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  1. There needs to be a team somewhere in Quebec in the next round of expansion. Whether that be in the Montreal or Quebec city area, I will leave that to the powers that be. This is a bilingual country and to not have more content in both English and French is a misstep in my opinion.
  2. He was promised big bucks plus a coaching job when he retires. Rumours have it that he maybe linking up with Xavi over in Qatar.
  3. Blindside16

    CPL General

    I was hoping/looking forward to seeing TFC vs Forge or York
  4. The rumour mill is kicking into high gear thanks to Jozy's cryptic banter with Gignac on twitter. It looks like he may be heading to Mexico. If he does leave that will leave a huge hole that the team will need to fill.
  5. Blindside16

    TFC 2018

    Morgan is a cheap good back up but I have a feling he is done with the club. I would like him to stay but the rumour was out there for a while towrds the end of the season and if you saw when he was subbed off in the final game against Atlanta, he proceeded to hug every player and coach on the bench. It wasn't a simple good game hug either, there appeared to be significant emotion behind each hug. I agree Vanney is stubborn and blind at times but Zavaleta's play this season has been shockingly bad. He had the opportunity to cement himself in the squad for years to come. He fumbled every chance and opportunity he was given. He proved he is not capable of leading or even being a part of that back line. Hamilton seems like a perfect fit for the CPL, whether it be he signs with a CPL club or moved there on a season long loan, he simply needs to play 80+ minutes a game. Hernandez is retiring. I remeber hearing when he signed he as offered a spot coaching in the academy after this year. It might have just been a rumour though. I hope they make a move for Zimmerman. He would slot in nicely with that backline.
  6. I do not disagree with you. If the CPL folds, Canadian Soccer will remain in no mans land for another generation. Will it be the death blow to Canadian Soccer? Perhaps, although I think the more likely screnario is that it will just fall back into mediocrity. We cannot afford to wait any longer. This league needs to succeed for the growth and success of Canadian Soccer. Having this domestic league with inspire the youth within the sport. They will want to be the next Larin, Davies, Tabla, etc.. and in order to truly push that growth we MUST have a domestic league. The only point I was trying to make was people need to be realistic at what is a success/failure. For me attendance wise from the memberships we have seen sold, I think a success for York, Pacific, Calgary and Edmonton would be an average attendance in the 5,000 - 7,500 and for Halifax, Winnipeg and Hamilton in and around the 10,000 mark. Anything over that would be bonus.
  7. Blindside16

    TFC 2018

    I feel that we will see some Canadians cut loose. I am thinking that most likely Irwin, Zavaleta, Morgan, Ricketts, and Hernandez are gone. Hamilton, Delgado, Akinola and maybe Chapman are on the fringe. I hope they can find a way to keep Janson bulk up the back end a little more.
  8. I agree. If you give the USL and MLS another 30 years before making another attempt, trying to create a league at that point will be like trying to shave back Mt. Everest with a nail file. It does not have to be a overnight success, but it needs to stick and catch on a little more each year. If this league is not still running come 2026, then the national team will fall right back into the dark ages all over again. Success is crucial, but we need to be realistic and patient with the gains.
  9. With the obvious changes that will be coming to TFC's roster, I think we will probably see Ashtone Morgan and Tosaint Ricketts in the CPL. They would both be relative higher publicity signing and who wouldn't like to see Ricketts suiting up for his home town team Edmonton.
  10. I really hope that I was wrong. I wish them nothing but success. The healthier the teams, the better it is for the league. I just wasn't happy or comfortable personally with the price points they were asking. I also didn't like how the club handled the build up to this point. It's all just my personal feeling.
  11. I think this is doubtful, seeing as the group itself is banned, but the individuals within the group are still backing, cheering and supporting TFC, just not in the traditional supporters section.
  12. That is a huge factor for me. Had the had tiered pricing or even started club seats at $399 I would have taken the plunge most likely. But to make me spend another $100/seat minimum just to ensure I have my own personal seat week after week just doesn't sit well with me.
  13. Blindside16


    If you take the MLS for example, next years schedule is still unknown. Historically the MLS will release the home openers for every club right before Christmas as "an early present". They typically do not release the full schedule till early January. So roughly 2 months prior to the start of the season. I am not overly surprised that the CPL has not said anything about a schedule yet. What is the point in releasing it 6 months ahead of time. If they were to do that it would create a buzz for what.... a week maybe 2 then everything would fall flat. It would make more sense to release the schedule mid to late January. That way you can ride the buzz out longer with roster annoucements, player bios, potential giveaways etc. etc, right into the start of the season.
  14. Don't forget the roll back in STH pricing in 2012 of 2013 (I forget which year). That helped with the legacy pricing. I can't help but fee that it will be a depressing site in the stands as compared to other venues come April
  15. I was going through other threads and I found that Forge has a smart approach to their price points. Net Net 259 339 419 489 419 339 199 Their most expensive seat comes in under what York 9 are asking for their lowest non GA tickets. The fact they are claiming to be competitive in terms of pricing with a straight face when compared to others is a little disheartening. I can't help but feel that they may have a certain amount of arrogance from management. I think they might have taken for granted the actual demand and underestimated the work that would be needed. Especially considering there was no "real local existing supporters group." I keep getting the feeling that Brennan is assuming that people will turn up en masse simply because he is the coach. He is going to be very disappointed.
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