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  1. CPL General

    All that can reasonably be deduced at the moment is that there was optimism in the Vancouver area heading into this meeting which is where there has also been the most recent visible activity on trademarks and on securing a stadium deal with a municipality (while in contrast GTA cheerleaders like Rollins and Totera were keeping quiet as far as I am aware), and that something happened related to one or more of the other cities to slow things down. Presumably they already knew about FC Edmonton folding and Tom Fath`s vocal skepticism about sustainability heading in so it was probably something in addition to or in response to that, which halted the anticipated imminent announcement. Edit: also Hamilton on the optimism given the Scott Mitchell stay tuned tweet.
  2. CPL General

    Interesting things are happening behind the scenes apparently:
  3. CPL General

    Nobody's forcing you to read any of this, if that's the way you feel. Just realized that K/W isn't on that list of 300k markets due to there being multiple municipalities involved, but even with them factored in you only get to 10 non-MLS markets with strong independent media that would be available to cover a team in a hometown heroes sort of way plus Surrey. Not difficult to see how Paul Beirne's ten markets that are expected to get there eventually which are at various points on a spectrum of readiness would have been arrived at in other words, which is the point that was being hinted at that seems to have flown over your head.
  4. CPL General

    Only if Vaughan, Markham, Mississauga, Brampton and Laval could be made to work, which is dubious. When those five fall away and you leave out the big three you wind up with 10 markets with Saskatoon included and with the exception of London and Quebec City those ten are pretty much the ones we are hearing news and leaked information about. If 300,000 is the cut-off you can probably forget ever seeing pro-rel.
  5. CPL General

    An interview for Red Card, perhaps? For once I have to side with Pat Carrasco to a certain extent. If Tom Fath is still showing up it's because his possible future participation is conditional on something that the Ticats and Blue Bombers have yet to agree to or demonstrate to him. My money would be on team budgets being downsized to a level he views as sustainable more than TV, sponsorship etc which are not under the control of the two confirmed investor groups, but that's pure speculation on my part and not "misinformation" before Soefeia gets on my case again.
  6. Raheem Edwards

    MLS teams have enough foreign spots available to them to make that nothing like as big an issue as some people make it out to be on here. If a player is good enough teams will be interested. Was surprised he was left unprotected but with a roster as deep as TFC's there were no doubt difficult decisions to be made.
  7. CPL General

    Confirmed: Hamilton, Winnipeg working on stadium deals but not sorted out yet: Halifax (approved in principle with amendments), Saskatoon, Surrey reported to be interested but nothing visible so far on stadiums: K/W press release that they are monitoring what is happening but no decision to join yet: Ottawa just folded but left the door slightly ajar: Edmonton possible leak online pointing to a team being in the works: Calgary recent newspaper stories about possible interest: St John's
  8. CPL new teams speculation

    New investors in pro soccer often talk a good game about being willing to do that sort of thing in advance, but many quickly pull the plug when faced with the reality and it only takes a couple of those to potentially sink the whole project when franchise numbers are as tight as they are with CanPL. The problem is finding an economic model that fits the Ticats apparent desire to be viewed as being reasonably competitive with TFC rather than being a farm league that is a clear step down and also what is likely to be sustainable in smaller cities like Halifax and Saskatoon.
  9. 2017 Toronto FC season (aka the 2017 MLS Cup clinching thread)

    Didn't think at the time that there was any danger of the people directly involved losing focus like that. Given Canadian MLS teams usually take the Champions League seriously unlike some of the American ones we can now start looking forward to seeing what this team can do outside MLS. A game at BMO Field in February sould be interesting from a weather standpoint: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_CONCACAF_Champions_League All the Mexican teams being in Pot 1 helps where the Round of 16 is concerned.
  10. CPL General

    Whatever dude. I'm too busy dancing on the ceiling right now courtesy of youtube clips over what I hoped would happen eventually when I was sending all those posts to Bigsoccer 12 years ago or so. Wish I was in Toronto right now as I am sure a great time is still being had by all even after closing time at Shoeless Joe's but my career took me away from southern Ontario and I have no regrets about that.
  11. MLS increases TAM from $1.2 million to $4 million for the 2018, 2019 seasons.

    As long as the homegrown player rule gives teams an extra edge then I am confident they will. Players like Edwards, Osorio and Chapman had a role to play in TFC's success this season, because the big money players from elsewhere get injured, suspended and called up for international duty. Would be good if CanPL could play a role in that rather than going full NASL and trying to be a rival when they don't have the resources to genuinely compete. Never go full NASL.
  12. MLS increases TAM from $1.2 million to $4 million for the 2018, 2019 seasons.

    That's the way to look at it, in my opinion. Having a league where more of our very best players will want to stay home would be huge. Changed days from when the question was whether Chris Pozniak would come back from Haugesund.
  13. CPL General

    A few cranks can stew in their own bile. The rest of us will celebrate a great victory for Canadian soccer and another huge step forward for the acceptance of our sport as one of the major leagues alongside hockey, basketball, baseball and football.
  14. CPL new teams speculation

    I think CanPL has a bit of an identity crisis at the moment. It appears to want to be viewed as the soccer version of the CFL and key people involved clearly can't even tolerate the notion of having any sort of developmental role for MLS but circumstances also dictate playing in some relatively small markets given Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal have USSF sanctioned D1 teams, and as you describe above those markets may be better suited to something lower budget than what is normally rumoured, which is a better fit for the CFL owners in 750k + metro areas. Worth noting that the wildly successful Saskatchewan Rush that are mentioned above are currently playing in a cross-border nine team league and a Canada only league seems unlikely given franchises have not worked out previously in Vancouver (trying again in Langley but still relatively low crowds), Edmonton, Hamilton, Ottawa and Montreal. Maybe CanPL would take off like that in one of the cities in a FC Cincinnati and Saskatchewan Rush sort of way, but the difficult part is getting it to work in enough cities simultaneously on a relatively high break even so that the whole league can be stable in a Canada only format.
  15. Confirmed: FC Edmonton whitdraws from NASL

    The point I made was that having a Canadian league doesn't automatically lead to a different outcome from what happened with FC Edmonton. The Brickmen were part of a league that had a game of the week being shown on TSN along with regular coverage on SportsCentre and there was never any problem getting CSL related match reports and standings into the inside pages of the sports sections of daily newspapers at a time when circulation was a lot higher than now so it wasn't quite as low visibility as Ivan is implying, but most people still found a way to be oblivious to it as happened with FC Edmonton, who also did get a reasonable level of media coverage and were not some huge hidden away secret. The biggest problem then and now is getting the large numbers of soccer enthusiasts that are out there to take the local product seriously and start buying tickets at prices needed to break even rather than only showing up sporadically if you hand out lots of freebies or have massively discounted group sales. MLS uses reasonably high salary budgets and DP signings to overcome that hurdle that arguably place it ahead of the CFL in that sort of regard. It's not clear that a scale of investment comparable to the USL and the NASL gets the job done effectively enough in terms of being sustainable financially because the economic model for doing it successfully in North America has yet to emerge, although there are some encouraging outliers like Cincinnati to provide some reasons to believe.