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  1. CPL General

    That is excellent news. This is not good news. It's like CanPL opens one door, then balances that door on a piece of string tied over an open volcano.
  2. Impact offseason 2017-18

    No, and he doesn't want citizenship. He is an American, and very proud of being from Ohio, where he wants to live. His GF is still there. He probably wants to play in the Crew or Cincy teams.
  3. CPL new teams speculation

    Sure, I'll concede that. However, if we're going to talk about the adequacy of stadiums for large events, and assume that CanPL will bring near-capacity soccer crowds, then sure. I'll concede that Stade Telus at only 12,000 seats is relatively unimpressive when compared to say, Place TD in Ottawa, which is brand new and seats 24,000. However, since the CanPL is targeting an audience of around 5,000 per game (which Ottawa attracts in an urban area of around 930,000), then these stadiums are simply over-sized and too cost prohibitive to maintain. In that case, a modular stadium like that of Halifax or Saskatoon would be ideal. I'm more concerned with financial stability and solvency than I am with the amenities of the locale. I merely want the league to succeed. We'll talk about new stadiums when each of the 6 - 10 teams are clearly drawing 5,000 spectators regularly.
  4. CPL new teams speculation

    Why do they need their own SSS, but Ottawa, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg and Hamilton do not? Given the financial constraints on the CanPL at launch, I don't think anywhere *needs* an SSS.
  5. ChrisinOrleans

  6. Impact offseason 2017-18

    Perhaps he will be... as an accountant?
  7. CPL new teams speculation

    Francophones from Sudbury to Québec to Moncton watch NHL games (and even some CFL) in French, featuring teams from all over. I'd say that if the product is worth watching, then yes, especially if their team is involved in the league more generally, or in a play-off scenario or championship. I like that you're optimistic about Edmonton joining CanPL as well.
  8. Impact offseason 2017-18

    He never really lit the pitch up in Ottawa either. He flashes his credentials as an accountant more than as a soccer player. I think if he is cut, it may be the end of his playing career.
  9. CPL new teams speculation

    Neither would I. On principle, I would actually encourage broader access. However, I think we're talking about two different things here. I believe the league should be officially bilingual, and that a media deal should have all games available in both languages for streaming; realizing that individual clubs may go above and beyond (IE, Punjabi in Surrey, or Chiac in Moncton).
  10. CPL new teams speculation

    Agreed 100%. Speaking purely on the idea of a 'national' league, by Canadians, for Canadians; which is the hallmark of this entire exercise in the first place: Québec must have a team. While Franco-Ontarians and Acadians compose significant populations in cities like Ottawa and Moncton, neither of those two cities have cofirmed that they're even interested in the CanPL. If the league is to be truly 'national', and not the Anglo-Canadian premier league, a team in Québec needs to be included to get French language media and fans on board. I'd also like to point out that the Ottawa Fury do a decent job of promoting French language material for the Francophone population of Ottawa, and their supporters groups (The Bytown Boys and Stony Monday Riot) all put out French language material as well. The ByTown boys fly the Franco-Ontarian flag at every game. That type of mentality and acceptance of our linguistic duality needs to be present at all games. Yes, even out west. Winnipeg has a big Francophone population too (St. Boniface and St. Norbert).
  11. Patrice Bernier - more to give to club and country?

    Eternal captain.
  12. 2018 Voyageurs Cup

    AS Blainville has a few Ex-Fury players on the roster. I wouldn't mind seeing them beat the current (awful) iteration of the Fury at home. With Rudolph-Mayard up top as well, it could happen. Put Jon Vallée and Phillipe Davies on the roster and you basically have the 2014 Fury anyway. Agreed. But I am in the Rive-Nord a lot, and aside from the Cégeps, I don't think there is a place in the whole region that could host a soccer match with 1000 - 2000 spectators.
  13. 2018 Voyageurs Cup

    Both of those locations are right across the street from one other. There is also no other usable soccer field in Blainville, save for a few schools. That is, assuming they play the game in Blainville. The Cégeps in St-Jérôme or St-Thérèse may have a usable field, and they're reasonably close in terms of driving distance.
  14. Ottawa CPL Club

    Sure, but would it benefit the Fury? I am highly suspicious of whether it would be in OSEG's interest to move the team over to the CanPL when 1. No teams are concrete yet, except Winnipeg and 2. no ball has been kicked, no ticket has been purchased and no merch has been sold. As far as Bernie Ashe, OSEG and their chief partner, Minto, are concerned; CanPL is a pipe dream with no financial incentive being offered to the Fury to switch. After losing $2-million dollars a year, the Fury cut an affiliation deal with their closest neighbour, l'Impact de Montréal, to pay a few salaries in exchange for some academy players. That helped ease the burden, and moving to a lower league (The USL) sure helped the financial position, however the Fury are still in a tight financial position. I cannot see them taking a risk on an unproven league. The CanPL needs the Fury more than they need CanPL - especially if it means no more affiliation with the Impact (and paying 3 - 5 more salaries). Also, attendance has leveled at around 5,000 average, after growing in 2015 and 2016. The awful results could be to blame (along with a moronic Brit coach who couldn't tell soccer from cricket), but the league switch and the appearance of 'relegation' after a last-place finish sure didn't help matters any. I highly doubt that after a crap season in 2017 the OSEG brass are likely to repeat that effort again, as that loss of growth means 600 - 900 fewer tickets per game, if we assume the baseline growth from 2015 - 2016 was a constant. I cannot see them moving until season 3-4 of CanPL.
  15. General Discussion on CMNT

    I agree with this. Nationalities aren't static, and nations are not immune to demographic or political change. The country you once thought you were representing might no longer be of the same ideals or mentality. It only makes sense that dual nationals be allowed to represent both of their nationalities in these cases.