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  1. Is there anyone left in the CSA of the old guard who may be next to be terminated.
  2. The Ref

    Voyageurs History and Mythology Explained

    In Facebook there is a guy named Erik Torchia. I wonder if he is related to Joey!
  3. Yes friend, be double cautious. Power changes people.
  4. What happened to that creep Meszaros?
  5. I met her personally, a very nice lady.
  6. Am I missing something? because there seems to be only 2 Fifa dates for friendlies before France 2019. In March and June.
  7. The Ref

    Herdman new head coach

    True enough, the thing is that he thinks he is all that and more. He believes his own preaching. Let us hope for the best.
  8. The Ref

    Herdman new head coach

    I think the CSA did a disservice to him. If he fails with the men, few will want him then. He could have left in glory after the women on to coach another up and coming women team.
  9. Australia is hosting a four nations cup. https://matildas.footballaustralia.com.au/news/ffa-host-inaugural-cup-nations-ahead-2019-fifa-womens-world-cup-france
  10. Ashley Lawrence just renewed her contract with PSG until 2023.
  11. If coach Herdman is such a super guy, why did the CSA remove him from the women at such a crucial time? Understanding the logic of CSA's decisions is more difficult than the theory of relativity of Einstein.
  12. Maybe it is due to lack of media exposure for our players.
  13. Besides the top 2 from each group, who else advances to the round of 16. Can't seem to find out. Thanks.
  14. All the weaker teams are in Pot 4. Is that a fluke or on purpose.
  15. Sinclair will continue to excel now that Herdman is gone.