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  1. If Osorio keeps playing the way he did tonight their will be no need for some foreign player to come here and take his job I don't care how much money TFC have to go get another player, if the other Canadian players new ones and ones in the MLS already can step up their game and play like Osorio played tonight they will keep playing and stay on the field and I'm talking to you Champan and you Edwards , both of these guys have had some decent games but then followed my many bad games if they can find the consistency that's needed when they are called upon to play they will play more and play over the foreign player .
  2. So tonight's game lacked quality and intensity ok I guess I know nothing about the game and don't have a clue, It's the MLS it's an American league so it has to be crap I guess.
  3. CPL General

    I won't disagree with you and I hope that I being a TFC fan that say a city like Edmonton for example can one day win the CPL championship in the final at home in front of 30 000 delirious fans does happen one day, and I hope it will be like Toronto where the mainstream media has given this championship tremendous coverage , I hope this for any city in the new CPL to attain the same amount of people in the stadium and attain the same amount of coverage that this TFC club is getting here in Toronto for soccer fans in other Canadian cities to one day be able to celebrate a CPL championship like us TFC fans are celebrating , I hope for the CPL to one day be so popular that winning a CPL championship is a big deal like it is in Toronto where all media have gotten behind this victory, because when you see a sport you love finally get all this attention after so many years it's a beautiful thing, no matter how many Canadians were on the field, hopefully the CPL being a Canadian only league will have a lot more Canadians so that should be even better, but for us TFC soccer fans and general Toronto soccer fans seeing TFC win is so special, even more than the Jays, Leafs Raptors and all of the other Toronto sports teams winning because it's done by a team in a sport a lot of us TFC fans love more than the others.
  4. TFC’s Marky Delgado an American born and raised in California was singing the Canadian national anthem at the beginning of the game during the anthems, that was nice to see , maybe he is telling us something lol, but nice to see that.
  5. Jonathan Osorio

    Osorio played one of the best games I’ve ever seen him play and to do it in a championship final game at that is very impressive, one of the best players on the field today.
  6. Yup remember those losses and finally after those losses and last years loss we finally win , to be in that stadium tonight and watch Toronto finally win in front of those incredible fans was so special what a feeling.
  7. MLS Player Development

    Haha I just enjoy watching soccer and have been all my life still remember supporting the old NASL going to Toronto Blizzard games in the late 70's and early 80's. Saddest day for me was when the old NASL folded in 1984, it was sad because the Blizzard had a decent following and attendances were between 10 to 20000 a game not bad for soccer in Toronto in those days and they even got some ok mainstream media attention, remember no internet or anything back then so mainstream media is all we had and of course no internet fan forums to debate everything, it felt kind of big time and even had a good share of Canadian players, Wes McLeod, Gerry Gray, Branko Segota, Robert Iarusci , Bruce Wilson and Bob Lenarduzzi to name a few. I remember also cheering for the Vancouver Whitecaps when they won it all in I think 1979 and the big parade and celebration that followed in Vancouver after they won . When the league folded it was not until TFC in 2007 that club soccer felt big again in my city and going to watch a game felt like a big event again something I was deprived of for 23 years . Therefore, going to games and seeing all these people supporting our local team game in game out is something that I thought I would never see again and I'm enjoying it. Last night at the TFC and Columbus game I was on the edge of my seat just like last years Montreal Toronto second leg game at BMO and when TFC advanced to the second MLS Cup that the majority of Canadians don't care about it felt amazing a great escape from everyday life, the more than 30000 people cared and went crazy for a team playing soccer in a Canadian city that I thought would never happen in my lifetime after the old NASL folded in 1984, the great media coverage this playoff is getting in the city is great. Now yes it would be nice if more Canadian players were on the field but you have to put the best players out there you think can get the job done and this is what it's all about, I'm not going to miss out engaging myself in a sport I love by not following my cities pro team because there are not enough Canadian players and miss out in all the fun that winning entails for a fan. Moreover, life is too short I'm going to enjoy this team and this league as long as I can. Things are changing with Canadian eligibility rules when it comes to Canadian players coming through academies and being able to play for any US or Canadian MLS teams and eventually you will see more Canadians, but I'm enjoying my team and this league something I was not able to do for a long time before TFC and the MLS came along. This is not popular on this board I understand but I'm enjoying this team and league because it's soccer and I'm in a crazy atmosphere of people going ballistic over a soccer team, not a baseball, hockey or basketball team but soccer something I never thought I would experience again in Canada, yes of course one day it will be nice to be in the stadium and hear that final whistle that puts Canada back in the World Cup but my club team winning the MLS Cup is the next best thing even though the rest of Canada could not care less!
  8. 2019 FIBA World Cup Qualifying

