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  1. The pastries in Goderich are great as a whole. Hopefully, when we get our stadium we will be able to have those on offer and some craft beer.
  2. There has not been many developments as of late, but rest assured we continue to work behind the scenes to bring Canadian Premier League to Goderich. We have liaised with some top officials from the league and let them know that we are all in. Let's bring it home!
  3. We were recently featured the Maple Leaf Forever blog. https://www.maple-leaf-forever.com/2018/08/28/goderich-is-canada/
  4. We aren't targeting the immediate future. I don't think I have said that once. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Support us!
  5. Not sure where all of the hostility is coming from. If you don't support, that's fine. Let some of us help in bringing soccer to communities across Canada.
  6. The picture replacing the town hall was just an image I made for fun, that is obviously not where the stadium will go. Don't be fooled, our group really wants to bring soccer to Goderich and we appreciate any support for our grassroots movement. In the coming week or so, we will be launching our website.
  7. Imagine the small town of Goderich being promoted to the Canadian Premier League. A quaint stadium full of passion and heart. The minnows taking 3 pts from one of the established teams in the leage. It would be a fairy-tale. This is not something you will ever see in NA, unless you support causes like this. Join us & support Goderich!
  8. You may laugh at this endeavour now, but when small towns start having pro teams you will be thrilled.
  9. We want soccer for all Canadians, not just big city folks! We will prove you wrong.
  10. Hello, Thank you for replying to the thread. The 15k number comes from the surrounding region as well. Specifically during the summer, we have so many tourists and the population rises dramatically.
  11. Hello All, Long time soccer fan, who wants to bring CanPL to the beautiful town of Goderich, Ontario. We are one of many communities that would benefit from the Canadian Premier League. Please support us as we try to convince the powers that be! Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/GoderichCPL
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