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  1. 1996

    Doneil Henry

    Please !
  2. 1996

    Doneil Henry

    Sorry but that is an atrocious own goal look at it again no need to try and head a ball when it’s coming to you at that level, it’s harder to try and head that thing than kick it come on!
  3. 1996

    Jonathan David

    Let hope they do then
  4. 1996

    Jonathan David

    When it comes to Millar now hopefully he soon gets loaned somewhere where he is proving himself against men we know what he can do against guys around his own age, until then in my eyes does not start in a national team with everyone avalaible .
  5. 1996

    Doneil Henry

    What choice he had, the guy has been doing crap like this as long as I can remember, defenders are like surgeons they have to almost be mistake free , a surgeon makes one mistake and it can cost a life , I know I’m being overly dramatic here compare a defender to a surgeon lol, but soccer is such a low scoring game and usually it’s just the one goal that decides games unfortunately, you can be having a mistake free game and then make that one bonehead mistake and that’s all you will be remembered for, and unfortunately as a defender Henry’s career has been full of them and everytime it happens the same people come on here to defend this guy , sorry but I more or less gave up on this guy a long time ago and it’s just a matter of time before people are on here defending his next brain fart lol. Moreover, I just went and had a look at that own goal, how can anyone try to take the blame away from this guy on that play , that is bloody atrocious, why does he even try to head that ball in the first place? It’s a low cross , why does he lower his head and try to head a bloody ball that is coming across his body at such a level, it’s at a perfect level to just kick it in the stands or kick it wherever away from the net!
  6. 1996

    Doneil Henry

    Sorry bud but this guy has been mistake prone since he started playing with TFC and also with national teams at every age level he has played at for Canada , he is a mistake machine I don’t need anymore proof from this guy.
  7. 1996

    Jonathan David

    No it’s not!
  8. 1996

    York 9 2019 launch/offseason thread

    I’m wondering will Brennan tell his players they should play for the love of the game like he told his Aurora L 1 players when he was the so called coach of the Aurora L 1 team, while he was making over 100 000 a year as the Aurora youth soccer club Cheif Executive , it’s funny Aurora had all that money to pay Brennan all that money but had no money for their L 1 team lol, soccer in Canada eh lol and we wonder why we have we have not made the Hex for so long never mind the World Cup and why with all the registered youth soccer players we have not produced more players , hopefully things are changing but just think of all the wasted years and waisted money.
  9. 1996

    Alphonso Davies

    It was set up this way because of all the other failed attempts of pro soccer leagues, with the old NASL, that spent its way to North America’s famous graveyard of pro soccer leagues in 1984, set up as a single entity which at the inception of MLS was the best way they found to try and finally sustain a pro soccer league in North America. All the other ways of attempts to sustain pro soccer leagues had failed miserably up to 1996, and so far so good it’s 2018 and the MLS is still around probably one of the longest running pro soccer leagues at this level ever in recent memories and one of the most successful so far in the history of pro soccer in North America , while the single entity thing may look like a joke I think it’s still needed because we’re talking about soccer about pro soccer in North America which has a history of dead pro leagues baried in graveyards throughout the US and Canada. Moreover, this is what a league like MLS was dealing with when it started this stench of dead soccer leagues before them and unfortunately this is what our new CPL also has to be mindful of when any decisions are made by its owners and don’t think for one minute every CPL owner is not mindful of the past when making decisions, we as fans might not like some of the decisions even a league like the CPL might make but it’s not our money they are dealing with its theirs, so they are going to make decisions just like the MLS did when it went to the single entity league to try and make sure this league can survive , what the CPL does have that the MLS did not was any history of any soccer leagues in North America that was so called successful and had not gone belly up, the CPL at least has the MLS as proof that a pro soccer league can survive and be somewhat successful making decisions that can help them survive and succeed.
  10. 1996

    CPL Stadiums Thread

    No it shouldn’t be a dream this is the type of stadium teams should strive for , a proper roof covering all the stands , stands on all four sides with a proper roof on each stand, a fully enclosed looking stadium with a nice 8 to 10000 seating capacity, a stadium like that full ? Could you imagine the atmosphere, people would definitely want to come back win or lose.
  11. 1996

    Mark-Anthony Kaye

    Sorry Osario starts in my books you find a way to get your best players on the field at the same time, this is the Canadian national soccer team we are talking about a team who up until recently was populated with unattached FC players .
  12. 1996

    Stance on Qatar 2022

    I love it when I hear the phrase “ if the game is ever going to catch on in this country “, I think it already has, just look at the amount of soccer on TV from some of the top leagues in the World plus all of the major tournaments , plus our 3 MLS teams drawing well, all the kids that play soccer and now a national league from coast to coast. It’s already got on in Canada and just a matter of time that we start producing a lot of quality players. It’s part of the Canadian sporting landscape just like all the other sports here in Canada, the 2026 World Cup will just make it even bigger .
  13. 1996

    Russia World Cup 2018

    My My point is that after all these years now of Canadian TV covering the World Cup , and with the good ratings they get every World Cup you would think they would spend some money and send these guys over there, like they do for the Olympics, it gives it a different feel when they have guys on the ground at the place of the event, now it just seems like I’m watching a regular EPL game or MLS game with the same guys in the same studio, at least the US spends some money and has people there in a studio in Russia , no matter how bad one thinks of the American studio guys and what they have to say, at least they are there not thousands miles away .
  14. 1996

