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    Liam Millar

    Wanted to share these photos of Liam's shirt that his family had framed for him from his senior debut! He's a proper proud Canadian!! It's up in his room in Liverpool!!
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    Liam Millar

    i sat on this for a week, after turning down approaches from Porto and a few premier league clubs after a chat with Klopp Liam decided to sign a new long term contract and head out on Loan to Kilmarnock..,Really happy and excited for the opportunity for Liam...Here's to him going and smashing up the SPL!!! Buzzing!!! Sent from a hotel in Kilmanock!!!!
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    Liam Millar

    Trust me when I say It would only be a loan Liam is going no where permanently anytime soon.(I would know) He is very happy at Liverpool and very highly rated, he is being developed as a back up in the Firmino mould... but understands the need for first team football to help develop his game. Last thing we want is for him to be a just in case player it would stifle his development... ATM it seems he is going to stay at LFC playing in the Premier league 2 with Liverpool FC u23s and pushing for fist team opportunities in the Caribou Cup. With him likely to go out on loan in January. He is gutted to have not gone on the first team tour to the USA but LFC had 6 players return from loan Origi. Ojo Wilson, Sturridge, Kent and Markovic... Wilson has gone to Derby Kent to Rangers...once more players go out on loan he should be in training with the first team. He is right on the fringe of the first team atm.. The one thing I never really got as a player(I played for a short time for Charlton 25 years ago...)was the mental side and how important it is..in my day u just got on with it... Liam has a mental skills coach through the club, that deals with set backs(like not going on tour, or being dropped back down) and dealing with ups and downs of the game, and injuries...it has really helped him... at the level Liam is at now that is the difference maker and the thing we lack in Canada.. the players that can deal and push through are the ones that go on to make it. The journey is a real rollercoaster ride of success and failure... sorry long post...
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    Liam Millar

    A few more sorry proud!!
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    Liam Millar

    So a bit of an update. This experience has been exactly what Liam needed. Scotland has been a blast, he was thrown right in but hit the ground running. He's now had two really good first team substitute appearances and is really growing as a player. It's the small things you don't get from youth football. The day to day competition and struggle of working towards trying to get that starting spot... being around pros who can help you with the details.. training for an opponent.. Liam is hungry and happy!! Liam has come into a very good settled team but the manager Steve Clarke seems to have faith in him as he has thrown him into both games where he has come on and made a real impact and has been unlucky to not get his first goal. Big game on Saturday vs his former coach Stevie G and Rangers on Saturday!!! It won't be easy but nothing worth doing is and nothing good comes out of being comfortable...Very happy with his loan move
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    Spoke with Cordova over Instagram DM since it had been 12 months after his last call up (Oct 2017 vs ES) - He said he was nominated vs NZ in Spain but turned it down due to a big match solidify his spot and so therefore Herdman let him - That he was only left out of the last two due to Technical decisions *No RB’s being selected - Very motivated and committed to Canada 🇨🇦 - Currently he’s fighting in his club with Jose Bizama who got called up for Chilean national team not too long ago - He thinks Canada will be a powerhouse since Canada already has very good players without its own league, “Just imagine what it will be like when they do” - Would consider a move to MLS in the future should he receive any offers - He’s learned the Oh Canada Anthem, English has improved and talks to Herdman with out a translator - Likes the healthy competition at Huachipato and finally hopes to be playing the Copa Sudamericana next year!
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    As of Monday we are now officially a federally incorporated non profit. I was busy with the game, so this announcement probably lacks the pomp and circumstance it rightly deserves. Currently there is only the initial start up structue. That will change as soon as a plan is developed. How that plan is shaped will be determined in a large part based on an upcoming (and not yet planned) meeting with Canada Soccer. The goal of this meeting is to determine the scope of what can be done, expectations from each party and what we hope to acheive come 2026. While our board will consist of Voyageurs, it will be a professional board. I am currently the sole board member for set up purposes, but will recuse myself when the final structure is created. I will not be on the board as I am not qualified to be on it no matter how many tickets I have sold or tifos painted. I'm a grunt and will continue to be as I am happy to do that kind of stuff. Commitment and professional credentials will trump any desire or percieved need to spread the board out or try to hit any check boxes. The board will consist of five people. We are looking at lawyers, CMAs, MBAs, and people with specialties in marketing, communications, operations and logistics. Canada Soccer wants us to succeed. They have opened the door for us and it is now up to us to orgnanize and seize what is an amazing opportunity to build something awesome. Exactly what that is will be shaped here by us on this forum and in meetings across the country. It will be Voyageurs in nature and definately unapologetically Canadian. Sorry. Welcome to Voyageurs 2.0 beta release 1.
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    Alphonso Davies

