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  1. harrycoyster

    David Norman Jr.

    While I still don’t think he’ll ever be a CMNT level talent, it’s worth repeating that the Caps love this kid and he’s going to get every opportunity going forward. I’ve talked to some of his old coaches about his game and they always mention the work ethic and personality he brings to a locker room.
  2. harrycoyster

    Michael Petrasso

    Don’t think he has the pace/trickiness to be a threat on the wing at the Championship/MLS level. He’s still young enough to learn RB and should stick it out IMO.
  3. harrycoyster

    Raheem Edwards

    Chicago Fire coach Veljko Paunovic just eluded to the fact that he has been disappointed with Edwards' effort when asked about the changes to the team tonight. Called the performance of his wingers last week "lazy". Edwards and Katai started last week...Edwards is at fullback tonight and Katai is on the bench.
  4. harrycoyster

    General Discussion on Canadian Youth Teams

    Montreal also fall to LAFC, will play for third place.
  5. harrycoyster

    Amer Didic

    There is definitely no place in MLS where he is a sure starter. When SKC is healthy he doesn't even make the bench, and they are a relatively poor defensive team this year. He doesn't even stand out in USL the way he did last year. He'd get minutes on a team like Colorado, but Didic turns 24 this year...he needs to go to a team where he'll play every matchday. Anything that's not regular minutes at this stage in his career is a bad move. Hope he goes to CPL or Scandinavia or one of the USL teams making the jump to MLS in the next few years.
  6. harrycoyster

    General Discussion on Canadian Youth Teams

    At the CONCACAF u13 Championship, TFC has been eliminated by LAFC while Montreal beat Real Esteli to reach the semis. Most of the better Mexican and American sides don't take part in this event, but Montreal has been the best side at the tournament from what I'm hearing.
  7. Honestly think Honduras will send a better team than the US. Of course avoiding the US/Honduras/Mexico would be great, but if I had to pick between being put in a group with one of them, I'd pick the US. The US u20s are very good but not deep...and they'll be lucky to get one of Adams, Amon, Carleton, Durkin, Lindsey, McKenzie, Richards, Sargent, Weah, Soto. That's basically their whole first starting XI. I'm confident our u20s can compete with the American second team. I'm less confident our u20s can deal with the pure athletes Honduras sends to these tournaments.
  8. harrycoyster

    Ayo Akinola

    If you only count players who signed a homegrown contract the only USMNT capped attacker sold to Europe in the last few years is Juan Agudelo. Obviously if you go further back there are a bunch in the vain of Feilhaber, Dempsey and Altidore, but that was pre-HG rule. Recently, the majority of the USA's best attacking talent is grabbed by European teams before they can sign a homegrown deal. Timothy Weah had a HG offer from NYRB when he went to PSG, same with Brooks Lennon and RSL before he left for Liverpool. The list of those players is pretty long.
  9. harrycoyster

    Ayo Akinola

    Who just happened to sign an endorsement deal with Nike (the same company that provides the kits for US Soccer) three days after filing his one time switch. I'm sure Nike really needed a slightly above average Belgian league player without a Twitter account to help market their products....totally nothing suspicious there.
  10. harrycoyster

    Mark-Anthony Kaye

    Clearly mouths “it’s broken, it’s broken” to Bob Bradley as he approached the bench. Hope it’s the ankle and not a knee issue.
  11. harrycoyster

    Position Group: Centre Backs

    There is a difference between playing in MLS and being a starting calibre player in MLS. None of the players you've mentioned have locked down a spot in an MLS XI. To me that speaks to the gap that TFC has in its development system. If a player isn't ready for serious MLS minutes, but is too good/old for academy play, their options are to get 400 minutes a year with TFC or play noncompetitive games in USL. Neither are great for development. Hopefully USL3 solves that issue for all the Canadian teams.
  12. harrycoyster

    Position Group: Centre Backs

    TFC2- 19-15-49 (.86ppg) VWC2- 25-24-41 (1.1ppg) FCM- 15-6-37 (.88ppg) So far this season, TFC2 is 0-3-14. In their last ten games they've allowed 3.4 goals per game and had 2.4 shots on target per game. Not exactly an ideal situation for developing talent.
  13. harrycoyster

    Position Group: Centre Backs

    And the weakest part of his game is positioning. He's plays deep, rides the centre line, and doesn't hold z14 properly. Add his mobility and decision making...those are three major holes for a CB to have in their game. He's occasionally showed flashes of 1v1 defending and passing ability, but I don't really see why he's rated as highly as he is. I've had more informed soccer people than myself tell me he'll be an MLS starter, so go figure. He is still really young for a CB. Then again, TFCII is winless in 17 games so far this season. They are maybe the worst team in North American professional soccer history and Dunn-Johnson is a major contributing factor to that. Like, probably the worst starter on the team. If somebody gets past Okello on the left side, there's a good chance Dunn isn't even in position to attempt a tackle. Hate to beat up on the kid and hope he proves me wrong, but I think we have a number of better CB prospects in the u20 age group.
  14. harrycoyster

    Position Group: Centre Backs

    Striker is way deeper than CB. We have a top 3 striker group in CONCACAF. We probably aren’t top 8 at centreback. Tesho Akindele is like 7th choice for us up top, if we had a player of his quality at CB he’d likely start.
  15. harrycoyster

    General Discussion on Canadian Youth Teams

    Like everything else I’ve been talking about, it’s complicated. I’ve talked to many youth club presidents and all have legal, economic and political reasons for their specific models. The geographic differences in youth soccer operations are astounding.