    1986 vs. 2026

    If the World Cup in 2026 goes to groups of 3 teams, then after the first game of the group play the second games will be unwatchable , get ready for every second game being just kick abouts like the last part of the Japan Poland game today or most of the France Denmark game yesterday where teams will know that a tie for both teams will get them through, so all they will do is just pass the ball back and forth and waiste time to get a tie. Knowing FIFA and how corrupt and stupid they are they will still stick with a 3 team division setup even knowing that this will go on with 3 team divisions, it will be unwatchable after the first games .
  15. 1996

    Russia World Cup 2018

    I’m tired of our boring Canadian TV coverage, every World Cup we have guys in a studio here in Canada covering the World Cup far away , spend some money and send these guys to the location like the US does every World Cup , Fox has a studio right in Red Square in Moscow , in Brazil in 2014 ABC had a studio right in Rio on the main beach in Rio, but here in Canada every World Cup every four years our TV coverage consist of guys in a studio here in Toronto boring as shit!
  16. 1996

    TFC 2018

    Great piece that brings back so many memories I was 12 years old , I remember that championship in 1976 and remember watching that final game from Seattle versus the Minnesota Kicks , the game was on national tv on the CBS network in the US it was Toronto’s last major North American soccer championship until TFC won the MLS Cup last season. My dad took me to at least 5 or 6 games a season starting in 1973ish when they were just called the Metros before the Croatian community bought a major stake in the team and renamed them the Toronto Metros Croatia up until they sold the team in 1978 to the then owners of Global Television and they renamed the team the Toronto Blizzard and they moved the team to the old exhibition stadium where BMO now sits from the old Varsity Stadium. Great memories and a load of thanks goes to the Croatian community who kept the team alive and even won a championship .
  17. 1996

    2026 WC Bid?

    Actually Nick was a very good soccer player in his day played on some good local Toronto area men’s teams from what I remember and pretty sure he was a striker .
  18. 1996

    CPL Stadiums Thread

    It’s a bit nicer I’ll admit with the other second stand over the original lower stand on the east stand so now you have a second level of stands on the east side , and of course you now have a roof over the east and west and south stands but especially the south roof is only there for looks it does not cover anything when it rains even the other two roofs don’t help too much when it rains, the back of all three stands are open as are the sides of all three stands , so when it rains it will blow in from the sides and the open backs of the stands, the stadium is still much too open for my liking , I just like more enclosed looking stadiums like the one in Winnipeg just my preference I guess.
  19. 1996

    2026 WC Bid?

    You have not been following this thread, many on here were not too keen on this bid because of US getting most of the games.
  20. 1996

    2026 WC Bid?

    Yes yes and yes ha ha ha just beautiful, my condolences to all the soccer fans on these forums who were against this I feel for you all!
  21. 1996

    2026 WC Bid?

    I forget this is a soccer forum I’m on sometimes , that I have to defend Canada trying to get a piece of soccer’s greatest tournament, I would understand if I was on a non sports forum or a general sports forum having to defend this but on a Canadian soccer forum having to defend something that will only help the sport grow even more in our country feels strange. Moreover, with a new national league starting next year and the boost getting a piece of the World Cup in Canada even as small it will be will give to the momentum of the CPL will be immense . The timing of getting some World Cup games and the launch of the CPL is perfect if some people can’t see this then what can I say expecially on a Canadian soccer forum, oh well , anyways in just a few hours we will know so if the United bid loses we can just shut down this thread and continue on and don’t have to talk about this anymore.
  22. 1996

    2026 WC Bid?

    A let me ask you this are you a Canadian national team supporter, do you cheer for Canada making it to the World Cup if the answer is yes then your cheering for Canada to go play in a tournament that is run by an organization that runs a tournament in whatever country is hosting at the time that goes into a country and asks for tax exemptions, circumvents that countries labour laws and asks that country not to subject it to standard foreign exchange rules. If your against all that then you should not support a national team that goes and plays in such a tournament run by an organization that does all that.
  23. 1996

    2026 WC Bid?

    I’m a bloody soccer fan first it’s the only sport I really care about and I’ve been one for all my 53 years here in Canada, born and raised here in an environment that unlike a good chunk of the world soccer is not king here. Now if I’m still around in around 8 years and I’m still decent health I have an opportunity to go watch of few World Cup games right here in my country and I’m going to say no to that because it’s not all of our own bid and the fact we are only getting 10 games, really no bloody way , bring it on , 10 World Cup games in my country for the sport that I love and one of the biggest sporting events in the world playing some games here in Canada and me as a soccer mad fan saying no to that ,no bloody way bring it on . Think about the attention it will bring soccer to Canada it’s been improving a lot with our MLS teams and the woman’s national the past 10 years or so but think of how much more attention it will bring the sport in Canada if the United bid wins. Moreover, this will come at a perfect time with the CPL starting next year it will only get the momentum going even more for the CPL if the United bid wins, you think the people behind the CPL are not wanting the bid to win , you can bet your life on it they want and hope it wins, it’s a win win for Canadian soccer if this United bid wins and let’s all keep our fingers crossed the United bid wins this damn thing!
  24. 1996

    Jonathan Osorio

    Maybe even a lower table English Premiership team if he keeps improving.