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  1. Based on the rosters on the CanPL site, only 20 roster spots remain available 141/161 with 18 foreign spots not taken 31/49. According to the roster tracker 145 have been signed, so 4 approved by the league but not announced by the teams? Signed Imports Forge 20 4 FCE 21 6 York 9 20 2 Wanderers 22 7 Pacific 16 1 Valour 21 5 Cavalry 21 6
  2. Michael Walsh 6'4" 2001 Centre back from Etobicoke Ontario makes his debut in the Superettan U21 division. THE START OF TODAY'S U21 MATCH AGAINST GAIS http://jonkopingssodra.se/startelvan-till-dagens-u21-match-mot-gais/ April 15, 2019 Today U21 plays against GAIS in Folksam U21 Superettan Södra and the match is played at Junebäcken with match start at. 17:00 The starting line looks like this: Anton Cajtoft Igor Popanicic Michael Walsh Adam Hansson Adam Gemheden Max Hallin Fabian Kryeziu Benjamin Tannus Ahmad Gero Adam Rubin Tommy Thelin
  3. Montreal has managed the season very well so far, 11 points in 7 games with 6 on the road. Hopefully we will continue to see the Canadian players rotated into the line-up. When is Piatti expected back?
  4. Crowd announced at 3232. On a warm windy spring day in Ottawa.
  5. MM3/MM2/MM

    TFC 2019 Season

    Surprised to see that he is only 23.
  6. MM3/MM2/MM

    CPL General

    Yes, it was Foster's Lager that brought down the league😎
  7. Anywhere to watch this other then TVAS?
  8. Impact have gone CanPL, six Canadians starting.
  9. Looks like Cavalry have signed David Loturi a freshman with SAIT
  10. For me the Forge away kit is the one I would buy, a matter personal taste I guess....actually i prefer the the away kits for most teams over their home.
  11. Would be nice to see him end up in Halifax.
  12. The launch is Thursday, same time as the other league teams, the info is in the link above.
  13. MM3/MM2/MM

    Away Days

    Living in the Ottawa area they will all be away games for me, planning on going to Halifax for a game as well as the Forge and York 9 home games. Will also make the trip to Blainville for the Canadian Championship game. Hope to see some games out west next summer. Wanted to go to see the game on the 27th, however I am triple booked that weekend and soccer lost out.
  14. MM3/MM2/MM

    TFC 2019 Season

    And they combine with Osorio to put TFC up 1-0 at half.
  15. I live in the Ottawa area and I don't think a Gatineau team would succeed in competition with the Fury, even without an Ottawa team I'm not sure a CPL Gatineau team would work . I don't think a lot of Ottawa soccer fans would travel across the bridges for the games. Two teams in the Ottawa area is not an option. Edit: My preference is a CPL team in Ottawa, with or without the Fury.
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