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  1. Comparing people who support Canada having it's own league, like every other country, to nationalist skin heads is "mild criticism", apparently
  2. As a relatively new voyaguer, I got my first this past CWNT game in Toronto. Unless sitting outside the supporters section counts, then I'm at 2
  3. Yup, works for me too now. So the idea is that this is an open source document that we add to ourselves with information available publicly? Or are you asking people directly involved to add their own clubs to the directory?
  4. Getting an error code trying to access it 2T187/3
  5. I'm pretty new to the Voyageurs and have been eager to get one, as have a few of my friends who are interested in getting involved. Let me know when you do an order
  6. Hey!


    I live at 90 Charlton West, an apartment building, but you could probably just leave it in the lobby with a sticky note or something saying "delivery" or something. What's your address for an etransfer? I'm happy to kick in an extra couple bucks since dropping it off is you going out of your way (or I can pay to get it mailed if it's inconvenient)

    Thanks for organizing all this!

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