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  1. As someone who's lived in the U.S. for a while now I have to say...The amount you guys get charged in Canada for sports is BRUTAL. This isn't meant as a USA v CANADA thing, just an observation from some of the people on here mentioning what they spend on sports packages. That sucks! Hopefully OneSoccer does things with integrity.
  2. Agreed. as much as people think TV is dying, it helps scream "BIG DEAL" if one of the sports broadcasters is telling people it's a big deal.
  3. I will be at the Rose Bowl game...if others are, lemme know. Happy to arrange to meet up somewhere.
  4. I don't really have a problem with this draw. Can someone explain to me why i should?
  5. Yeah I’m still waiting to see how this all gets sorted out. It’s a little strange almost two weeks out we don’t have any tv channel pumping up the “first ever game In cpl history”
  6. He really played well. Great to see.
  7. Im especially stoked to see that grey one. Think that could look siiiiiiiick.
  8. These look rad.
  9. I'm a big Larin fan but...I think a 2 mil transfer fee can be better spent by the caps too.
  10. lazlo_80

    CPL General

    Has any league in any sport in any part of the world ever put a league wide slogan on its jerseys?
  11. Yes! He came 6th on that award I didn’t know existed until now! kidding aside it’s impressive seeing the momentum of his career at the moment
  12. Here in the US the Davies story is talked about by the bundesliga pundits quite a bit on FS1.
  13. A Canadian teenager scored for Bayern and was congratulated by Ribery and James. What reality is this?
  14. I think part of the underrated thing is because he’s been around for so long despite just being 24. You begin to take his incredible talent for granted as more “current” stories and players and get more of the interest. Such a good player
  15. New England is a rough spot for any young attacking player. Hopefully Tajon has better luck.
  16. Not sure how I feel about this. Obviously helps us. Just not sure what it means for how i enjoy the world cup. Feels like the group stage will be quite watered down. Also wonder if there's a point of too much soccer. We'll see I suppose.
  17. To that point, I only imagine this season he's coming in near the end of games they've already locked up where the other team is leaving heaps of space as they attack.
  18. I’d wait for a better picture. The England and US ones look plain in that picture but are quite elaborate
  19. hard to see any detail in the low res picture but at least we know they’re red and white.
  20. is this related to an ottawa CPL team some how that i'm missing?
  21. as we're seeing with MLS these rules are a time bomb. Gotta just keep it simple.
  22. I get the impression that Things didn’t go for Kingue the way he expected judging by the date of some of his previous insta posts. He made it sound like he had already signed then he sorta back tracked.
  23. I hope so. But I think it depends on the result of their performances. If a few people from this league turn a good season into transfers to bigger leagues that would be the best way to show other players that this league could help get them where they want to be.
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