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  1. hah hah USA Eliminated from WC

    Sure but still the US with many MLS players and Costa Rica have actually done pretty good in World Cups not only qualifying so many times in the past but once they are there have done pretty good with MLS players in the World Cup finals.
  2. hah hah USA Eliminated from WC

    A bunch of MLS players will be in the World Cup next year from Concacaf just not any American or Canadian players .
  3. hah hah USA Eliminated from WC

    The soccer haters in North America are loving this, can’t wait for all the soccer hating writers to come out and hate . If your a soccer fan here in Canada this is not good for both countries and the popularity of soccer in North America, ya I know many on here will disagree but our countries are so connected like no other two countries in the world.
  4. FC Edmonton 2017 season

    Good to see that FC Edmonton's attendance has improved, it's nice to see highlight's of games from Edmonton with most of the stands full, the owner's of FC Edmonton have put a lot of money into this organization from top to bottom. My only concern is the league they play in the NASL. of course if this CPL ever gets off the ground and I'll believe when I actually see a game played, that's where they should be. However, for now they need to move into the USL, they can play in a division with teams closer to them, which means less travel, and in a leaghue that is growing and a lot more stable than the NASL which every season seems to be on it's death bed.
  5. Octavio Zambrano

    In terms of coaches find Canadian coaches first, guys that have had some success winning and coaching actual teams, rather than guys who have never really actually coached teams but have been technical directors or you know camp directors. We need guys who know what it’s like to coach teams to win, to know what’s it’s like to coach under pressure and make adjustments. Look everywhere for Canadian coaches, some are right in our backyard. They are a few coaches even in the amateur ranks, or even at the University and College levels here in Canada who year in year out win national championships, have a look at guys like that who know how to coach and win.
  6. Hanson Boakai

    Can’t compare him to Adu , Adu actually looked like he belonged and looked like the real deal in his early years in the MLS, and in the 2007 U20 World Cup in Canada was one of the better players in that World Cup in Canada, while Bokai has never shined playing for FC Edmonton or the youth national teams.
  7. Ayo Akinola

    Please with this crap about TFC telling the kid to go play for the US , the US came calling and because he was born there decided to play in a national youth set up he thinks can give him more exporsure because of the fact the US youth teams seem to qualify for on a greater consistent basis to the youth world cups a lot more than Canada, he is playing in the current U17 World Cup while Canada as usual is staying home. But of course let’s blame TFC instead of the same useless coaches we get over and over again coaching these youth Canadian national teams.
  8. MLS to open an office in Canada

    With the three MLS Canadian team and their academies and the new rule where any players that were signed from the age of 16 I think will be counted as domestic players throughout all of the MLS teams Canadian and American , this will help immensely in giving Canadian players more chances of making an MLS team, which will increase the Canadian player pool for the national team , moreover, any players who came through an non MLS Canadian Academy that is one that is recognized and accredited by the MLS like a Sigma for example will also be recognized as a domestic player throughout all of the MLS teams Canadian and American teams will give Canadian players even more chances to play in the MLS. Of course if the MLS just made Canadian players domestic regardless where they played their youth soccer and were developed like they should have done and still should do from the start, this would be the best solution for Canadian players, however, with these new changes regarding Canadian players you should see a dramatic increase of Canadian players in the MLS in the years to come.
  9. Canadian Arena Soccer Association

    So is this Mexican team really from Mexico or are these guys local Mexican players being passed on as players from the Mexico indoor national team? Where are they getting the money to fly these guys in and feed them and put them up in a hotel?
  10. Luca Gasparotto

    League 1 Ontario soon if things don't improve, but have to say that having watched the Scottish top division lately on Sportnet World I'm not too impressed with the level, even a Glasgow Rangers would not be a shoe in to be a top team in even MLS from what I've seen of them this season, and forget about the other teams in that league not including Celtic but not impressed by the level of soccer.
  11. Doneil Henry

    No don't think so I've seen enough of him during TFC days and with national team, and expecially with this years TFC team last night's game not included it was a one off hopefully, anyways Henry would not start for this TFC team and have difficulty making the bench, and before I get all jumped over I'm just going by what I've seen of him during TFC time and with the national team, I've not seen him play for over a year now , however, unless he has dramatically improved no way he can start on TFC way too mistake prone.
  12. When was the last time a Canadian player if ever scored a goal in a league game in front of over 71 000 people like Larin did today in Atlanta.
  13. Doneil Henry

    I'm sorry but I'm surprised people still think this guy will turn out to be a useful player for the national team. I've seen enough of him throughout the years that I just don't see it. I know he played on some of the worst TFC teams ever and he was surrounded by bad coaches and players but he was just as bad as those TFC players he played with and it was no coincidence that he played on some of the worst defences in MLS history and he was part of them. Moreover, has never impressed me with the national team he has to be the most mistake prone defenders I have ever scene I've lost track of how many times his mistakes led to goals for both TFC and country. I hope he proves me wrong and becomes a useful part of our national team and has a good career whever he ends up, but so far from what I've seen of him over the years I'm surprised he is still playing the game at a good level.
  14. Hanson Boakai

    Actually not bad considering he was going nowhere fast in the last little while, remember it's still Italy one of the top playing soccer countries in the world. It's still an ok level, some people on here are making it sound as if it is an amateur league which it is not, a good move actually, and then just on a enjoyment of life level, nothing wrong with living a year or two in Italy , I wish I was young again and had a chance to play soccer in Italy for a season or two.