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  1. dbailey62

    Lucas Cavallini

    Thanks! Had to put something in there ... in English. All the other posts were in Spanish.
  2. dbailey62

    TFC 2018

  3. dbailey62

    TFC 2018

    I'd just like him to play stronger. He gets knocked around too easily.
  4. dbailey62

    TFC 2018

    That's why they brought these guys in!
  5. dbailey62

    CPL General

    I think the CPL will have to earn that. We'll definitely be two or three notches below MLS and/or Liga MX for many years to come, both on the field and in the stands. Just because we are recognized as D1 in Canada by Soccer Canada, we have to be realistic. Give it five or ten years. Right now, we're just a paper league. Hopefully by this time next year we'll be into our first season and we can start to prove ourselves to the naysayers! It will take time.
  6. dbailey62

    CPL General

    I would not mind seeing a well funded rival to the NHL even if it to just temporarily urinate on their corn flakes!
  7. dbailey62

    CPL General

    Hear hear!
  8. dbailey62

    CPL General

    I've now done the same. I was guilty of quoting LOSF (as we used to know and dislike him) in the past. My apologies!
  9. dbailey62

    CPL General

    I consider your statement re Shermanator to be rude and disrespectful. I don't know Shermanator but I know I would not make that kind of statement even if I did.
  10. dbailey62

    CPL General

    I think your Edit may be closer to reality. That said, the field to the north of the soccer field in the jpeg looks like it might have room for a larger facility.
  11. dbailey62

    CPL General

    A new AND retractable roof! The old one tears multiple times per year.
  12. dbailey62

    TFC 2018

    Thankfully not!
  13. dbailey62

    TFC 2018

  14. dbailey62

    TFC 2018

    It should have been offside!
  15. dbailey62

    TFC 2018

    I see the 3-5-2 as a defacto six at the back as necessary with holding mid Bradley often becoming the 4th CB when required and with Morrow on the left and (last night) Van der Weil on the right taking care of the wide threats. For me it's a more flexible game plan with the wingbacks playing such an important role at both ends of the field!