    Just posting this for the likes...
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    Liam Millar

    https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/first-team/331460-melwood-photos-liverpool-training-christmas-eveLiam’s in training with the first team over Christmas... a few shots from today’s session... nice to see him line up against Kieta... Liam looks very serious(Right side beside Lallana behind Henderson!) but he is very happy for the opportunity... lots of fixtures of the next few weeks
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    Liam Millar

    All will be revealed by 10pm bst Thursday...(transfer deadline in the UK) hopefully before..😉
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    Canadians abroad: March 8-14, 2019

    To be honest a little numb atm..just got home from the game... I was in the away end with 1500 screaming Killie fans when he scored..a little unreal!! SO happy for him! Hopefully first of many and great timing with the national team game coming up!!!
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    Liam like I, have great pride in being Canadian, we always talk about playing for where your heart lies. There will always be people who talk about careers decisions and such(playing for England being better for your career) but in the end he loves Canada and was born there it made him who is today and that's why he is proud to pull on the red. His career will take him where it is supposed to. I always say when the national anthem plays, play for the country that gives you chills... I get chills ever time O' Canada plays and so does he... Liam has a had a great preseason at LFC is fit and ready to go. Their first PL2 game is this weekend vs Brighton. I as he, wants to be selected because he deserves it not because you want to cap tie him. He won't play for anyone else...
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    Arrived in Bradenton after a 12 hrs journey form Liverpool!!! Looking forward to the game tomorrow!!
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    Ballou Tabla

    The issue isn't with the site per se, it's with the linking. If you simply go to the site, you won't have issues (and why we don't find any our end). It's a complex issue, we've looked at it. Because the issue actually happens BEFORE people get to the site. It's the link being intercepted and people being re-directed. It happens to a minority of people. It's a problem, but a real head-scratcher. I may actually stop sending links and simply post updates that will instruct people to go to the site manually. I'll put it frankly, The11.ca loses a lot of money. It was a labour of love that I subsidized with the broadcast money I would make from doing NASL games. Obviously, those don't happen anymore. Launched Plastic Pitch, that broke even in year one and two, but then it became too expensive to run (I was out of pocket nearly 10K on it in year three, so some hard decisions had to be made). I understand that the app world collapsed (as one industry insider once put it at a conference I was at, "apps are the eight-track tapes of our generation") so I'd eat that. I guess, I just want you all to understand that "fixing" an issue can be very, very expensive. Like, four or five digits. I leave the lights on simply because I'm hopeful that the CanPL will launch and that will create some new revenue lines so that the site can break even. But when I take on writing projects that pay the bills (writing about things that aren't soccer) to ones that are a massive financial wasteland (writing about soccer), I'd just like readers to understand that the site is more a labour of love than anything else at this point. "Fixing" issues is expensive.
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    El Hombre

