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  1. TFC without Giovinco, Vasquez and Altidore are not the best side by any stretch of the imagination. Do you base Panama having a stronger league then MLS because their Champions beat a MLS team that didnt make the playoffs and lost their top players in the off season?
  2. grasshopper1917

    St. John's CPL

    Franchises in Jr. Hockey seem to run from a couple million to over 10 million in value. Id guess the team in Cape Breton would be at least a few million.
  3. grasshopper1917

    St. John's CPL

    BTW I don't think this has been mentioned but Simon has also purchased a majority share of the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles hockey team in the 'Q'. So he has a few franchises on the go currently.
  4. The USA has over 300 million people to our 35 million. They have 21 MLS teams to our 3. An American team has won MLS every year except when TFC won 2 years ago..... As much as I hate to say it I think it would be absurd to advocate Canadian clubs should get as many spots as American clubs at this juncture.
  5. I don't buy that explanation. This is just bizarre in my mind. I doubt the 4 other clubs just said 'yea we wont bother this year - gonna save a few bucks'.
  6. A little tally I put together - numbers are current as of Feb 9 2019 - High noon.
  7. I think they key for this league to thrive is to win over causal sports fans. In order to do this there is only one answer 'Television'. CBC, TSN, Sportsnet (or any other major network that will broadcast it). Also you will need TV, Radio Stations and newspapers reporting on it. Anything short of that it will be considered a minor league outfit by casual and non sports fans.
  8. To me the answer is simple back then we didn't really care about soccer in Canada and had no way to follow it internationally. With advances in technology we are able to get the top leagues in Europe and we now have MLS close to home. The reality is knowledge and support of soccer is just stronger today then it was back then.
  9. Dont forget doubling ticket prices
  10. I really have no idea - I was asking not suggesting. I cant wrap my head around the concept of a governing body like CONCACAF being able to decide what *professional* franchises (who's owners have millions of dollars invested) can play in what professional leagues. Im not saying if it is right or wrong. I just cant wrap my head around it to even form a coherent position.
  11. What if the USL simply says 'we dont care if CONCACAF sactions the Fury we are still allowing them to play'?
  12. Speaking of local bars we had a little get together last night for some Christmas cheer. We managed to raise 325$ and a trunk full of food for local food banks. Great time had by all. https://twitter.com/Privateers1882/status/1071598481683439617
  13. The way is see it is DAZN is 20$ and there is no MLB or NHL. For 26$ I get a streaming cable package with about 100 stations including all the TSN's + major networks. This gives me NHL/NBA/MLS/MLB/EPL/NHL. On top of that I get live news, other live sporting events, kids networks, news networks, a movie network ect.... DAZN just doesn't seem like its prices right except for the NFL coverage. 20$ durign the NFL off season seems way way too high compared to the alternatives - like the one I just listed.
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