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  1. My two cents: Strong roster for this type of game (friendly in Spain against a team from Oceania -- not exactly intense). This is good South American/Mexican players -- perhaps travel is too far for the week? Interesting no Whitecaps though. Once again we need to improve our goalie pool. Only one of the three keepers listed gets any playing time. A number of players have had no official game time playing time recently: Morgan, Chapman, RIcketts, Thomas, Leutwiler, Edgar. Prediction 2-0 win: Millar and Larin with goals.
  2. Davies in a break out year. 11 goals and then Whitecaps sell him in the off season the day he turns 18 to Leeds (who have been promoted to the Premiership) where he starts every match. A guy can dream . . .
  3. My friends at Google translate tell me that Besiktas is trying to loan Larin to Ludogerets still. http://haber1903.com/n-2677-cyle-larine-yol-gorundu-yeni-adresi.html
  4. So this sucks. Larin is the 5th ranked striker. Hoepfully he gets loaned out ASAP. Luis Cortes‏ @lulon 5h5 hours ago More Luis Cortes Retweeted Fotomaç BESKITA coach Günes: Cyle Larin is the 5th choice striker behind Vagner Love, Negredo, Talisca and Pektemek Luis Cortes added, FotomaçVerified account @fotomac Şenol Güneş: "Cyle Larin şu anda Negredo, Love, Talisca ve hatta Mustafa Pektemek'in gerisinde. Eksikleri var, çalışıyor." Show this threadBack to top ↑
  5. If his loan ends in June, is there a chance he is sold to a bigger club? To Europe? maybe a Spanish or Portuguese club. Penarol, his Uruguayan club, must be getting a number of calls coming to them.
  6. Google translate and Besiktas fans on twitter tell me that Larin did not travel to their game tomorrow in Konya. In some, Larin was called "the not ready/fit Larin" and in others the reason was that Beisktas was at the limit for foreign players. Apparently they can have 12 foreign players on a squad of 21. All this too say, until Larin is game ready he isn't going to be on the pitch and I imagine he'll be watching from the stands against Bayern Munich next week.
  7. I watched part of this game. 1-1 draw, Cardiff had a couple of poor calls against them. Should have been 2-1. Junior is playing well. He had a nice goal and he won a number of corners and had some great dribbling and passing sequences.
  8. ZZZZZzzzzzzzz so when is Kadin Chung playing for his new team? or should I start a new post on the topic?
  9. Hmmm nice to have a game but I kind of like the approached floated around by Oz about playing relevant teams on their home soil so we are ready for WCQ. We are almost back to playing Azerbajain or equivalent in a farmer's field in the depths of Austria. Not all that relevant to playing in 32c heat and 94% humidity with pennies being whipped at your head and piss bags hucked at your bench.
  10. With any luck he and his advisers start plotting out a transfer now so they can work things out and he can leave on good terms, the Caps get some transfer $ and Davies winds up in the Premier League. Win,win,win
  11. Great news. This is what we should locus on and support rather than fussing about Tabla becoming the next Messi (or Hargreaves).
  12. Turkish twitter feeds are going nuts saying that Larin is in Istnabul and will be meeting with Besiktas executive tomorrow to finalize everything. Judging by the Turkish tweets they are WAY more passionate about their football than we are!
  13. I'll be skewered for saying this but with an objective look (and not with the voyageurs glasses on). Kelly is pretty accurate. The woman's team is doing well, is revered nationally and gets the mainstream sports attention the men's team could only dream about. The men's team (and I watch all the goddamn games on bad internet feeds just like the rest of you and I try and convince friends to watch who think I'm nuts, so I am invested) is quite frankly a shit show. Kelly is saying exactly what Sid says in his clip. but using different words. The men's program (not the players) is a dumpster fire. That's what Kelly is saying, and he's right.
  14. Fair enough. Missed the top Arsenal! I guess the lesson here is to not get excited if you are being scouted by Arsenal!
  15. The same ranking has Arsenal at 320. . . Not sure who dreamed this system/methodology up.
  16. More gossip: https://amp.hitc.com/en-gb/2017/11/28/with-orta-eyeing-alternatives-are-leeds-united-missing-perfect-c/
  17. What did you do during that year you skipped grade 7 geography?
  18. nice. I'd like to see him get a call up to camp poutine. I wonder what a good Keeper in the Irish Premier League makes: $100,000? more?
  19. Named to the 2017 NASL Best XI. Hopefully this leads to some playing time with the CANmnt and maybe a move to a bigger team: http://www.nasl.com/news/2017/11/09/-north-american-soccer-league-announces-2017-nasl-best-xi
  20. Corbin-Ong starting for Go Ahead Eagles. They are up 3-1 over the league leaders in the 2nd half. Where does Cobin Org sit on the CanMNT's depth chart. If they promote to First Division and plays regularly he would have to be considered a key player for us no?
  21. Manjrekar James goes 90 and Vasas wins 1-0. They are now 4th in the league and James has already played more this year after 10 games than he did all of last year. Hopefully Vasas can claw its way to a Europa Lague or Champions league spot.
  22. So has anybody heard anything about Henry? He isn't in the line up for today's League Cup match. i thought this would be the one chance he would get at least to see what the West Ham bench looked like. It is almost like he has vanished off the face of the earth. He can't get playing time, isn't loaned out. . . sad really.
  23. Borjan. He becomes a key starter for a big club competing in Europa League. Outside of Atiba he is arguably the most critical CANmnt player for his club ( considering level, role being played and types of competitions).
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