    Jonathan Osorio

    Sure, you've provided examples from multiple soccer reporters that he has interest in Europe. Sure, you've provided a quote from his own general manager confirming that there are teams interested. Sure, he is having a very good year and it's not out of the realm of possibility that some European teams have come by to kick the tires. Sure, other MLS players like Mohammed Saeid, Roland Alberg, Joevin Jones, Ambroise Oyongo, João Meira, Mix Diskerud, Jack Harrison, and Cyle Larin all made similar moves just this past January. Sure, Canadian soccer players have made the international news lately with Alphonso Davies' transfer and Jonathan David's exploits, generating even a slight uptick in the interest in Canadian soccer in some circles. Even so, the fact remains that no team has contacted me personally to let me know that they are interested in Osorio, so until that happens I choose to believe that there is no interest at all in him. If he doesn't sign with TFC, he better hope he can catch on with a CPL or L1O team.
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    Liam on the bench vs Livingston FC Alovely pic of the voyageurs scarf Jambo gave me at the game !!! One more of his brother wearing it with pride!!!
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    El Hombre

    Ferdi Kadioglu

    Just read through that article and the next paragraph after the one posted has Herdman quoting Canucks Abroad. I think with all the kudos going around, one is deserved for @Fussball_eh and team for the work they do.
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    Bryan Cristante

    I searched "Bryan Christante Canada" on google news and saw and Italian article from 3 days ago...I tried to click on it but it redirected me to the English homepage. I did the same search again and found the cached version and used the google translate: This could be important! http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:YTvX5jlQIP0J:www.goal.com/it/notizie/cristante-visionato-dal-ct-del-canada-ha-la-doppia/123xmc1xy1lzw1k5znuvnmc54n+&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca Cristante viewed by the coach of Canada has dual nationality Drafting Goal Italian 05/13/17 Share Close Comments Getty Images During the match between Atalanta and AC Milan, the stadium appeared Octavio Zambrano, coach of Canada. The goal is Bryan Cristante. After a few dull seasons, between Benfica and Pescara, Bryan Cristante is back on the old levels under the wise management of Gian Piero Gasperini. The Italian midfielder has benefited from the favorable moment of ' Atalanta and fits cleanly on the chessboard Bergamo. Besides the three goals he scored from January onwards, a clear sign of the growth of Cristante is the fact that during the game against Milan, between the stands of the stadium Atleti Azzurri of Italy, is Octavio Zambrano , coach of Canada . "But it's not Italian?" - you may think you - Yes, but not completely. That is, Cristante was born in Italy in San Vito al Tagliamento but the father is Canadian, so the Atalanta player has dual nationality. He did the whole chain of youth national teams with the national team but had not yet made his debut with the greater, it is also convocabile with Canada. As long as he wants. Meanwhile Zambrano flew to Bergamo just to watch him and talk to him. I wonder if Cristante accept the proposal.
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    Liam Millar

    Liam did really well today, he's been a really game changer and taken on what the manager Steve Clarke has to say. Very very unlucky not to be through on goal because of a cynical foul. Came on full of running and gave Rangers something to think about. Unlucky not to start but expected it against Rangers at Ibrox tbh.. Steve Clarke has a plan... He was not phased playing in front of a hostile crowd of 49000 fans at Ibrox. Not a lot of our senior men's national team players play in front of that many and thought at 19 showed a lot of maturity. This loan(his first) has been so good for him, really seen him grow into a man. His tail is up and he is full of confidence and keen to get back to the national team... he knows he has Hoilett in front of him but is happy for the chase... Looking forward to the game on the 24th
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    Manjrekar James

    Midtjylland are apparently cutting his loan to Fredericia short so that he can play in the Superliga once their winter break ends. It seems that he has been playing well in the second tier. He was described by his coach at Fredericia as being "the best centre-back in the league".
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    CPL General

    If the people on this forum can't be happy and excited about what is happening today, this league is fucked. Get a grip people. We need to STOP being in tear down mode. Switch to being builders. Do it in your fucking head, NOW.
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    Rocket Robin

    Adonijah Reid

    I asked Adonijah Reid some questions about his status before warm ups at the Toronto FC II vs Ottawa Fury game this evening. (I watched him play over the year's with ANB Futbol of League 1 Ontario in their first years so he recognized me). He answered he's still with FC Dallas of MLS and they can recall him. He said Dallas doesn't have a USL team so this is a way to give him playing time. He was on the subs bench but didn't get into the game tonight.
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    Alphonso Davies

