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  1. Hoilett starting for Cardiff! Henry on the bench for Horsens
  2. People need to lighten up. It is a silly story but the truth is it is a bit funny watching a competitive game with nobody in the stands. Even little kids get a few people watching. When we start winning games that matter we'll get the corresponding sports coverage.
  3. read the full release, Johnson's exclusion is explained: Samuel Adekugbe (21), Jay Chapman (22), Will Johnson (29), Ben McKendry (23), Michael Petrasso (21), and Russell Teibert (23) were invited to camp, but unavailable through injuries.
  4. This is Borjan's third start in a row (2 league games and a cup game). I wonder if he has taken over the starting position; if so, it would be great news especially with games against PSG and Arsenal in the future.
  5. Ouimette called up: http://www.armadafc.com/news/2016/09/20/ouimette-called-up-for-international-duty
  6. I wanted to start this topic too. Do we need a finisher or just better service to our finishers (last night notwithstanding)? Since Sept 2015 (1-1 tie with Belize) Canada has played 11 games, scored 10 goals and only 3 of those (one for Akindele and two for Larin) have been scored by a forward. This is not good. Last night was a real example of our lack of finishing - that should have been a 5-1 game. I hope that with Hoilett and Arfield (and now seemingly De Jong) providing good service (and maybe Aird??) our scoring chances will increase but we also need to finish those chances.
  7. In most of the recent games I have watched he has been the best player on the pitch. How he isn't starting for a good team in Europe is beyond me.
  8. I think people give Floro way too much of a hard time. He can only work with the talent he has around him. Clearly, he wants players who are good, committed and understand his system inside and out. I think if we were to pull in Guardiola, Ferguson or anyone else we would still be struggling to get to the Hex because of our talent pool. We are getting better, no doubt but we are don't have either a. the depth of talent or b. the intrinsic understanding of a system and style of play that is ingrained in our DNA that many other countries have. I might be in the minority but I think if we make the HEx this is entirely on Floro for pulling in good players and for putting in a system that players believe in and execute. Read interviews with the players, almost to a man they say how they are learning a level of tactics and execution they have not had before with the National team.
  9. Stama does not make the bench again for AIK in their Europa League game today. Is he done with them? He has been on the bench only once since the Canadian matches in Austria. He has fallen to AIK's 3rd string keeper. What does this mean for Canada: Borjan, Thomas and Chencinski get the call in September? (and of those three only Chencinski is a starter . . . )
  10. Tiebert has been injured for ages. First competitive game back playing in 27 degrees and 85% humidity. He's probably exhausted not mailing it in.
  11. Simeon Jackson, Michael Petrasso and Scott Arfield all getting starts for their respective teams in friendlies today.
  12. No Stama in the lineup. I wonder if his days are numbered. Borjan, Thomas, Monsalve/Chenchinski come Sept?
  13. I saw the Whitecaps game live, De Jong rusty and not in sync with his teammates. I'll assume time will take care of both of these. I hope Aird starts next game, Smith is mistake prone and not nearly as fast. If he's healthy Aird should lock up RB again.
  14. Borjan on the bench today for Ludogerets. That answers that -- another season watching from the sidelines at this rate.
  15. Any word on Borjan's hand injury? or his status with his club? Ludogerets starts Champions League Qualifying on Wednesday and it would be nice (understatement) if he could begin to start and get some matches under his belt before September.
  16. Europa League today Stama not even on the bench for AIK -- anything up with this? AIK's regular starter Carlgren gets the start with a 19 year old on the bench Occean and Messoudi on the bench for Odd Zanatta (Hearts) game later today
  17. This problem is nation wide. I coached u8 last year in Victoria at a solid club. Even with decent organization and effort on the club's part some of the coaches had never PLAYED let alone coached or had training. My head coach and I were having to explain differences between goal kicks and corner kicks to the other coaches. I can't fault the other coaches either as we were short on volunteers. If they hadn't stepped up the season was going to be delayed. I can promise you this would never happen in hockey in this country.
  18. Monsalve named keeper of the year for the Guatemalan National League. Surely this gets him a transfer to the Premier League or Serie A or something, right?? https://www.instagram.com/p/BGvQTG5mCD1Gb1rMnhgdfIwcDlt-gZ3deis_QE0/
  19. From Weber in the Vancouver Province: There are questions at right-back, too, because Fraser Aird, who is coming off suspension, didn’t practise Wednesday. The young Canadian has a bone bruise from the win in Toronto and is doubtful for the Houston game
  20. What is nice with this roster is that is it shows we are slowly getting some depth,. Players not called but could have been i.e. decent player and actually playing games with a team: Checkinski, Monsalve, Aird, Tiebert, Osorio, Cavallini, Tissot, Lefevre, Adekugbe, Gasparotto I'm sure there are others but that's a decent list of folks who are not going to this camp.,
  21. Sorry, too many dates. Thomas starts from the 25th onward. I really hope this crystal ball has a return policy if this doesn't work out . . . .
  22. I think Halldorsson would be in camp fairly early. Iceland plays its firs Eurot lead up friendly on June 1 against Norway. So it is doubtful he would play on the 29th. Based on nothing, I bet his last game is the 22nd i.e. he has three more games as starter. and then skips the Cup game on the 25th and would be off to the camp. So, Thomas starts on the 22nd and 29th, goes to the Canada camp and then takes over as #1 starter in July because Halldorsson's loan is up. If I get this right I will start buying lottery tickets.
  23. I think he would miss three matches and then I believe his loan is up at the end of June. So he basically has two games left if this is right. Sun 22/05/16 ELI Bodø / Glimt 06 : 00 Aalesund More info Wed 25/05/16 NMC Bodø / Glimt 09 : 00 Haugesund More info Sun 29/05/16 ELI Viking 09 : 00 Bodø / Glimt
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