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  1. Yeah I was worried the other stand would never happen. It was a great crowd though, the bleachers were definitely full. If they continue to sell out (I'm sure that's a flexible term with bleachers seating) then the move to Lamport will allow then to get even more. I wonder what the long term stadium plan is, it can't be sharing every year I hope.
  2. I thought the same thing!
  3. Tigers

    CPL General

    I'm totally in favour of being tough on diving. Number one turnoff of the game
  4. I find Forge a bit plain, and am a bit jealous of some of the others. But, overall this will be a very good looking league, so we'll done Macron. I'll probably end up buying the black and gold version. I wonder if enough people do that, they'd switch colours? I really loved when the Bulldogs switched, having "city colours" is really cool.
  5. Those aren't 15,000 seater permanent sustainable-wood-framed structures, like the York proposal (if I recall correctly). One was already a permanent stadium that got expanded, and one is a temporary popup that is on a trial basis and I think has to get partially torn down every winter? Very different situations. 5+ years seems about right to me as well. At least a few to get going, make sure it's somewhat sustainable, and market research. And then a couple for land acquisition, design and construction. (Some design could happen now but it will be constantly changing based on the gathered info and feedback) Edit: I also seem to remember them being pretty clear that building a stadium was few years away, from the very start
  6. 2000s, but the decade, not the century or millennium. The '00s.
  7. If you're getting relegated out the top 7, then your next 7 IS division 2 by definition, no?
  8. It's still not just free admission I don't think, it's free tickets to people who have already bought theirs - so they are going to invite people who are gonna go.
  9. Any word on when we get our jerseys?
  10. Tigers

    Attendance Warz 2019!

    Should we consider this the default attendance discussion thread for the season?
  11. Tigers

    Attendance Warz 2019!

    Hamilton is supposedly on track for 5-6000 season seats sold. It think CPL comes out on top
  12. I don't think that's in, based on the actual email :
  13. Edit: didn't realize there another page after the GIF-piphany. I'll leave it here though
  14. Tigers

    CPL Season Schedule

    No you don't. Just use flippin playoffs that EVERYBODY understands. (Wheldon, not you)
  15. Aren't both fields getting new surfaces? Or am I getting mixed up?
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