    Looks like the moment we've all been waiting for has arrived. Davies has passed his citizenship test and will be taking the Oath of Citizenship today.
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    Greetings from CPL

    Hi Voyageurs - Paul Beirne here, with the most ironic of handles...I'm MLS in Toronto because i've been on this board since before TFC was a thing. "I've made up my mind, I'm keeping my handle..." I'm just letting you know I've been lurking and listening and I love the enthusiasm on here. Of course it will inevitably turn sour because...internet! Eventually - if you have questions I will try to answer as they come. If I ignore the question it probably means I can't comment, or that thing you're asking about is not decided yet. Don't hit me up with anything just yet - there is nothing to be public about yet (except boundless optimism - thanks to you). Also - don't you dare hit me up for a job. And don't PM me - I don't check those. For now - keep up the spirit and the growing supporter groups - we're all going to have a lot of fun!
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    19 Years

    VAR to review that Atiba goal in 2007
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    Canada vs French Guiana Match Thread

    My favourite memory from tonight’s match was while watching it with my 5 year old son and he turned to me and said “I want to be a Canada player!” We sang Oh Canada together. Celebrated the goals together. And dreamed of him suiting up for Canada together in the future. This is why playing matches and having them televised is important. *ironically all done while wearing the Northern Ireland top my wife put him in earlier today to wind me up. Haha so proud.
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    Yes he has signed. Here is my translation of the Finnish article: "New player contract - versatile Jonas Häkkinen has signed with Vaasan Palloseura Vaasan Palloseura [VPS] has signed a player contract with the young Finnish player Jonas Häkkinen. The contract is 1+1 years. [unspecified whether the option is one way or two way] Jonas Häkkinen is a multi-functional player who owns both the Finnish and Canadian passports, and who can play both stopper and defensive midfielder. "For the last few years he has played stopper, but before that he has played defensive midfielder, as well", VPS head coach Petri Vuorinen comments. Häkkinen has played his entire career in Vancouver, where he has played in the Whitecaps academy. Häkkinen has Finnish parents and he speaks good Finnish, although his native tongue is English. "Jonas has trained with us for quite a while already. He came to Finland to uplift his career. Comparing him with other players of his generation (1999), I believe that he has the full potential to succeed in Finnish Premier League", Vuorinen analyzes. Very little about this promising player is known in Finland. Contact between the player and the club came through his agent. The youngster has trained with VPS for a month already. "The agent suggested that we give Jonas a trial. We decided to take him along and have been judging his play. In the last few years, many young players looking to develop have trialed for us. This time we found a good "match". I do not think many have heard of him here, even though he is Finnish. He is a new face for many here in that sense." In addition to his playing skills, there is another thing Vuorinen specifically likes about Häkkinen. "He has a very tough but healthy attitude about sports and football in general. All that is right", Vuorinen comments. Jonas' own interview will be done during November. -------- Since it's my first post, I figure it's fine to use this space to say hello everybody, too. I am a VPS fan from Finland - a cold, stable Northern country, with an under-performing National Team with a history of promising players selecting some another country, and whose general public has an unhealthy obsession with this sticky-sport played on ice. Suppose this description also explains to you all why I have somehow developed kind of a weird sympathetic affinity towards the "soccer people" in Canada, and hence I have been following your NT for the past few years, including lurking on this forum occasionally. So I figured that now that this guy signed with my local club team, it would be a good excuse to register here too. So I do hope you guys don't mind having me as an "outsider" for our countries are yet to develop a fierce rivalry in this sport. (Although I also wouldn't mind, if in the next few years one developed over Häkkinen's services at the senior level. ) --------- Would Jonas warrant his own thread, btw? Now that he's going to be playing here, I would be more than glad to contribute with updates on Jonas etc. since I watch every VPS game anyway.
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    I tried to respond above but the quoting seems gorked on that post. You ask above why we should work with them at all. They run soccer in this country, and we have already been working with them for years. They use our trophy for the national championship. We participate in the presentation of that trophy (though that needs to be improved) Promote our viewing parties through their social network. Reserve sections for us in stadiums at home and away Hold, significant chunks of stadium inventory unsold until close to the game based solely on trust. Arrange ticket pricing at signficant discounts Arrange space at events like games, soccer shows ect. Link directly to us from their website Feature players using our scarf Talking about arranging Pre game events (as in days before) with alumni and current players Coordinating Voyageurs awards for in stadium presentations Improving all of the things in the list above. We don't do all of these things in spite of the CSA, we do them because of them. They are good people to work with, helpful and I don't know how many times I have to repeat this before people believe me, but they want us to succeed. Of course our success means more ticket sales ect... but it is more than that. It isn't cynical marketing or a bottom line on a spreadsheet. We should never stop being critical, but we do need to stop being destructively cynical.
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    Norrin Radd

