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  1. My wife and I are considering going to the game in Denver. When do you guys usually start purchasing tickets?
  2. The goalie was just awful in the highlights. Doesn’t move on some of the shots
  3. I noticed he’s doing writing on the CPL app
  4. Henry and Cornelius have done a decent job defending, but man it’d be nice to have a CB that can move the ball forward a bit better and cleaner.
  5. Watching Skylar Thomas at practice yesterday made me wonder why he wasn’t able to land an MLS spot. Is there a particular weakness to his game? Because he looked great and commanding to me
  6. It could very well be that the Bombers are in it to milk money, but I have been happy with the players they have assembled so far and I believe people in Winnipeg will take notice if we field a competitive team. I'd much rather have a good team with poor marketing compared to a crap team with good marketing. I guess we'll see.
  7. I think it was #11 that got the secondary assist on the 4th goal and not David
  8. Would love to see him with Valour FC
  9. When he had his brother go on the theScore and talk about Jonathan possibly joining Canada, which I think was him forcing the Dutch to make a decision to have him called up.
  10. I think you need to listen to the full interview. I think he's saying he wants players that are 100% committed. If they come and say I want to play, I think he'd gladly take them. It's more let's not have any more jonathan DeGuzman shitshows, where he used us to advance himself.
  11. Are there any young CB's on the rise in Canada? In the15-17 y/o range that we can start to get excited about.
  12. Really like it! I'd get myself one of those.
  13. Weng

    Ottawa CPL Club

    Tfc2 I am guessing as other USL team
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