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  1. So what's the criteria for being a good Canadian? And what do you mean by "we"?
  2. I never said anything about being a "good" Canadian, but go ahead and explain the criteria for being a "good" Canadian. To say someone owes Canada because they live here is ridiculous. Being a dual citizen I take extreme offence to someone implying I owe Canada more than the average tax payer because the country gave me a better life. I work my 60 hrs a week, and pay my taxes just like every other Canadian(Tabla), so what more do I owe Canada?
  3. Yes I saw it, just wondering what Davies' personal opion has to do with every other immigrant to come to Canada? Did every other immigrant come to Canada for a safe life?
  4. How can you say we're better than Jamaica? They only called players playing in their domestic league and MLS/USL/NASL. They had 1 european based player in the squad and it was a 40 year old goalie. And we still lost to guys playing in a corrupt Jamaican league and second tier NA football. If we cant beat an understrength Jamaican side with our best side(minus Atiba), how can you claim we're clearly better than them? If anything, this would suggest Jamaica is better than us. *Edit* Read your post wrong, my bad. But still, Canada has to be able to beat understrength Concacaf sides if the program wants to be taken seriously by potential fence sitters and current fence sitters (Tabla)
  5. As long as Ballou pays his taxes, he owes Canada nothing.
  6. Too bad we didnt have Doneil available. Would have been a good game for his abilities.
  7. When I saw the defence I knew it would be difficult to stop them from scoring.
  8. Anyone else bet on Jamaica to win after Canadas starting 11 was released?
  9. Maybe he wants to continue his development in Europe, or maybe he doesnt want to come be a rotation player. Im sure Montreal have expressed interest at some point.
  10. Papa Barrett is a firm believer in education so wont happen. This is actually a good example of what pro level sports in a country can do. In a interview his dad talks about RJ being much better than he was at that age, and how hard it was for his generation with basketball because generally you wouldnt start playing until age 14 high school. He gives credit to the Raptors schooling new generations early, introducing new skills to younger ages etc... 20 years later we're the world champions. I hope our MLS clubs will have a similar effect the Raptors did on the country. We're steadily increasing our player pool, just need to unearth a few more Davies'
  11. RJ barrett played 2 age groups up , got tournament MVP, poured in 38 against usa. Hes a stud.
  12. How about our u19 men winning the worlds in basketball and beating USA in the semi!? @Unnamed Trialist
  13. I heard he scored 2 goals on his full NT debut as a 16 year old
  14. I got a decent one on youtube just search canada french guiana live stream
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