    Cyle Larin

    I would think if he's going to transfer anywhere else in Europe, from a cultural perspective, England would be the best choice. He speaks the language and he has experience driving on the left side of the road. Unfortunately getting a work permit in the UK can be complicated.
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    Ballou Tabla

    Patrice Bernier > Didier Drogba
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    dyslexic nam

    Ballou Tabla

    All I know is that constantly quoting him really reduces the effectiveness of my "ignore" function.
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    It seems the posters and table set ups at Voyageurs Cup games and the Allstate soccer show have had an effect. At least five people have emailed me saying we met at such and such an event and are coming to their first game. There are many people asking which Shoeless Joe's to go to because it is also their first game. ( Because I took the location for granted as known) Not all of them bought tickets through us, the supporters section isn't for everyone. That's ok. Just glad they are going to the game. Thanks to all the people who helped out. JM
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    Long time fan. New to my this community

    I just want to thank you for putting the notice out about the CMNT on the poles around BMO field. I have been wanting to join this group for a very long time. Huge Canada soccer fan and I am excited about being at the match on Tuesday.
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    dyslexic nam

    Ballou Tabla

    Lol at you thankless bastards. Tabla finally commits and within 2 hours we are clamouring for Tomori, Ferreira, and Eustaquio. I love you all.
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    for the record Liam has turned down 3 call ups to England... for the record...
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    Liam Millar

    Standby today.... going to be a long day!!!
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    dyslexic nam

    Jonathan David

    Screw it. I am calling it - we are winning the 2026 WC.
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    Ballou Tabla

    For a guy that took a lot of shit when he was hired for this job, John Herdman is doing an outstanding job with player commitments and squad selection.
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    Liam Millar

    It would only be a 6 month loan and only to play in the Sunderland 1st team with penalty for under 70% playing time. It would be a good move to get first team playing time. It is standard pathway for top English prospects. Harry Kane went on loan 5 times as did Beckham. This is the clubs plan. Sunderland is one of 4 clubs looking to take Liam on loan. Liam is not leaving lfc(except on Loan)...not anytime soon anyway .
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    We have a purpose. It’s straightforward and (at least wrt to soccer) an important one. Our purpose is to develop the culture of the game in this country. A milestone within that purpose is to put 5000 coordinated and dedicated supporters in the stands at a World Cup in Canada. We have nine years to accomplish this. We will not accomplish this bickering and whining over things like the attendance in Montreal. Instead ask, “How do we make the attendance better next time?” That is the attitude and dedication we need going forward if we are going to succeed. This does not mean we operate in a vacuum of criticism. Criticism is good. It’s blame shame and complain that has to go. If people can’t operate in this context, get out of our way. Big games or small, in every city I go to, it is just plain fucking awesome to meet all of you people. It’s what truly makes this all worthwhile. I fully understand I am ridiculously fortunate to attend all the games I do and I understand that many others can’t. So this place, this site, needs to be that awesome place people meet to share in something we all love. Every post you make matters and either helps build that, or tears it down. The next year is about establishing our own identity. The local club supporters groups have been a driving force in support for Canada across the country and we hope to strengthen those relationships in the future. However, we cannot rely on these groups alone and it’s been a mistake on my part to do so. It was too easy, and now we have to do something much bigger and much more challenging. Coast to coast we have a tremendous number of assets in this community, and we probably haven’t even scratched the surface of that yet. In the coming weeks I will be calling on many of you to help develop a comprehensive strategy to help answer the last two questions in the title, while making sure we don’t ignore the first. It’s time to do everything better. As Zach in Vancouver always says, much love, and in the context of your fellow Voyageurs, live it. Jamie
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    The Importance of Alphonso Davies

