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  1. The Viareggio Cup is coming up. It's a huge international u19 cup. Here are the teams involved with the groups. https://www.flashscore.ca/soccer/world/viareggio-cup/ Axel Desjardins and Spezia will play against Carrarese u19 on their first game, March 12th. Second game against Milan u19, March 14th. And finally third game against Berekum Chelsea Youth (Ghanian team), March 16th. Once again, if I find any highlights of the games involving Desjardins, I'll post them on here. I'll also post updates (I'll try to be more up to date, promise). Hopefully their last win will give them confidence and inspire them to victory. They will most certainly be a lot of scouts there, so maybe Desjardins can catch the eye of one or two.
  2. Alright finally caught up. Played today in an exciting 3-1 home win against second on the table SPAL. Recap: https://www.acspezia.com/news/primavera-2-1819-spal-spezia-1-3.19788.html Okay, this seems to be Axel's best performance of the season, possibly motm worthy. Spezia concede to a penalty in the first ten minutes after missing chances early on. Six minutes later, they concede a second penalty (I'm telling you this defence 😡); same shooter but this time Desjardins saves it, as well as the rebound. At the 29th minute, Spezia get awarded a penalty and make it 1-1. Desjardins then 'denies' an attempt at the 37th minute, first half over. Second half. 60 seconds in and Spezia make it 2-1. Desjardins is then brought into action at the 48th and 60th minute with two good saves. The home team finally score a third 7 minutes later. The final action of the game is a free kick save from our Canadian kid, which keeps their hopes alive for a play off spot with only 3 games remaining, still one point behind that third spot. The penalty king :
  3. After conceding 5 goals in 2 games, the defence bounce back with a 0-0 draw versus Cittadella. Recap: https://www.acspezia.com/news/primavera-2-1819-spezia-cittadella-0-0.19749.html Penalties were awarded on both sides. The first was in favour to Spezia, but the player shot over the crossbar. The second was awarded against them at the brink of halftime, but Desjardins saved it. Crucial save at a crucial time, and as you'll see in the next game, I think it gave a little confidence boost to the team.
  4. Alright, got a lot to catch up, sorry for the delay. After his 2-1 loss to Capri, he lost another game 3-2 to Brescia. Recap: https://www.acspezia.com/news/primavera-2-1819-brescia-spezia-3-2.19697.html His team were losing 2-0, caught up but gave away a last minute goal. They only mention one save, so I'm guessing it was a pretty quiet performance from Axel.
  5. Found game footage against Padova, hurray! He's the keeper in blue. And yes, they are indeed two very good saves. The free kick he lets in is a good one, off the post, but perhaps maybe his wall wasn't quite right. And considering he let in another one this weekend, seems to be a flaw in his game. Btw the field looks awful quality, reminds me of a non-turf Canadian field.
  6. Played this weekend in a 2-1 loss to Capri. Game recap: https://www.acspezia.com/news/primavera-2-1819-spezia-carpi-1-2.19657.html He played decent in this one. But they mention his defence looked nervy, which led to the first goal. The other was scored again from a free-kick. His team stays 4th, still 1 pt from 3rd spot.
  7. Yes that was my point thank you. I read this super great article a while back on why GK transfer fees were much lower than any other position. Because no matter how good he is, he can not win a game on his own. The best he can do is get you one point. The difference between a decent gk and a great one, is how clutch he will be when his team is hanging on by one goal. How reliable he is. This is exactly why Ter Stegen is so important to Barcelona, he never wins them games, but always keeps them in it. Another example; today in the Man C-Chelsea game, literally anyone in the world could have been in nets and they would still have won. So for Axel's case, it's those key saves at 2-1 and 1-1 that make him a greater keeper than his rival (that's what I'm guessing, because yes you are right that on paper Mazzini is the better keeper).
  8. Played in a 2-0 victory vs Venezia u19. Game recap: https://www.acspezia.com/news/primavera-2-1819-spezia-venezia-2-0.19626.html This time his name appears once; at the 15th minute, he makes an easy save. Funnily enough, I believe this is his first clean sheet of the season. Really shows how most GK stats are meaningless. Nonetheless, I bet he'll proudly take it. His team has been on fire lately with 13 points in 5 games, bringing them 1 pt from 3rd spot (playoff). They also have the 3rd best defensive record in the league.
  9. Once again he played today in a 1-1 draw. Here is the Italian game recap: https://www.acspezia.com/news/primavera-2-1819-padova-spezia-1-1.19593.html He made two exceptional saves; one being on a one-one and the other one at the last minute where he made (this is translated word for word) a MIRACULOUS save to keep it 1-1. The goal he conceded was on a 'perfect' free-kick from the edge of the box. Discovered these recaps last week, I will probably continue posting them here. Still haven't found game videos though.
  10. Axel played today against Hellas Verona for Spezia U19 in a 2-1 victory. For those who speak or understand Italian, here is the game recap: https://www.acspezia.com/news/primavera-2-1819-spezia-hellas-verona-2-1.19542.html Based on this: He played pretty well, making a couple of really key saves. The goal he left in was an 'unfortunate deviation' from a free-kick. Looking at the table, it was a must win game, bringing them up to 4th place and 2pts from the 3rd spot. This is his second win in as many games.
  11. Missed this yesterday. The club wished him happy birthday on their Instagram and Facebook page. Shows the club and the fans rate him. I'd really wish Primavera games were more accessible, so we'd be able to see what he truly is all about. -If I'm right with the little Italian I know, the post says happy birthday to him, celebrating his 19th birthday. They call him the pillar of their primavera squad and mention his U20 tryouts with Canada. And they also mention how he has made his way to the first squad since the summer. He has yet to feature in the starting 11.
  12. Just found this picture while browsing Instagram. Been a month or so since I last saw or heard anything about him. Nice to see Axel still training with the first team, all smiles most importantly! (3rd from the left) Edit: It'll also be interesting to see if he'll be invited straight up at the beginning, this time for the Olympic squad.
  13. In all honesty, all three are playing at arguably the 3 best clubs in the world. I could not see how the Olympics would hurt their cause. If any of the three became a first team player, even more to celebrate!
  14. I decided to create this topic cause I think we are due one. The Olympics are approaching fast and the qualifications even faster (guessing early 2020). I don't want to start too many rumours as nothing has been made official yet, but we should get a good look at what the initial squad will look like in the coming months. Which U23 players would you like to see represent our country? I'd say a front 3 of Davies-Tabla-Millar is a good start. 😬
  15. The coach for Clean Sheet is Rino Angelillo, and I used to coach with him back when he was just starting out (3-4 years ago). Another funny thing is Breza was my teammate for 3 years (he is one year younger). So you can say that Im pretty lucky to have met these awesome hard working people. And Im glad all their efforts are paying off. Right now, Im just following them from afar, but I still have my contacts.
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