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  1. The Beaver

    Vancouver Whitecaps 2018

    The thing that I kept waiting to happen under Robbo's tenure was on field evidence that the Caps were developing a cohesive method of play, that they were getting better and better at playing an intelligent and effective brand of football. But it never happened. The last three years have been particularly telling. I'd almost hold my breath thinking that a string of half-decent games--in terms of cohesive, deliberate play--meant that this team WAS on track, but the next three games would be very poor or disorganized etc. While I will credit Robbo for creating and nurturing a culture of inclusion and hard work within the squad, it became far too evident that he didn't know how to build a culture on the field. This team did not really have an identity. I wish Robbo well. I think he is a good human being. He needs to develop as a coach, but after this firing I am not sure where he'll land next. We've got coaches like Tata in MLS!! Great piece on MLS.com about why the Caps made the move now, with some speculation about Dos Santos as a great choice to take over, especially as the Caps are about to spend some Fonzie Bucks very soon. I believe I heard that at least one other MLS club has its eyes on Dos Santos--immediately--and I would imagine that this may have forced the Caps' to move a bit earlier than we all expected, presuming of course that they are keen on Dos Santos. I will give the Caps FN props for making the move now, especially in light of the fact that the organization has a very real opportunity to take this organization up a couple of notches (because of the Davies deal). This is somewhat akin to the move the CSA made with Herdman, in so much as both organizations recognized the golden opportunities ahead of them and decided they need the right managers to fully seize those opportunities. Bring Dos Santos on! Bring on the next evolution of the Caps!
  2. The Beaver

    Vancouver Whitecaps 2018

    I would welcome that.
  3. The Beaver

    Ballou Tabla

    Bloody brilliant news! Was convinced he'd opt for Cote D. This all starts with Akindele, which is ironic seeing as he may never crack the 18 again. Akindele wins rookie of the year, then chooses Canada. Larin lights up MLS, gets rookie of the year. Hoillet comitts. And then it all starts coming together. MLS has a role to play here, for sure
  4. The Beaver

    Vancouver Whitecaps 2018

    Caps seemed to lose their mojo after Techera got injured. I think he was more rattled than they presumed. Should have brought Mezquida on and put Reyna on the wing. We had some good periods of play, but Dallas was better prepared, especially off set plays. Tiebert worked his ass off. If only Ghazal could pass the damned ball; he is a great ball-winner and his work-rate is remarkable. Mutch has great vision, but he seems a bit slow and doughy for a guy who played in the EPL. Levis needs more games, but I like what I see, mostly. I'd be tempted to play him wide left with DeJong behind him, especially if Techera is having an off game. As much as we might all want an upgrade in coaching, you have to admit that these guys worked hard for Robbo (and each other). It might be a bit workaday, but he's built a healthy culture for the players. I DO think that the Caps need to take a page out of Dallas' book and bring in a couple of proper DPs, especially an attacking mid like Ledeiro etc.
  5. The Beaver

    Vancouver Whitecaps 2018

    But Levis has a pretty damn good left foot. Maybe not quite as good as Marcel's, but still...
  6. The Beaver

    US Virgin Islands-Canada match thread (R)

    5 first half goals fed in from the right. 3 second half goals fed in from the left. Nothing down middle. Makes sense considering the quality we have out wide.
  7. The Beaver

    US Virgin Islands-Canada match thread (R)

    This was an excellent result all things considered. Games like these are usually tough for Canada because we've traditionally NOT had the ability to carry a game and cut teams open and finish. I am curious to see how we look against a side like Honduras or Jamaica, teams that will indeed put pressure on us and, at times, even take the game to us. We've the players to hit hard on the counter, which makes us dangerous to play. Lots of good signs today; lots still to improve one. But I am mostly pleased; this felt like the right step forward.
  8. The Beaver

    US Virgin Islands-Canada match thread (R)

    Yup, but also Piette is a freaking tank.
  9. The Beaver

    US Virgin Islands-Canada match thread (R)

    Nice to see some chemistry building between Oso, Arfield, Hoillet, Cava and David. Nice mix of young and experienced players out there, in general. Love the fact that both Davies and Millar are out there having truly professional performances.
  10. The Beaver

    US Virgin Islands-Canada match thread (R)

    lLarin, likely to come in for David. I hope we see ZBG too. Who else might we see?
  11. What I will be watching for tomorrow: A strong, cohesive and purposeful display of professional football from our lads. I want to see some chemistry, I want to get a sense that Herdman knows how to set this team up for success, that he's got his tactics right. I am not worried about the score line. I DO want to see lots of chances created, and we better be clinical on several of them, but I mostly want to see a cohesive performance. USVI will most certainly bunker and counter, and the narrowed pitch will force us to be our technical best--rather than just letting Davies run them ragged. These sorts of matches are always tougher than they look on paper. I want to see a smart and technical performance, with a good dose of ruthless finishing and tackling. I am looking for signs that we are on the path to evolving into a very strong side.
  12. The Beaver

    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Used to play street soccer here in Vancouver with kids who were central American immigrants, and they always referred to me as "Blanquito". (I guess they didn't know the Spanish word for "beaver")
  13. The Beaver

    Vancouver Whitecaps 2018

    Just got back from the match. Agree with everything you say here. Both Levis and Nerwinski were excellent. Much more intensity tonight. Davies looks to be close to 100% healthy. Ghazal and Tiebert were very professional and tidy. We needed to be more clinical with our chances, especially in transition. Levi’s was named Man of the Match, which was well deserved even if I would have given Reyna the honours. Still, Levis looked like a guy who could thrive in MLS. He may supplant DeJong before too long. If he continues to develop like he has been then this will be good news for the Caps and Canada.
  14. I perdict: USVI 5 - Canada 0.