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  1. All of his communication about a team is en anglais uniquement. Not inspiring, if you ask me.
  2. Depends. There are what I would call "soft Francos" who identify more as "Franco-Ontarian" than "Canadien-Francais", and they're pretty loyal to Ottawa teams, especially the uOttawa Gee-Gees and La Cité Coyotes. Same thing as Acadians with the team at U de Moncton. I mean, if Gatineau got a team and the alternative was the Fury, you'd quickly find me a fan of Gatineau. Also, the beer is much, much better in Gatineau, so yeah, I'd be all about this. And Gatineau actually has a ton of big companies based in their downtown (I work for one) and tons of people - especially Franco-Ontarians - cross the border every day.
  3. Cela dépend du journaliste. Les journalistes du journal Le Droit à Ottawa ont suivi la première division canadienne, mais seulement dans le contexte d'Ottawa. Je pense que Moncton, Ottawa, Sudbury et même Winnipeg et Halifax pourraient tous être qualifiés de marchés avec une présence francophone suffisante pour mériter l'attention des médias. I mean, point taken here, but honestly if the <Canadian> league cannot be bothered to put out content in French for the 2-million French speakers outside of Québec, then it's not really <our Canadian leauge>, is it?
  4. If we're looking at markets that have 200k+ in population, I am hereby declaring that Vanier + Orléans/PR, Ontario should be included. There are 296,000 Franco-Ontarians in Eastern Ontario, and of those 90% are in between Ottawa - Hawkesbury. We should have a Franco-Ontarian team, called CS Jeanne D'Arc (named for the street in Orléans, not ripping off the French hero), playing out of Le terrain des Gee-Gees, on Lees Avenue. This stadium already has the added benefit of already having a giant frickin' Franco-Ontarian flag mounted out front. It could also partner with Collège La Cité and uOttawa to snap up some of the local Franco talent to bolster the ranks. I don't know how, but they also need to find a way to make Amanda Simard the mascot, coach, team captain and goalkeeper all at the same time. Yeah, and if Moncton gets a team before Ottawa joins the league, it should be called "Evangeline FC" and play at Stade de Moncton at Université de Moncton. Calling it.
  5. I mean, that's really late to the game, and only after a few people had massive tweet threads about the lack of inclusion (myself included). Like, it's great they're waking up. No criticism there, but there was no consideration, which kinda stings man.
  6. Okay, I disagree with your take here (I don't think he's saying they have only 1 season) but we all just take a moment to be happy that for once FRENCH IS THE TOPIC OF CONVERSATION ON A CANPL ARTICLE!?!?! Honestly this can happen though. Assimilation is real man. Lâchez pas la patate. *happy Franco-ontarien dance*
  7. I've mentioned this before, but the fans in Ottawa really (really) liked Maxime Crépeau, and considered him "ours" - especially in Ottawa's large Francophone community. The fact that he was "on loan" really didn't come into the decision making behind that, because he was here and he wore the colours. I know a lot of people who are proud that even though he was shipped to the Caps from l'Impact, he was made into a quality product here in Ottawa. A lot of the TSN 1200 listeners at my firm are quite convinced he'd still be 3rd sting in Montréal if he wasn't moulded by Ottawa. This club was literally built by castaways, old-timers and loans from L'Impact de Montréal. Most people are comfortable with that, because a team of Ex-Montréalais (among others others) were the ones who almost won the NASL for Ottawa! If adding a few clowns Toronto FC players on loan recreates some of that magic, I'd say the vast majority of us would be okay with that. The back office stuff really isn't a part of the Ottawa sports psyche, in my experience. ...Except when Melnyk is concerned.
  8. His agent has 5 players with Forge FC. It's less "nah... merci" and more, I received an independent competitive offer.
  9. The Impact have been sitting on Maxime Crépeau because he wasn't what they were looking for. They loaned him to Ottawa where he had an absolutely astounding year (watching him tear apart his teammates for their awful defending was the highlight of the season). He is now starting for Vancouver in MLS, which is leaps and bounds ahead of CanPL or USL. Ottawa fans are rightly proud of him, as are many Montréal fans. We still consider him "ours" - especially in the Franco-Ontarian community. He was a boon to the team, and the city. Why deny Canadian talent the ability to advance, simply because they have ambitions in other leagues? Why stymie our national team's development for the branding of a league that is not the highest level of talent in the country? Most importantly, why deny the fans of <insert market here> the ability to watch a quality player at a bargain price? Belgium is clearly a lower level than France next door, and yet tens of thousands tune in to watch. So I don't accept the argument that fans won't accept a "development" league. Especially in markets that MLS is not considering. CanPL is ALWAYS going to be lower quality than MLS, unless Canada's urban markets suddenly get super rich and populaed, attract 15k - 20k fans per game, in 20+ cities, and bring in Drogba-Rooney-Kaka level talent, so why not accept our unique market position and work with what is available? I don't get the "if you're not with us, you're against us" mentality of this board regarding MLS and the Fury... it's a loan, not a vassalization or declaration of subservience.
  10. Stony Monday Riot used to bring this really flimsy looking banner that had ''Ottawa versus everyone'' and 'Ottawa contre tout le monde'' on it which in addition to being bilingual is exactly how I feel right now. I say Ottawa embrace their partnership with l'Impact, embrace their identity as total outsiders, and focus on absolutely crushing CanPL teams in the V-Cup. Totally digging this vibe of league villain.
  11. Not in the least. I will still be there for a few games.
  12. Can we all take a moment to appreciate that a guy based in Philadelphia is asking Canadian fans, in a Canadian supporters group, to drive a Canadian company that is one of 4 established clubs (5 if Edmonton is included) that has actually kicked a ball in the last decade out of business? One that employs a ton of Canadian players, and hires Canadians to work in its administration, I will add.
  13. Can I just say that it's super cool that Chris Mavinga is all about Tweeting in French while wearing TFC red? I hope other players take note, especially in CanPL markets like Halifax where there are a lot of Acadians paying attention, but not engaged. I cannot get my family in Clare to care one bit about this league because it isn't 'ours'. I had a really bad experience at BMO in 2009, and probably won't go back any time soon, but I'll certainly be digging out my old TFC mug on game day now. (Bonus chapeau à Laurent Ciman si il continue de jaser avec les fans en français aussi).
  14. ChrisinOrleans

    CPL General

    I am actually inclined to agree. Historically, every single Canadian team that has ever gone on to continental champions league has done so through the Voyageurs Cup. If we wanted to be different, and honour our traditions, we would continue that. It gives a lot more prestige to the semi-final rounds of the V-cup, which in Montréal are poorly attended. If the two finalists from the cup were sent to CCL, it would make the tournament a lot cooler. This will also exclude our MLS teams, as well as the Fury. Those are all teams that have, you know, actually kicked a ball before... Also, Montréal and Toronto have both made CCL finals in the last 4 seasons, so excluding them from a potential spot is both short sighted on behalf of the CSA, and a little spiteful, given those clubs successes in that league.
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