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  1. Also, I have Region-level referee certification, and am considering getting my Provincial C Coaching Certification.
  2. Hi everybody! I just joined, posting for the first time! From Whitehorse, Yukon, currently living in Montreal after a spell in Victoria. Hoping to visit friends and family in Victoria more often so I can get out to Pacific FC matches! My main club side is Barcelona. I know that this automatically qualifies me as a glory hunter, and I'm sorry for that. However, when you grow up in the Yukon, there's not exactly a hometown team to follow. As a kid I was really into Spanish culture, and when I learned about Barca's historical and political significance in Catalonia, I chose them as my team. Sue me, eh? I played outdoors and futsal for my entire childhood and as a teenager. Went to U-14 Club Nationals and Canada Summer Games. Nowadays I play university intramural soccer and futsal, but I'm looking for a men's club team in Montreal (for either futsal or footy). If anyone can help me with that, it would be greatly appreciated! * Je peux communiquer en francais aussi, s'il y a des francophones ici à Montreal qui veulent parler ou qui peuvent m'aider! Merci! Matthias
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