    Looks like he made it to YVR after all. Hard to question his commitment to the team if he's flying half way across the world to cheer on the boys. Great to see
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    Boarding!! Vancouver here I come!! 🛫 Edit!! Sorry im excited have been back there is 25 years!!!
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    Liam Millar

    Liam has been in and out all this week with the first team. They have a few injuries and have loads of games in the next few weeks.He is happy for any chance he gets and says the first team players are really welcoming to the young players.. he said especially Wijnaldum and Salah!!! As for Wolves I wouldn' t think he will get near it but it would be amazing if he did...Its really a numbers game. The first team at Liverpool has a squad of about 35, very deep especially up front. So Liam's opportunities will come probably from injuries or more loans. Ovie Ojaria has just returned from Rangers and Ben Woodburn may follow suit as his loan at Sheffield United hasn't worked out... he trains with the u23s unless he gets a call to come train at Melwood normally first thing in the morning… Like I tell him keep working hard and soak it all in and do you best every chance you get...keep at it...and keep dreaming...your chance may come A.
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    Great pub night on Friday at the Irish Times. Josh and Rob had great things to tell us about how the club is coming together. For those who could not make it here are some highlights that I feel it is OK to share: Jersey design finalized, described as "best in league", no more hints Order placed with manufacturer, expected arrival date: February Yes, there will be XXXL Jerseys for purchase for us Other merchandise will be available soon in the new storefront downtown on Fort St (near Douglas) Updated stadium renders show fantastic stands, Rob asked for "our" stand to be nice and steep Modular stadium components being manufactured in Italy, estimate 6 weeks to assemble when delivered on site Events planned up and down the Island in the coming months with a great interactive component There was no PR flack, we were talking directly to Josh and Rob and if you can come down to one of these (they will be at different paces each month I understand) it will be well worth your time.
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    Alphonso Davies

    This sentence, is incredible.
  49. 21 points

    Supporters United for the CanPL

    The Support Local Football campaign has two purposes. The first is to grow The Voyageurs and the support of all our national teams. The second is to support the launch of the CanPL. Why Our players need a place to play. The CanPL will not replace the MLS teams. The CanPL will expand the range of opportunity for Canadian players. I want to make it clear we will not be taking an anti MLS position in supporting the CanPL. This is an opportunity to grow the game. Goals The Voyageurs will work to connect with the soccer community from top to bottom to do the following. Promote the long term support of the Canadian league so that players aged 8 today will have a place to play when they are 18. We are looking for a core of people in each city to put in a ten year commitment to make this league work. Work with the league and teams to set up standards for supporters based on what we have learned works and does not work from current supporters groups Raise funds for supporters groups over the next year to help with local SG start up funds (ie buy scarfs ect) Raise community awareness of the league Foster an improved Canadian soccer culture that supports the game in Canada Plan Develop effective messaging to support the goals so we are consistent from coast to coast in how we approach people Hold a supporters summit prior to the launch of the league Increase the presence of The Voyageurs at events across the country Create Original Supporter merchandise to raise funds for local CanPL supporters groups Build relationships with associations, clubs and community groups across Canada
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    Lucas Cavallini

    My Spanish is a bit rusty but I believe he also mentioned that he's upset he accepted a cap from us so he can't play for Mexico. Also our football is very basic with no passion.
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