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  1. Hey, we invented the internet! Or the Beatles. (I cannot remember which.)
  2. Holy crap. Yup, we are the oldie oldertons! Still going strong, despite all the scars.
  3. Totally agree. It was when he was scoring for Anderlecht in Champion’s League against EPL sides that we were pleading for him to answer the call. He eventually did! One of our best, ever.
  4. Beautiful! Thank you. Wow, lots of time has passed. I remember when we were so damned excited when Jazic finally agreed to play for the Nats, not to mention whenever Radzinski would actually say YES to a call-up. Brad Parker! And I really thought Nsaliwa would become something special, especially with his time in Germany. You made my Saturday! (And also but now I feel real old.)
  5. In honour of our history, we should name something Net 54. I honestly do not know what, but I just want to plant that seed. If we had a blog, maybe it would be called "Net 54". Or something like that. It is important to maintain links to our history, which is something all good organizations/cultures do. And it is kind of fun. "The Net 54: This Day in Canadian Soccer History." Just spit-balling here.
  6. I remember Reza. Is he still here, but under a different handle? I also remember the old BBS forum: it was hooked up to some power generator fueled by moonshine and crushed dreams. Back then we thought Wyn Belotte would be our messiah. Hell, we figured lotsa fellas would save the Nats. Seems like forever ago. What ever happened to that Owen Hargreaves feller? Did we cap tie him yet?
  7. Joe Clark played for the Nats? What a mensch!
  8. Name: Chris Labonte Age: 37 City: Vancouver Profession: Assistant Publisher & Acquiring Editor, Fiction (book publishing Voyageur Since: 2001 First match: Honduras in Edmonton, 2004 Last match: Scotland (U20s), warm-up for WYC in Vancouver Other affiliations: Aries Current Club: Cluj (unattached) Supported Clubs: Caps, TFC (but only until the Caps arrive on the MLS scene) Favourite Player: Zidane (sort of like saying Jesus is your idol, I know. But ZZ is the Jesus!!) Guilty of: Telling Krammerhead to go blow an o-ring (old Net 54 forum); scrapping with Jeffrey from time to time
  9. Not sure if we need to formalize something that is happening all on its own, but I love the idea of existing Voyageurs to act as ambassadors for all that we are doing, especially when it comes to welcoming--and fully converting--new Voyageurs to the cause. Whether it is through this forum or in person at games home and abroad, it is key that we all act as welcoming ambassadors. I think this is especially true at games. Look at the powerful impact attending a game with a throng of Voyageurs can have? We've converted--cemented--long-time fans in recent months, especially at the game in Montre
  10. It is sort of like this: My dad was a coach for many years, even though he did not grow up playing soccer and didn't know the game very well. He volunteered his time, and did well by us. But as soon as he knew that his coaching skills and knowledge were not good enough for our continued development, he went out and found a more experienced coach to take over the team. He did this at the club and all-star level, and stayed on as manager because that WAS something he was very good at. He had the humility and foresight to do what was right, to step aside and let better people do the job he could
  11. Your darn tootin' I'm a Voyeur--sorry, Voyageur! Et fiere etre! Cheeta put it best: I was a Voyageur even before I knew what a Voyageur was. You don't need to pass any test to become a Voyageur, or meet set criteria. It is like being a born again Christian--you just choose to be a Voyageur in your heart, end of debate. And those tired of others slagging TO--i.e. Sean Kay--I hear you, and I don't blame you, but as my dad once told me after a crappy day at a new job, "keep your pecker up son." The slaggers are letting their knees jerk before they do any real thinking.
  12. He might have been arrested during the Guatamala game, but I was away on my honeymoon, and I'm damned certain he wasn't there. (He certainly wasn't invited.) For sure he was arrested at the Costa Rica game. After the second Tico goal, I believe.
  13. Yes, in fact, the JohnnieMonster who posts here is actually Son of JohnnieMonster. Beware the sequel.
  14. Loved the Devos-McVey comparison, if only because the two characters are so damned different. There were a few Poz comparisons, too, which Poz accepted with good humour. In fact, Poz should pitch this idea to the MLSE brass for TFC--a sort of fun web-promotion to help fans get to know their team. Only problem: who knows how long anybody will be with the team?
  15. Still in Portugal? Had Nilton lived in Vancouver for most of his life, I suspect he could have become quite the player, but one can develop only so much playing in Prince George, BC. (Richard Hastings's home town, but I believe he got out early, did he not?)
  16. Was there when Current Champ got arrested. Was he drunk at the time? Yes, very, but that is beside the point, or at best, only a minor contributing factor. Truth of the matter, he more or less decided to take on a whole stand of Costa Rican fans, actually jumped onto the track in front of them and screamed something I cannot quite recall--it may have been inhuman and guttural. While his mouth was open in mid-scream, some Tico punk tossed an entire beer in Current Champ's face. At which point it looked like he'd kill the kid and everyone in the stands who may or may not have been responsible f
  17. No need for me to join, then. I'll just tell you what I look like: A beaver. Flip a nickel and you'll see me there, more or less. (Not a bad depiction.)
  18. The single greatest reasons why support for our club teams grows so much faster than that of our National team: our club teams play regularly in Canada; and they win lots of games. (Well, TFC is a special exception: they will certainly need to win games if they expect to hold the great support they've already started to build.)
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