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  1. The Beaver

    Vancouver Whitecaps offseason 2018-2019

    From what I can tell, MDS has taken care of the workaday foundation of the team and will now go abroad to sign the higher quality talent the team needs. What is exciting to see is that he has a very clear idea of the sort of player he is looking for, both in terms of technical ability and temperament. Time will tell, but I get the feeling the Caps will have a very clear identity under MDS, something that was not always the case under Robbo. (Yeah, for a period of time we were a countering side, but it was often naïve and too one-dimensional.) Excited to see who MDS signs. We need some top talent, and we have the cash to do so. From things he has said, I expect MDS to bring in a number of players from south east Asia. Should be an interesting off season. I like what I am seeing so far.
  2. The Beaver

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Success in any career or profession requires that special balance of audacity and humility. Davies has got that balance, and at a remarkably young age. His teammates will respect this instantly. Oh, and he is damned fast too.
  3. The Beaver

    Herdman new head coach

    While it is certainly far too early to make a definitive assessment of Herdman, I must say that I find it alarming that he continues to play Davies at left back. I can see his reasoning, but I am not sure he's got this right. IF Herdman fully intends to use Davies in the midfield, out wide, then when will he start to do so? You'd think that IF he was going in that direction he would have used these first three games as an opportunity to blood someone else at left back. I mean, these past few game seem a perfect opportunity to figure out your back line, no? Is Herdman going to wait until the Gold Cup to figure out who can play left back? It is early days, but there have been a few on field choices that make me wonder if Herdman is truly as strategic and as prepared as he'd like us to believe. We all know his strengths; but the big question is about what he can make happen on the field. It is the one place where most of us doubt his experience and chops. (Not sure we'd have the same doubt about MDS, for instance.) Of course, Davies just might become a brilliant leftback at Bayern, and then all my concerns will be assuaged. Perhaps.
  4. The Beaver

    Fikayo Tomori

    Only guaranteed if the kid can crack our line up when the WC comes to town.
  5. The Beaver

    Saint Kitts & Nevis vs Canada - Sunday November 18th

    It was in today's Globe too. National coverage, baby!
  6. The Beaver

    Fikayo Tomori

    Yup, we luvs what we can't has!! (Not sure why I had to write that in broken English but it felt right).
  7. The Beaver

    Vancouver Whitecaps 2018

    Very good press conference indeed. Great impression of MDS already. As for the Caps willing to spend on big dollar DPs, it seems evident to me that they are indeed prepared to do this, but they first want to see what Marc can do to clean up the existing roster mess, then carefully build an on field identity and bring in players who can play the style MDS wants, and THEN, once they've maximized resources intelligently, they will go out and get expensive DPs. Mallet seems like a good guy, but he is not especially articulate. (MDS was far better.) But if you listen to Mallet closely, you can figure out ownership's strategy. In essence, they are reluctant to throw money at an expensive DP when it is clear to them that they've not used their dollars wisely with the current squad. Guys like Brek Shea, for instance, are getting paid far too much for what they contribute. First step: get your house in order. Second: evaluate your player-needs and fill the roster. Third: Assess performance and determine what is needed to put the team over the top (i.e. contend for MLS cup). So, yes, it remains to be seen IF the Caps will ever sign a top tier DP, but what I heard from Mallet was far more encouraging--and strategically wise--than what some of us might have interpreted here.
  8. The Beaver

    Vancouver Whitecaps 2018

    I blame the freaking rain. Hell, it even makes me want to join a Latino clique!
  9. The Beaver

    Vancouver Whitecaps 2018

    Let's do this! Interesting to note that MDS speaks English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Now let's see if he can persuade Waston to stay. Having said that, maybe MDS won't bother with Waston. If your leader acts as he has since the firing of Robbo, then maybe you don't want that guy in your locker room. And, also, they might be able to get something significant for Waston in return. Excited to see what MDS will do next, especially in terms of building his roster.
  10. The Beaver

    Michael Baldisimo

    Yeah, I have the same feeling. We have to keep in mind that the Caps MUST spend a good chunk of the Phonzy-bucks on players, and from everything I've heard from the FO it certainly appears they will spend a lot of that on bringing in some quality players for the senior squad. No, we are not going to do what TFC did with Gio-Bradley-Altidore in terms of spending, but I think the intent is to have the beginnings of a strong squad in place immediately. While I want to see these young guys getting into the full squad, I suspect they are still a year or two away at best.
  11. Holy crap. Yup, we are the oldie oldertons! Still going strong, despite all the scars.
  12. Totally agree. It was when he was scoring for Anderlecht in Champion’s League against EPL sides that we were pleading for him to answer the call. He eventually did! One of our best, ever.
  13. I think we have to remember our guys have had very very little time playing together. They will need to figure things out as the tournament goes on, and fast. If they can show they can adapt and improve, then we have reason to be optimistic.
  14. Beautiful! Thank you. Wow, lots of time has passed. I remember when we were so damned excited when Jazic finally agreed to play for the Nats, not to mention whenever Radzinski would actually say YES to a call-up. Brad Parker! And I really thought Nsaliwa would become something special, especially with his time in Germany. You made my Saturday! (And also but now I feel real old.)
  15. In honour of our history, we should name something Net 54. I honestly do not know what, but I just want to plant that seed. If we had a blog, maybe it would be called "Net 54". Or something like that. It is important to maintain links to our history, which is something all good organizations/cultures do. And it is kind of fun. "The Net 54: This Day in Canadian Soccer History." Just spit-balling here.