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  1. Ashley Lawrence resigns with PSG for multi-year deal: https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/canadas-lawrence-signs-new-psg-deal-prepares-second-charity-event/
  2. You are right, apologies. Didn't see the other thread. Hopefully she carries this confidence into France next summer.
  3. Scored 4 goals today. https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/canadian-international-beckie-scores-four-goals-man-city-women/
  4. TSN is covering the draw starting at 12 est
  5. They haven't played in Montreal or the province of Quebec since World Cup of 2015. 2018 - 2 games in Ontario 2017 - 2 in BC, 1 in Winnipeg, 1 in Toronto 2016 - 2 in Ontario Against France, because the last 4 friendlies against France have all been in France. But obviously i have no idea, just spitballing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canada_women's_national_soccer_team_results
  6. I'm guessing Montreal will get a friendly game.
  7. BreadBoy

    2018 Voyageurs #CanWNT Player of the Year

    1. Sinclair 2. Fleming 3. Chapman
  8. Roughly how many teams are there in Europe that do pay a basic wage for women's soccer, I have no idea? I thought i read on this site somewhere that some teams (the English teams?) have foreign player quotas so wouldn't that make it even harder?
  9. Which again makes me think she was really injured. This is u-17 and I think she is one of the youngest on the team. She didn't play the next game.
  10. I will say that the Globe and Mail, at least recently on Saturdays in the photo spread section of the sports, usually has a good representation of female athletes. There is hardly ever any reporting of female leagues though, only national teams doing well on the international stage.
  11. Really, i thought that NCAA wasn't allowed having any real contact with kids until after grade 10? The rules seem to bet stricter every year. Canadian universities on the other hand are a lot more relaxed about contact (emails etc) between coaches and kids but are also very strict about gifts and school visits.
  12. My two take aways from the tournament: German fans are brutal, they booed Rose when she limped off the field. She was obviously hurt and we played short a player for the last few minutes of the game The substitution rule is archaic and not designed for u-17. At the very least they should be doing something like Canadian Universities that allow a certain number of subs each half and someone subbed in the first half can come back in the 2nd. This would allow more players to get more experience and maybe add a little more speed into the game.
  13. I was surprised that Vallerand didn't start, I thought she had a great game against Germany....
  14. There is a 3rd place game on Saturday, before the gold medal game i believe. 2pm est
  15. BreadBoy

    Coach Rhian Wilkinson

    Nice article and great that TSN is carrying all the Canadian games (as well as a bunch of the other games)