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  1. So when I said other than what you can find on Wikipedia you thought I was looking for a Wikipedia link? Thanks for the first two links that google gave you and zero insight into my question. The reason I would've thought that Adjei would be #1 on the depth chart coming into camps would mainly be that he was someone the team clearly targeted out of the gate. I don't think the team would run over to the Swedish 2nd division and make the 2nd player signed by the club and first international signed by the league to be a clear back up. Also, recent form lead me to have Adjei over Cox. According to Wikipedia Cox has 14 goals since 2014, only 3 last season between 2 clubs. Adjei, according to the signing announcement page, scored 30 last season. https://canpl.ca/video/york9-fc-signs-swedish-striker-simon-adjei-from-assyriska-ik
  2. It was interesting to me that the CPL listed Michael Cox as one of the top 5 strikers in the league. Adjei didn't make the list but I think most had him as #1 on the depth chart. I don't know much about Cox other than what you can find on Wikipedia, do those more familiar with him see him as a clearly elite level striker in the CPL?
  3. That's the plan, then they would be founded before Forge, Valour and be eligible for CCL this season.
  4. Would there be two teams in Ottawa though? Ottawa was almost unsanctioned this year could the Fury be de-sanctioned if a CPL team in Ottawa exists outside of the Fury? It doesn't seem right and there would definitely be some court dates if that happened but I don't count anything out in the world of soccer.
  5. There is a lot of flexibility built into the squad. You could play 3 or 4 at the back, 3 to 5 in the midfield and 1-3 up top. It will be interesting to see how the squad ends up settling.
  6. Stouffvillain

    CPL General

    In TheScore's response to me they stated that demand and easy of providing live updates determined whether a league gets added or not.
  7. Stouffvillain

    CPL General

    SN is now bookmarked. I didn't ever go to SN's website so that's a bonus for them.
  8. Stouffvillain

    CPL General

    MLS made the decision to move away from player development to try to become one of the top leagues in the world years ago. Most major decisions made by the league since David Beckham have been to elevate the product on the field in order to make as much money as possible. Some of these moves have been - continual increase of the salary cap - expansion of the designated player from 0 to 1 to 2 to now 3 spots - introduction of Targeted Allocation Money While this has been fantastic for MLS in terms of growth on the world stage, it has been a great detriment to the USMNT. The CPL's rule requiring teams to have 6 Canadians on the field is the strongest move that the league has made to ensure this doesn't happen to the CMNT.
  9. How they capture the stands will be interesting, you want to deliver the perception that this is as high a level of play as you can and it is a desirable product to watch. Having full stands does wonders for this and conversely showing half empty stands can be a brutal blow. A few examples would be TFC in their early years, before stadium expansion. The on field product was bottom of the league but because of the supporters and packed house it was the hottest ticket in town. It is well known that WWE sells tickets to the hard cam side first when they are unsure about the demand of tickets. They do a fantastic job of making their shows look like sellouts every single time. If not for social media posts from fans you wouldn't know that some shows were in front of a half full arena. On the other side of the coin you have the Argos. For years the fan sitting at home can see the attendance struggles very clearly on every single play. This was made worse since the move to BMO where the seats are red. While the Argos provide a good level of entertainment for the cost of a ticket the camera work doesn't sell a desirable place to be. Camera work that shows an vibrant atmosphere full of passionate fans will do wonders for the league.
  10. You are correct, maybe my earlier post wasn't quite clear. I''m sure ownership has a construction schedule. We all know construction plans are prone to delays whether by weeks or months. Greenpark, the owners, would have a very good idea of this. If you promise something and don't deliver fans have a right to upset. At this stage in the game when ownership is trying to build credibility and trusting relationship with fans promising a date with the potential of not making good on it would do more harm than promising a date at this stage. As the excavators get rolling out and progress is being made ownership will give a date that they feel confident in making.
  11. I understand that, I get the rationale of wanting to have a showcase game, I'm not against playoffs or a final. It's the disclaimer that is the problem. There is no real argument that can be made that if a team wins both the Spring and Fall seasons that they shouldn't be the champion. If you want to have playoffs then have a full season with playoffs/championship game. 1st gets into the final, 2nd and 3rd playoff to get in the final. Also, if the excuse for a split season is that you have to decide who of the "Chosen 3" goes into CL you just have them play a mini-league within the first 10 games (i.e. they play each other home and away in that time).
  12. Tell that to the players and coaches that run the table for 6 months and are clearly the best team but don't get a recognized as such.
  13. That's just because the reno's to York Lions don't have a firm completion date yet.
  14. You're right. That is more ridiculous.
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