    Oh please no "World Cup of Basketball" similar to hockey that was a joke of a tournament. basketball is big enough world wide that teams should be qualifying to the World Cup, in hockey there are just what maybe 9 countries that can play at a decent level then there is a huge drop off. That's why in hockey you can have an invitational made up tournament and just invite the main countries, in basketball there are a lot of good countries playing the game and yes the US is still miles better than everyone else but after the US a lot of countries can fight for that number 2 ranking unlike hockey. When you call something a World Cup like hockey did and teams don't have to qualify it shows that the sport does not have enough good teams to have a need for qualifying, however, basketball does it's not like soccer but still there are many good countries and a qualifying process is needed to determine teams to the World Cup.
  9. 2017 MLS Expansion Draft

    Soccer is not like any of the other big sports in North America there is so much talent to choose from world wide, look at Atlanta with the success they had on the field and some of the new talented players they brought in, with proper scouting they are many young and older players around the world that can be brought in and add new talent to the MLS with these expansion teams, look for LAFC to be like Atlanta and have an immediate impact on the league with new players they bring in.
  10. 2017 MLS Expansion Draft

    I agree in a certain way having been old enough to follow and attend the old Toronto Blizzard of the old NASL, however, so far most of the expansion teams that have been coming into the MLS in the past 10 years have been pretty successful off the field so so far so good.
  11. Confirmed: FC Edmonton whitdraws from NASL

    I still believe that if the MLS expanded to Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and even Ottawa it would work, however, it's not happening so the next best thing is for the CPL to get off the ground and with proper marketing and with natural rivals built in that the NASL never had for a city like Edmonton maybe it can be sustainable , start with trying to get crowds of 5000 and then grow from there, get companies to invest in modular stadiums, modular stadiums built with soccer in mind. I will guarantee you that if most CPL teams were to play in 4 sided 5 to 10000 seat modular stadiums this thing would take off. Look at the MLS when the majority of teams were playing in big NFL stadiums the atmosphere sucked and attendances were pretty bad, with the smaller soccer specific stadiums built attendances got better and the league became more sustainable, stadiums and atmosphere play such a big role therefore this is something the CPL needs to eventually try to get most teams into soccer specific type stadiums as much as possible.
  12. New Canadian stadiums

    Good news possibly for the CFL and possibly the Canadian men's and women's national soccer team and even for bringing some international soccer club exhibition games , however, for a possible CPL team the stadium will be too big, the CPL needs to try and go the small stadium route and if possible the small modular stadium but I know that's easier said than done , however, it's good news for the CFL and possibly the Canadian national soccer teams it gives them another venue to play in and spread the national teams both men's and women's games around the country.
  13. Confirmed: FC Edmonton whitdraws from NASL

    In terms of keeping the academy it all depends on what kind of academy they are keeping, if it's a free to play academy then yes It's a positive because why spend all that money on an academy if you have no aspirations of eventually bringing a pro team back to Edmonton in a future CPL. However, if it's a pay for play Academy as most are in Canada then I would not read that much into it in regards to bring back a pro team, because then they would just be keeping it as a business where parents pay to have their kids play and they can actually turn a profit like many soccer pay for play academies do in Canada.
  14. # of MLSers @ RUSSIA 2018

    The standard of living in Costa Rica to Canada and the US is like night and day and Toronto is one of the most expensive cities to live in so ticket prices go with the territory my friend , what does the average worker make in Toronto compared to someone in San Jose Costa Rica it's all relative. Entertainment in Toronto no matter what you are doing is expensive I know I live here and going to watch even a soccer game in Toronto even in the MLS is not cheap it's Toronto one of the richest cities in the world nothing is cheap here my friend .
  15. Molham Babouli

    The guy has guts I must say to be playing in a war torn country like that, big props to him I hope he makes it back to our national team one day just for the fact he is more or less risking his life for the love of playing a sport he loves.