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  1. New kit deal with Adidas

    Suspect he's not hugely out of tune with how most soccer people see this at the moment, if you get away from this board, which is not hugely representative of Canadian soccer fans given the strong CMNT focus, because unfortunately the national team has never been adopted to the extent it should have been. We have been assured big things were just around the corner going at least as far back as the summer of 2015: https://archive.org/details/TwoSolitudesSoccerPodcast94ACanadianLeagueFinallyAndGoldCup and now after you all bought the t-shirts even 2018 probably isn't happening by all accounts. Even though CanPL now has a reasonable shot at actually happening (the amount of things that need to fall neatly into place on stadium issues shouldn't be underestimated) and is looking a lot more solid than it ever did previously probably based mainly on stuff that happened after Paul Beirne was hired late last year, if you cry wolf misleadingly often enough a lot of people will eventually stop listening by the time the genuine article finally starts to approach.
  2. CPL General

    Before that in the aftermath of the moratorium being imposed (fall of 2010?) there was the Easton report study that started in 2011 and the attempt to launch a D2 league on the back of the 2015 Women's World Cup. Things took a detour when Jim Easton concluded that a U-23 regional focus was the better way to go.
  3. CPL Stadium Thread

    I suspect that twenty years from now it will be like Nene Park of Rushden and Diamonds or a rugby league team like Swinton will be using it given Salford is traditionally rugby league territory as that is what tends to happen with small clubs that have a meteoric rise a rich guy's play thing in a UK context (Gretna would be the Scottish example but they never got around to building a stadium although they talked about it), but that stadium and the similar one built by FCUM are definitely not bad templates for what could be done in one of the smaller Canadian markets like Saskatoon if somebody with deep enough pockets got involved. Key is to keep capacity reasonably close to what you can conceivably usually draw as nothing kills the atmosphere and makes a game look like bush league level North American soccer like the acres of empty seats you see on an Ottawa Fury youtube clip.
  4. CPL General

    Not even on their radar when they were asked about it earlier this year and subsequent events are consistent with the Faths always having been the potentially interested group in Edmonton even if it was too soon to go public as they still had tickets to sell in the NASL and CanPL was/is no sure thing, so earlier speculation to the contrary was probably misleading. If you need 5000 to be successful in a CanPL context then Clarke Stadium is sufficient for now. The city council has talked about looking at a larger medium sized stadium if FCE ever start consistently selling out.
  5. NASL Expansion for 2018

    So a NISA-NASL merger at D2 level, basically, if they get the injunction?
  6. CPL General

    As an existing founding member are they not already in? If the big CanPL meeting last month decided that a 2018 launch wasn't happening, I suspect this has all been taken care of behind the scenes and the only issue is whether they get the injunction or not to stay at D2.
  7. CPL General

  8. CPL General

    The other angle is that if you want to get along with local youth clubs and use them to generate group sales taking their best players into an academy setup is usually not a good way to build a good relationship with them because coaches and administrators tend to resent losing their best players and no longer being the big fish in a small pond locally. The Ottawa Fury who rely heavily on youth soccer group sales shut down their academy that had been in place since their PDL days at the end of 2016, for example.
  9. CPL General

    I have watched the video. I supplied the timing for where that answer started if you check back. The quotes youhave taken the time to provide sounded to me like a very long winded way of saying, "I don't know but there will no doubt be more news soon". My point is that there is no evidence that Kurt Larson is hugely in the loop where CanPL is concerned (has he ever broken a story on that beyond MLSE's take on things?) and any more likely to know when things will be announced than anyone posting in this thread, with the possible exception of kodiakTFC who claims to have an inside source where the last big CanPL meeting was concerned and to have been told that 2018 is not happening. On balance, my money is on kodiakTFC having the inside info in this particular case and I don't see anything in what Kurt Larson said that actually contradicts that given his big announcement could revolve around 2019, but time will tell.
  10. CPL General

    Was he going to say that he isn't really in the loop on this and knows no more than the people listening to his podcast, because his TFC III column around this time last year didn't go down too well with the people that matter where CanPL are concerned given there was no attempt to balance MLSE's take on things with their perspective? He is the TFC beat writer for the Toronto Sun, so he is maybe not the most likely journalist to be fully tuned in on this compared to somebody like Steve Milton at the Hamilton Spectator who has a closer working relationship with the Ticats.
  11. CPL General

    Was that what he said? Sounded more to me like when he thought the best time to make an announcement would be in news cycle terms. Think the issue that may have been the pivotal one for a 2018 launch could have been Halifax not closing the deal yet on the pop-up and there being no Soccer Nova Scotia event last month. Without them it's difficult to see the pathway to 6 for 2018 even with Ottawa and Edmonton on board plus Hamilton and Winnipeg to make four, because the other builder markets are not far enough along or have already ruled themselves out in Saskatoon's case. You need a scenario like the OSA Soccer Centre and Swangard at that point, because there is a very limited number of viable pre-existing venues for this.
  12. CPL General

  13. CPL General

    I am posting from my workplace during some down time, so I am well aware of that. He could simply have waited until the story was finished and posted it then, but what he did was the twitter version of a prolonged drum roll to build suspense. Perhaps worth bearing in mind that they are losing into seven figures per season. The financial angle probably isn't the main consideration, because if it was they would have long since folded by now. As things stand the year out thing will probably be determined by whether the NASL gets its injuction or not and it is still not fully clear (maybe Nipun Chopra is about to tell us otherwise) that CanPL is their preferred plan A, if the NASL is able to turn things around in a big way between now and 2019. Holding all those class B shares might become quite lucrative at that point.
  14. CPL General

    This guy knows how to be the centre of attention.
  15. CPL General

    The relative stabilities of their leagues and likely future franchise values are an easy way to rationalize that if it's accurate, but overall I'd be cautious as Nipun Chopra has a mixed track record when it comes to revealing stuff like this. He had the NASL pretty much dead and buried last year only for it to bounce back. You also have to question how he would always be able to get the inside scoop or whether he is extrapolating from what he knows for sure and is peddling educated guesses to try to smoke out more information through gaining enough attention on twitter that the people involved feel compelled to confirm or deny it. Beyond that Ottawa and Edmonton probably wouldn't announce anything officially unless/until CanPL is a done deal with a firm launch date and even 2019 is still a question mark until at least some of Halifax, K/W, Saskatoon, Surrey and the probably two more that have yet to surface in mainstream media terms have been able to finalize their stadium arrangements.