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  1. Pacheco starting in Portuguese Primeira Liga. Up 1-0 at half. Call him up! (I’ve jumped on this bandwagon too - if you’re playing at this level you should be getting a call. I reckon it is higher that where Wotherspoon is with St Johnstone in Scottish Premier League).
  2. Boominbooty

    Milan Borjan

    With today's loss in Champions League, Red Star are out of all European competitions for the year. Does this make a possible transfer to Borjan in January more realistic. He has shown that he is a good keeper. Might've won the league last year. Had a god run in Europe and at this point will win the league again. Not sure what more he can do for Red Star. he'd get more money and visibility in a big 5 league. Maybe mid-level Premier league? SerieA? Anyone know what his plans might be.
  3. Boominbooty

    Canadians abroad: November 23-29, 2018

    I think Larin only plyed 58 mins. Not the full 90.
  4. Boominbooty

    Jonathan Osorio

    But he's already done that, right? He's done those things you mentioned. He hasn't played Bocas. We see where CCL has got him. A good contract with TFC. This is great. If he wants to go somewhere further I suggest he moves to the next opportunity especially when people are seeking him out.
  5. Boominbooty

    Jonathan Osorio

    which league gets him more exposure to Spain, France, Portugal etc. I would imagine playing in Copa Libertadores against the likes of Boca Juniors will give Osorio an amazing experience plus far more eyes on him than if he is playing against the New England Revolution in MLS or Saprissa in CCL.
  6. Boominbooty

    Herdman new head coach

    Just went back through soccerway's site and looked at the number of games Canada has played on an annual basis:. We only played four games this year! The last time we played so few games was 2001! I know we have a solid team on paper but they actually need to play together to develop cohesion and understanding of each other. Last night there were moments when some of the guys looked great together and others where it was painfully obvious that there has been no match play. There was no connection between players -- this was most obvious in the attacking end with passes going to the chain link fence in the corner or shots hitting the shipping container behind the net. This has to change if the team is going to progress.
  7. Boominbooty

    Saint Kitts & Nevis vs Canada - Sunday November 18th

    Hooray! Thank you both. So it was TSN screwing things up for me . . .
  8. Boominbooty

    Saint Kitts & Nevis vs Canada - Sunday November 18th

    Can someone put the link to the match with no results in a separate thread pretty please. Last game vs Dominica I tried to find the replay on oz And came across the score in the first 30 seconds of looking. Whoever did it would be as valuable as Davies and Herdman’s new drone that he uses for his practices and highlight videos! 😉
  9. Boominbooty

    Saint Kitts & Nevis vs Canada - Sunday November 18th

    thanks. good idea. I'll see if I can start it and then pause it and watch later.
  10. Boominbooty

    Saint Kitts & Nevis vs Canada - Sunday November 18th

    Is there any way to watch the match later on concacafgo WITHOUT finding out the score? I tried this last time with the Dominica match and I got the score right away when I was hunting around their site to watch it.
  11. Boominbooty

    Saint Kitts & Nevis vs Canada - Sunday November 18th

    I think it is interesting that they are spending the entire week in St kitts. I’ll be interested to see if this happens against the likes of Honduras, Panama etc. Obviously it is to acclimatize to heat and conditions. I wonder if the players have been asking for this to help them get ready. Training in Florida isn’t quite like training in El Salvador
  12. Boominbooty

    Milan Borjan

    From BBC website! Liverpool 1-0 Red Star Belgrade Xherdan Shaqiri sends in the free-kick, but the eccentric Milan Borjan comes hurtling off his line to catch the ball on the bounce.
  13. Boominbooty

    CNL - Canada vs Dominica - October 16th Toronto

    I looked on Ticketmaster and based on that I bet we’ll get between 7000 and 8000. I think this type or a game against a minnow would have been a good chance to play in a smaller market where the men’s team rarely if ever plays. Halifax or St. John’s would have been good east coast options. They could have also hit Victoria or Winnipeg given it was a longer break. An extra couple of hours on the plane and a few more hours time change would not have been such a big deal given they don’t play until next Tuesday. Save TO, Montreal, Edmonton and Van for bigger opponents.
  14. Don't forget Brorjan is playing PSG this morning. When was the last time a Canadian started against the quality of Neymar, Mbappe, Cavani, Di Maria etc etc ? Playing Costa Rica and the US will be a joke in comparison
  15. Boominbooty

    Christine Sinclair calls out CSA

    Everyone needs to chill out. We'll get the media attention we are due. Christine Sinclair is a big name and probably the only soccer person that most Canadians could identify. If she says something, people listen. We are still in the low 70s and we are playing Dominica. I think it is unfortunate that this has become a new story. but the folks posting here need to relax and not get so butt hurt over it. The only people who will wind up looking bad will be the supporters as we get hurt over this perceived slight.