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  1. Ya it was quite the shock to us all. :(
  2. Oh no, is Vancouver catching up with the rest of the country?
  3. I had planned to be there but have a conflict. I'll be at the next one!
  4. Nominate candidates in all ridings for the next Federal election! Jamie Macleod for PM!
  5. It was an inauspicious debut for my friend Mehrdad who had previously run a soccer league inside a POW camp in Iran for the Iraqi prisoners captured during the Iran/Iraq war. His love of the game has taken him into a very solid career in soccer broadcast journalism. Go for it Jamie but try not to eat the glue sticks!
  6. That would be fitting especially if we could somehow have the team pose for a group photo with the banner and the supporters. Lots of scarves and caps etc etc etc. If we can make this happen, I'd make the trip out there! It would be awesome recognition and it would mean so much to the family who expressed their thanks last night at the visitation to those of us who wore his Voyageurs and U-Sector scarves to the funeral home.
  7. We've lost Jarrek, one of the original Voyageurs. I've only just found out. Jaroslaw Popowicz is his real name and I met him via the Toronto Lynx many years ago! He was a great guy and I'm in shock! RIP my friend! https://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fturnerporter.permavita.com%2Fsite%2FJaroslawPopowicz.html%3Fs%3D40&h=AT0s5OVlXNYEFBIs2hoNcu3nmmhg13_IAWTVuD91jJN4wmeXAadrN8xlN9it0SyNRUsFXQfhe2a2EU50dufrEDhTywdUjPqUhNGSGmJVSLgRHJYcaaWn67euTTueyqtcRYagJZG348s
  8. Mehrdad was a terrific fellow. Sadly I've not seen him since an early TFC home game when he came over from England with a videographer to produce a segment for a tv show. I believe he is now based in Dubai. Back in 2013, he guested on this Al Jazeera sports chat show discussing goal line technology! He appears at 6:45 and obviously he is a bit of a traditionalist. Congratulations to him though. He's come a long way from his $1 photocopied magazines!
  9. It's all good as long as you're making money!
  10. That'd be cool as I would then be forced to buy both the red and the black!
  11. A bit more burgundy perhaps? The whites more of a silver or gray. What about gold? Works well with black.
  12. I've always liked red and black together but for some reason, it just wasn't doing it for me.
  13. Is that all? For a Barbarian, that would be amazing. Twenty-five years ago I spent more than that for my CMNT Barbarian shirt.
  14. Aesthetically speaking, I do prefer the red but if having to pre-order means a higher cost item, I can understand sticking with black. That said, I am voting for "red". I'm not sure about doing both as I can't help but feel that there is a unifying element to a singular colour. I've owned both in my younger and fitter days, a red CMNT and a black NZ All-Blacks shirt and they were both top notch. Barbarian makes a world class product. Rubber buttons too! I am excited by this line of merchandise!
  15. ...... could be the case as Voyageurs is one of five names short-listed for the name of the new (or revived) CFL franchise in Ottawa. Just thought I'd bring it up. http://www.ottawasun.com/2013/01/23/5-names-short-listed-for-cfl-team db
  16. Welcome aboard! We look forward to your contributions.
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