumstances. While the league says there are other groups interested in Ottawa, they've also said this league would start in 2018, they said at one point the player budget would be 1.5 and they said this league would start with 8 teams. I used to believe most of what they said, but I think it's fair to be a little skeptical of what they say at this point. Is this an about face statement or the truth? I'm not willing to accept it at face given the other things they've said in the past that turned out to be untrue. The CPL ownership is made up of a lot of successful and rich business people who can spot a shaky investment...like putting a team in direct competition with a CFL ownership group who has a soccer team with primary tenant status at the only suitable facility in the city. I think both sides will eventually want this to work out. Bob Young isn't George Soros. I'm telling you the CPL isn't a major league right now. The golden knights put up half a billion to join the NHL. a few teams in this league can't even get 500 people to commit to seasons tickets yet. Not expecting them to kneel by any stretch. Don't think they're mystical or overrated either. I just think the negotiating table isn't as skewed to the CPL having all the power as you believe, hence my original question. I think both sides have work to do and have chips of their own. It's not black or white. This might be the root of our disagreement. The USL is a stable league and the Ottawa Fury have a reasonable local following. The CPL is an unknown without any tv or media deal as of this moment. your point about the "who gives a f***?" could extent to the CPL. As of right now most minor league hockey teams are going to outsell even the best CPL markets at this point. If they want to get into the 5th biggest metropolitan area in Canada they either have to compete with a known commodity in this market with fans already aware of the team or start all over from scratch pushing a league noone has heard of. And if you think simply saying "but we're the CPL!" has any clout in that market and will suddenly become a huge success when there's already an existing team, well I have a bridge to sell you in London.
  5. lazlo_80

    Ottawa CPL Club

    The stopping of sanctioning is an interesting move...I think that's the nuclear option. They need the fury as much as the fury should probably want them, and I think cooler heads will prevail eventually. If the CPL wants to move on in that market it's just so many hurdles that make their life so much harder. From facility to the fact the Fury will likely have a better team fielding more high calibre Canadian players (at least in the short term) to trying to sell a potential owner on trying to sub divide a small target market to begin with. Like I said I just really don't think the CPL is in the power position that other people here seem to believe where it's "Those Ottawa Fury bastards will have to pay! muawahahahaha"...The CPL has alot of work to do to prove they'll be a relevant national brand and more stable than the USL.
  6. lazlo_80

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Asking honestly. Where does this perception that CPL holds all the cards in negotiations with Ottawa stem from? I would've agreed more if the player budgets being reported were closer to the 1.5 mil we heard reported earlier and such. But I tend to think there's an onus on CPL that it's a reasonable level able to gain some sort of traction and attention in the markets it's currently in before Ottawa has to kneel down and kiss the ring.
  7. lazlo_80

    CPL new teams speculation

    Saputo said very similar things before dropping a ton of cash on Drogba. Periodically when he's pissed off he tends to do a "I'm fed up with this and just might pack it all in" type of interview. This sounds like more of the same. He's also about to receive expansion cash from Nashville, Cincy and Miami. The impact will be fine.
  8. lazlo_80

    CPL General

    But where was he before that? Nowhere! (spooky sound effects as everyone makes an exhaspirated gasp at the same time.)
  9. lazlo_80

    Toronto CPL

    I'd be shocked if Toronto proper got a team anytime soon. The situation right now would be tough for them to launch in. I also wonder if CPL head wants a little more runway to attract people to York before they have competition for eyes from another nearby franchise.
  10. lazlo_80

    Forge FC (Hamilton) launch/2019 offseason thread

    To that point, anyone know what the capacity will be for Forge games?
  11. lazlo_80

    Forge FC (Hamilton) launch/2019 offseason thread

    Depends how they do it. The one in Ottawa looks super hokey.
  12. lazlo_80

    Forge FC (Hamilton) launch/2019 offseason thread

    Forge continue bringing the promos to get more Co-founders. Well done to them... https://twitter.com/the2ndyellow/status/1047240895354077186
  13. lazlo_80

    Forge FC (Hamilton) launch/2019 offseason thread

    If you're a team that wants to try and recruit good Canadian players to play for you it doesn't hurt to have the coach who developed a ton of them.
  14. lazlo_80

    Ferdi Kadioglu

    Interesting that Molinaro put that name in the article. He doesn't waste much ink on rumors.