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  1. I like this line up. We haven't won a whole hell of a lot with Ledgerwood, Haber, Johnson, Jackson. No sense carrying on with the same gang and hoping for a different result. Nice to see fresh blood.
  2. http://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.4176319 Larin is out
  3. That was a great ball from Borjan by the way. Borjan impressed in this game (now back to Larin being an idiot for drunk driving)
  4. Just finished watching. A few thoughts: Montreal should never host a friendly game. Terrible turnout. Looks terrible on tv. James is not a strong defender. Larin is not a good finisher. Painful to watch. Not sure how he does it with Orlando. Jackson Hamel was a beast. Davies looked nervous but was fast and always in the right spot. He is going to be a star. Teibert and Hoillet played well together and both had solid matches.
  5. 3-1 Canada. Larin with two and Davies with a screamer from 25 yards out!!
  6. Who does Akindele compete again directly? Hoilett and Davies?
  7. Thos who miss out ( I think I got all of them) Lefevre Akindele Awuah Ricketts (injured) Pantemis
  8. Vittoria and Cavallini were never at thee training camp in the first place
  9. Team list for Tuesday's game. Biggest surprise . . no Akindele: http://www.canadasoccer.com/coach-zambrano-confirms-squad-for-home-friendly-in-montr-al-p160905-preview-1&language=en
  10. Milovan Kapor makes it; and Cavalinni called!
  11. Gold cup roster is out: http://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-soccer-releases-40-man-provisional-list-for-concacaf-gold-cup-p160880
  12. I think the point is the deeper the player pool the more options we have irrespective of who the player might be. Maybe Bunbury would have made little difference but the fact that he would have been an option AND created competition so perhaps made others work harder/play smarter would be a benefit.
  13. It should be out. US roster was announced yesterday: http://www.ussoccer.com/stories/2017/06/03/19/59/20170603-news-mnt-bruce-arena-names-40-player-preliminary-2017-concacaf-gold-cup-roster not sure what the hold up is
  14. I think this is a bit of an odd line up but on the positive sign it shows we are beginning to have depth! The fact that there are viable candidates not in the roster (but probably will be for Gold Cup) BUT that we have a good squad now: Borjan, Hoillett, AJH, Larin,Johnson, Akindele PLUS we are bringing in some guys who have been lighting it up in their respective leagues: Froese, Edwards, Cordova AND we have the luxury of trying some guys out: Fresenga, makes me think we are on the right path.
  15. All teams have to release a 35 player gold cup roster a month before the tournament starts i.e June 7. That gets trimmed down closer to the tournament start time.
  16. He was scheduled to play because the starting keeper is out on suspension
  17. BN: #9Lucas Cavallini @OficialCAP received the visit of @oz_football in Uruguay. Proud Canadian doing history on top worldwide club PE√ĎAROL RETWEETS4 LIKES7 11:16 AM - 27 Apr 2017
  18. I'm wondering if Thomas gets called. He has lost his starting role in 2nd Div Norway. Maybe you call up Tomer instead. he starts every game and his team will be playing Europa League. i appreciate that the Irish Premier league isn't exactly top notch (I watched about 10 minutes of one of his games the other day and it did not look awesome) but he is playing consistently and also playing well. We no longer call up guys from unattached fc I think we should try and move to calling fewer guys from Ridingthebench FC. which might also leave Vitoria out too.. he hasn't seen a starting line up since Christmas.
  19. Is Piette good enough to play in Spanish 2nd division?
  20. Any names leaking out for this match? I assume Bernier. but has anyone heard any other whispers around players for this game? last chance for Zambrano to have a look at players directly before Gold Cup.
  21. Based on nothing (aside from a tweet some time ago which sowed a picture of Zambrano meeting Cavallini in Uruguay) I think Cavallini is in the squad. Also does Aleman get called as a role player if we are thinking of players who are exposed to Central American football on a regular basis.
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